New study: Simultaneously Weaker and Stronger Brain Connections?
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 New CHOP study suggests people with ASD may have both stronger and weaker brain network connections
Simultaneously Weaker and Stronger? New Brain Research Begins to Makes Sense of a Longstanding Paradox

Studies of brain function in autism have been challenged by seemingly conflicting results when researching the strength of brain network connections. Some studies seemed to suggest that people diagnosed with autism demonstrated weaker brain network connections than their neurotypical peers, while other studies showed stronger connections. New research from CAR and LIBi  suggests that these conflicting results may occur simultaneously in people with autism .

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Judith Miller, PhD, clinical training director at CAR, shares results of community based autism study. 
With Support, Community Doctors Could Detect Adults with Autism

Can community based mental health facilities diagnose autism in adults? With many adults remaining un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed, CAR researchers set out to see whether community doctors could be trained to assess and diagnosis autism in their patients. The results show that while community based autism diagnosis can be tricky, it is possible and doctors are eager to learn more about how to diagnose and treat autism in adults.

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