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November 27, 2018

Bob Schultz PhD
From innovative technology to a future of personalized medicine, CAR has made great strides in behavioral research.
In this Issue: A Look Back at CAR's Behavioral Research and Where We're Heading in the Future

To mark CAR's 10th Anniversary this year, the CAR blog is taking a look back at the progress made in autism research in the last decade- and sets the course for the future. In the last issue, we took a look at CAR's brain research, and in this issue we delve into CAR's behavioral research breakthroughs.

In this issue you'll find ...
Keith Bartley, MS, saw an opportunity to capitalize on recent advances in consumer video and face-recognition technology to overcome stumbling blocks to ASD research and clinical evaluation.

The current "gold standard" approaches to behavioral evaluation have many strengths; however, they often lack precision, require specially-trained clinicians, and are extremely time-consuming to conduct and score. This has led to limited access to experienced clinicians and has also held back behavioral research due to small sample sizes.

CAR's Technology and Innovation team combines clinical expertise with computer engineering and advanced data science to propel autism research into new territory.

Breakthroughs in autism research require state-of-the-art technology as well as highly skilled clinical researchers from a variety of disciplines. With the technology side of this equation now in place, assembling the right team of people to round out the CAR's Technology and Innovation team was the next step.  
CAR's partnerships with research centers across the country are accelerating the pace of research from the lab to the clinician's office.
Strength in Numbers

Given autism's variability from one person to the next, autism studies need to include a substantial amount of data from many individuals all across the spectrum in order to understand what patters emerge. Collaboration is the only viable path for making rapid progress in autism research. 

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Advances in understanding autism and related disorders are only possible as a direct result of the participation of individuals and families. We have opportunities for all ages, and you do not need an autism diagnosis to participate.

Simply put - scientists cannot make real progress without your help. We need you!
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