Past, present and future of CAR's brain imaging research, Next Steps Workshops, and more ... 
August 21, 2018

Bob Schultz PhD
From a strong foundation to a future of personalized medicine, CAR has made great strides in brain imaging research.
In this Issue: A Look Back at CAR's Brain Science Research and Where We're Heading in the Future

As we approach CAR's 10th Anniversary in October, the Driven blog is taking a look back at the progress made in autism research in the last decade- and sets the course for the future.

In this issue you'll find ...
Juhi Pandey, PhD has co-led CAR's efforts as a part of the NIH Infant Brain Imaging Study network for the last 10 years

Looking back over the last decade, much of the research on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) centered on one goal: find the cause or causes of this neurodevelopmental diagnosis that affects so many. 

John Herrington, PhD, associate director of CAR's Developmental Neuroimaging Program

Searching for a single brain region responsible for ASD- and then for a single brain networks- provided a deeper understanding of how the brain works, but taught us that the brain's role in ASD is not so simple. 
The future of brain science, ASD, and CARs vision for personalized medicine
Future Focused: Pathway to Personalized Medicine

Looking to the future, CAR scientists say neuroimaging studies examining social cognition, repetitive behaviors, anxiety, and ADHD hold the most promise for understanding ASD and improving treatment options. 

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Advances in understanding autism and related disorders are only possible as a direct result of the participation of individuals and families. We have opportunities for all ages, and you do not need an autism diagnosis to participate.

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