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October 30, 2022
Upcoming Events
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Thursday, November 3
WCCG Membership Luncheon Meeting, 11:15 – 1:30 pm

Saturday, November 5
District 11 Membership Workshop (See Freda McMillan for information) – open to all that would like to serve in office and would like to learn more about leadership, membership, and much more.

Tuesday, November 8
DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! If you haven’t already done early voting.

Thursday, November 17

  • Board of Directors Meeting, 11:00 am.  All members are welcome to attend!

  • Arts and Culture – Line Dancing Happy Hour – 5:30-8:30 pm - Harvest theme, Food drive for the homeless.

Saturday, November 19
Clarington Island Clean Up.  See Priscilla Rhew for details.

Thursday, December 1
Our Holiday Membership Luncheon Meeting.

Thursday, December 8
Arts and Culture Sing in the Season Program – More details to come.

Wednesday, December 14
Community Life - Senior Holiday Party – More details to come.

Thursday, December 15
  • BINGO Back by popular demand, a December Holiday BINGO is planned.

  • Board of Directors Meeting, 11:00 am.  All members are welcome to attend!

Saturday, December 17
Clarington Island Clean Up  Contact Priscilla Rhew for details.

Your officers are hard at work for our Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove.  Here is an abbreviated account of their reports for the month of October:
Freda McMillan – 2nd Vice President
Freda reported on the GFWC Florida Annual District 11 Meeting, which she attended on October 15, where she shared news about the WCCG and learned about Camp Boggy Creek, a camp for children with medical challenges. 
Sabrina Mayfield – Corresponding Secretary
Sabrina reported that she has been sending out birthday and get-well cards to members.

Illine Davila – Treasurer’s Report
Illine presented the Treasurer’s Report with account balances in our accounts. She is working on the Yearbook and has updated member contact information for the files. Illine has begun to release balances to all committees. 

Illine reported that the WCCG had received the final check, $1356.01, of a bequest from the estate of Lynn Bretsnyder. Discussion followed regarding how to allocate these funds. No action was taken.

We have 145 Members. 

Cynthia Shelley  – Fundraising 
As "Fundraising and Grant Manager Chair", I'm happy to report to our members that we have submitted three grants for monetary support for our Club, so far this season. 

  • The first is the Villager, " Stage Grant" for which we received approval to build new safe stairs and install storage cabinets. We are currently in the progress to finalize within the next month. 

  • The second is the Miami-Dade County "Cultural Community Grant", for which our club asked the grantors to fund YAG with professional PR and set up and take down, plus security. We were accepted into the third stage, yet we are currently waiting to hear if we will be accepted in the fourth and final stage for funding.

  • The third grant is another "Villager Historic Preservation Grant". We asked the Villagers to assist in the monetary needs to repair and restore two of our four historic rocking chairs, plus our small pastel, floral oil painting. We are now waiting to hear if we have been accepted.

  • Many of you may not know that our four wicker rocking chairs were acquired in 1926 as porch furniture for the Woman's Club. It's also interesting to note that they have been on the front porch of our Club for over 96 years. Dolly Macintyre has verified their historic value and knows of an article and a photo in the Miami Herald, published in 1940, which shows members of the Club's board, sitting on those very rockers in 1927. They were reupholstered years ago when Joyce Nelson was the lead on the restoration project. However, to my knowledge, this is the only restoration given to the little rockers. They certainly have stood the test of time! 

Karen Cunningham – Archives 
Karen reported that the Lest We Forget component of the Yearbook is ready. 
She and Tony Valarezo finished the update to the Lest We Forget for the yearbook over the summer. It continues the last two years of Virginia Yermoli’s presidency. 

I recently had a request for information from Mary Thelen from the Plymouth church. She is gathering information for their 100-year anniversary and came across Pastor Barton. He was one of the founding members of the church and his wife Eva Barton was a past president of the Housekeepers Club. I told her Eva Barton was president from 1899 to 1900. 

She reported that Flora McFarland had been close friends with her and she was wondering if I had any information about the Bartons. I told her that we only kept minutes regarding club business and would not have had anything in our archives regarding a friendship between Eva and Flora McFarland. I directed her to the Richter library if she was in search of any more information as well as the Miami Dade Central library who has the entire run of the Miami Herald in its archives. 

She did some research and sent me the following:

Hi Karen, While looking over more materials I discovered this little interesting fact about Eva. On November 25, 1901 at 5 PM Eva Hillburn Barton was buried in the yard of Union Congregational Church on McFarland Rd. The service was conducted by Rev. Solomon Merrick with all members of the Housekeepers Club in attendance. In a special resolution the club cited Eva as a true friend, with a talented, accomplished, public-spirited, sincere Christian character. The members wore mourning badges and the clubhouse was draped in black for 30 days. Enjoyed reading this and thought you would too. She died in Mexico at the age of 33. She died probably, from complications from tuberculosis.   I am a Villager also so I will see you there.
Mary Cookie Thelen
Alice Hector – Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee is chaired by Illine Davila following the resignation of Denise Schneider. [The Bylaws Committee will be chaired by Illine Davila upon approval of the BOD.] The members are Marlene Erven (past president) and two members Sonya DeLong and Priscilla Rhew. The Parliamentarian Alice Hector is the advisor and Billie Baldwin as president is an ad hoc member. 

