New study: Is it bad behavior or lagging skills?
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Study Co-authors Brenna Maddox, PhD (left) and Benjamin Yerys, PhD (right)
Lagging Skills May be Behind Challenging Behaviors in Children with Autism

A new study from CAR  suggests that challenging behaviors may arise when children with autism lack certain skills required to cope with a problem or situation in an adaptive manner. The researchers explored a  framework that may help bridge the gap and reduce the frustration that can give rise to challenging behaviors.
  Dr. Ross Greene's CPS model provided foundation for new CAR research
Collaborative & Proactive Solutions - A model of care from Ross Greene, PhD

Developed by Dr. Ross Greene, Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) provided the framework for new behavioral research from CAR researchers, Dr. Brenna Maddox and Dr. Benjamin Yerys. CPS is a trauma informed empirically-supported, evidence-based model of care which views challenging behaviors as mismatch between the expectations placed on a child and their ability to respond in an adaptive manner. 

  Read more about CPS and Dr. Greene's work 
 The CAR Autism Roadmap(TM) website provides resources for families with autism
Challenging Behaviors - From Assessment to Discipline to Progress 
For a child with autism, challenging behaviors serve a function. Depending on the setting in which troubling behaviors arise, parents can request a  Functional Behavioral Assessment from their child's school team, wraparound support team, or a private psychologist. This will help determine why their child displays challenging behaviors and is the first step to developing a plan to support the child and reduce the troubling behavior. Once children reach school age, it's important to understand how  schools approach discipline  and the importance of setting up a  positive behavioral support plan  with school staff. Modifying challenging behaviors can occur with therapy, but will take time and  monitoring of behaviors to see progress  towards therapy goals.


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