February 26, 2020
Today is Ash Wednesday. The act of placing ashes on the forehead or hand is meant to remind us all of a simple yet profound truth: that the dust from which we have each been formed – and the dust to which we all one day return to – is ever and always God’s dust. The Presbyterian Book of Common Worship describes Ash Wednesday this way:

Ashes on the forehead is a sign of our humanity and a reminder of our mortality. Lent is not a matter of being good, and wearing ashes is not to show off one’s faith. The ashes are a reminder to us and our communities of our finite creatureliness. 

Trusting in the “accomplished fact” of Christ’s resurrection, however, we listen for the Word of God in the time-honored stories of the church’s Lenten journey. We follow Jesus into the wilderness, resist temptation, fast, and proceed “on the way” to Jerusalem and the cross. Our Lenten journey is one of metanoia (“turning around”), of changing directions from self-serving toward the self-giving way of the cross.

Ash Wednesday also marks the beginning of Lent, which is the 40-day season of prayer and preparation that will lead us once again to Holy Week and Easter. As we begin the Lenten Season, I want to invite you to join us in worship throughout March and into April for a special sermon series we are calling “Journey to Jerusalem.” From the Sea of Galilee to the wilderness of the Negev to the Mount of Olives to the empty tomb, we will stop at a different biblical locale each Sunday morning to consider how that place not only shaped the life of a carpenter from Nazareth long ago but also has the potential for shaping our own today. 

I hope you will also join with your church family in the many other opportunities that are outlined in your newsletter below starting with the Lent Event, Wednesday Night Dinner and Service of Ashes happening tonight.

Lenten blessings. See you Sunday, if not before. Casual is fine.

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Musical Notes

A huge thank you to all that contributed to, served on the board of, and attended Island Concert Association’s February Festival. With a packed house each night, the artists were greatly encouraged and rose to the occasion with phenomenal performances. The Social Hall, again, also rose to the occasion. Our board had confidence in the room and it all worked. Next year, we hope to be in the newly renovated sanctuary with more talent to share with the community.  

The start of the Lenten Season is upon us with an Ash Wednesday Service as the beginning of this season of introspection and sacrifice. It begins at table in the Social Hall on Wednesday at 6:45 pm. The choir is reminded that practice is at 7:30 pm in the Music Attic (or after the service).  

The Chancel Choir pushed their comfort zone this past Sunday and presented the Heavens are Telling by Haydn. They always want to know if I was pleased and thought it was powerful enough to reach the congregation. Suffice to say, I was pleased and felt that many were moved by such a powerful classical piece. Many approached us afterwards and thanked us. It is our sacrifice of praise. For more details, read our next RISE magazine.  

This Sunday, they will present John Ferguson’s setting of Psalm 130: Out of the Depths. Here are the words for your Lenten meditation.  

Out of the depths I cry to you; O Savior, hear me calling.
Out of the depths have I cried to you; hear my voice, let my ears consider the voice of my supplication. If you, Lord, were to note what is done amiss, who, Lord, could stand?
For there is forgiveness with you; therefore you shall be feared. I wait for the Lord, my soul waits for the Lord, whose word is my hope.
- Ferguson, after Martin Luther’s text

Love & Gratitude, 
Hymns for Sunday:
8:30 am Service Hymns:
  • I Want Jesus to Walk With Me - 775
11:00 am Service Hymns:
  • O Worship the King, All Glorious Above - 41
  • I Want Jesus to Walk With Me - 775
The Weeks Ahead
Sunday, March 1st
8:30 am  Chapel Service - Social Hall
9:00 am  Coffee Hour & Breakfast - Britt Room
9:30 am  Combined Sunday School - Upper Room
11:00 am  Traditional Service - Social Hall
12:15 pm  Worship & Music Team Meeting - Upper Room
5:00 pm Youth Ensemble - Music Attic
6:00 pm Youth Group - Youth Suite

Monday, March 2nd
9:00 am Manna House - 1408 G Street
10:00 am Chancel Ensemble - Music Attic
8:00pm  AA Meeting - Britt Room

Tuesday, March 3rd
7:00 am  Thomasville Food/History Tour - Meet at Church
7:00 am  Chick-fil-A Youth Breakfast - Chick-fil-a
9:30 am  Staff Meeting - Upper Room
9:30 am  Yoga - Youth Suite
10:00 am  PW Planning Committee Meeting - John Law

Wednesday, March 4th
10:00 am  Men’s Bible Study - John Law
1:30 pm  Bridge Club - Chapel
4:00 pm   KidZ Crew - Veranda
6:00 pm Youth Group - Youth Suite
5:00 pm   Lent Event Crafts - Youth Suite
6:00 pm Wednesday Night Supper - Social Hall
6:30 pm   Chancel Ringers - Youth Suite
7:00 pm   Chancel Choir - Music Attic

Thursday, March 5th
7:15 am Men’s Bible Study - Britt Room
10:00 am Ladies Bible Study (James 4: 1-10) - Upper Room
3:00 pm Ladies Video Bible Study - Chapel
4:00 pm  Yoga Class - Youth Suite
5:30 pm  ODD Book Study - John Law
8:00 pm  AA Meeting - Britt Room
8:00 pm Al-Anon Meeting - John Law Room

Friday, March 6th
No Activities Scheduled for this Day
Wed Supper Helpers
Savannah Presbytery
Savannah Presbytery invites all to experience our School of the Laity. Come with us to beautiful Epworth by the Sea on Saint Simons and stimulate your mind, fortify your soul and build relationships with other Presbyterians.

There are no pre-requisites to taking a class—so you can come and “dip your toe” into the experience of the School of the Laity this March! Everyone is encouraged to participate.

March 14-15th 2020 Session: “What’s Wrong with Paul?”
Whether you love him or struggle with some of his writings, the Apostle Paul has had a huge impact on our understanding of the Gospel. Join Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Professor Emerita from Columbia Seminary, as we listen to what Paul is saying to the church today.
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Giving online is easy! Just follow the link above to tithe and donate online. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at (912) 638-2220.
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