The Committee is currently revising the bylaws and the articles of incorporation as well as creating a Board and Committee Manual to contain policies, procedures, and calendars for the use of the officers and committee chairs. 

The Committee is working toward having a complete final draft to provide to the BOD in mid-December. Some time at the January Board retreat is expected to be used to explain and answer questions about the proposed revisions. 

Sherrill Martin – Community Life
Sherrill provided updates on plans for the Senior Holiday Party to take place on December 14, 2022.

Plans are being made for the Senior Holiday Party on December 14, 2022. A flyer is being designed and will be used as an invitation to 80 seniors from Little Bahamas/West Grove and the senior housing complex. We will meet in November to discuss our plans. We are looking for volunteers to assist with the event as well as donations to purchase gifts and food. Anyone interested in working with this committee on the senior party and other projects, please contact Sherill Martin, Chairperson. 

Irene Munroe – Cultural Arts
Irene requested that the Cultural Arts Committee be added to the list of committees in the WCCG membership application form. Illine said it would be added to the form. Irene reported on the UM Architecture Exhibition, the Art Book Club, and the upcoming Line Dancing Happy Hour. (See attached)

Irene presented the matter of the committee’s name. The GFWC uses the name “Arts and Culture Committee.” A motion was moved that the Cultural Arts Committee be renamed the Arts and Culture Committee so that it is consistent with the GFWC for recording purposes. The motion was seconded and carried. 

The Cultural Arts Committee hosted a UM School of Architecture student exhibition, "Architectural Visions for the West Grove", from September 18-22 in our clubhouse. Approximately 100 guests attended the opening reception.

The UM Exhibit was open to the public during weekdays, made possible by over 20 WCCG volunteers. We made history by hosting a 5-day event. 

The Art Book Club had it's first meeting at the clubhouse on October 4th. Book selection - "Fierce Poise - Helen Frankenthaler and 1950's New York"". Lara Gallardo led the discussion and art play fun inspired by the artist's painting techniques. 

Line Dancing Happy Hour is our next event on November 17th at the clubhouse. Planning and preparations are underway.

Carol White – Education and HTAP
Carol reported on the HTAP and Education Committees.
Thursday, October, 20th & Saturday October 22nd we are hosting Self Defense Seminar that women from Casa Valentina, Lotus organization, & Camilla's House will be attending. These women have been trafficked or at high risk to be trafficked. In the past HTAP has paid me my minimal for their attendance. I am waiving all fees. 
There will be an HTAP & Education committees will be having a meet & greet at the Sailing Club on Thursday, October 27th at 5:00 pm Refreshments will be served.! We will then come over to Bingo. HTAP needs a volunteer for a Human Trafficking event at Jungle Island in the morning.

Priscilla Rhew - Environment
Priscilla read the Environmental Committee report, highlighting the Woman’s Club of Key Biscayne as the newest member of the Plastics Free Initiative. Our next meeting is October 24, 2022, at 1 pm via zoom or in person at the Club. The Woman’s Club of Key Biscayne is the newest member to join the Florida Plastics-free Initiative and will be spotlighted on the PFI website. The next cleanup of Clarington Island with the Coconut Grove Sailing Club is set for November 17, 2022, and we are hoping some of our members will participate. 

Julie Press- Ad Hoc Grievance Committee
The Grievance Committee is continuing to take the initial step to build a structure. We are reviewing other similar committees in the GFWC FL and coordinating with the Bylaws Committee on a new structure and set of breaches.

Greg Breidenbach - Hospitality and Bingo 
The next Bingo Night will be on October 27.
Event: WCCG Bingo. Date: 08/25/2022
Purpose: Fundraiser to help offset expenses of the club
Advertising: We advertised through Facebook and Instagram. We sent out flyers in the community.  We advertised on Next Door Coconut Grove. It was also listed on The WCCG website.

The event was a success. Turnout was less than usual due to the date. Not everyone has returned back to Miami. Complimentary snacks were served during the first half. Complimentary pizza was served during intermission. We had a cash bar and complimentary water.

Statistics: Volunteer Hours. 53
          Number of Volunteers 14
          Number of Guests 48
          In-kind Donations $400.00

Monies Collected: $1251.00
Expenses: $60.00

Lisa Remeny - YAG  
Emily read Lisa’s report regarding the exhibition, which will take place on March 11 and 12. As you probably know by now, our Annual Young Artists’ Gallery will take place on March 11th and 12th, 2023. The Awards Ceremony will be on the 11th at 2 PM. 

Beginning in November, we will ramp up our fundraising for scholarships and Teacher’s Awards, as well as assemble volunteers to assist with the event and preparations. Sign-up sheets will be circulated at the November Meeting for volunteers.

I look forward to working with those of you who’d like to get involved.

Billie Baldwin
Please review the minutes of our October 6th Membership meeting.
Halloween Bingo!
Clarington Island Clean Up
Hurricane Ian Relief Gathered by Renee Shaffer
Thank you everyone for your donations!