January 8, 2019
January is often a month filled with new resolutions or perhaps even the dreaded (for some) return of the school routine. For me, it marks my much anticipated return to full time ministry after stepping away to be with my daughter, Molly Claire. God revealed new kinds of love in mine and Thomas’ life both for our daughter and for our church family. Thank you for bringing Thomas and I meals in those first few weeks that are now a blur, for visiting us, and for being in prayer for our family. We experienced God’s love through our church and I am grateful for you all.

January also marks a special time in the church calendar even after the bells of Christmas have passed. This Sunday, we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. In preparing for both my transition back into full time ministry and for the coming season, these words from Laurence Hull Stookey have been ringing in my ears: “As the people of God, we are called and enabled to discover God at work, day in and day out, such that time, otherwise apt to be regarded as ordinary, assumes for us extraordinary significance.” I am reminded to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, to hear God in the buzz of 20s/30s/40s around a table at Porch, to see God at Strikezone while cheering for even a gutter ball, and to feel the water that washes over our hands and that we see so often in the ocean or the marsh as God’s baptismal waters of grace. Let’s look for God in the ordinary.

See you on Sunday if not before,

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Musical Notes

If you are on the mailing list of the Island Concert Association, you received a brochure and letter about this year’s February Festival.  If you didn’t receive a brochure, there are some located on the table in the office reception area. Or, call me and I’ll put you on the list and mail you one.  This season brings a solo pianist, a five member brass group, a solo violinist, and an opera company! We depend on memberships to present these excellent programs free to the public.  Memberships continue to come in through the mail and through our website
http://www.islandconcertassociation.org   but we need a little more to put us over the top this year.  So, if you haven’t joined, check out the website or give me a call at the church.  I’ll be glad to help you. Suzanne Morrison is our new president and she is a great source of information, as well.  Our other board members are Tom Haughney, Vice President, Christine Plank, Secretary; Cathy Foster, Treasurer; David Stewart, Past President; Sandra Gamble, Webmaster; Anna Henry; D. A. Martin; and Mark Propst.  Any of these folks can give you information about the series.  

Thanks to Suzanne and Ann Marie Morrison for the lovely scene of gold and white and candles for Epiphany.  We are blessed to have such talented artists in our church. If you are interested in helping and have an eye for visual displays, contact Nat Scott or Suzanne Morrison.  
Wasn’t it just Epiphany?  Here we are – liturgically skipping lots of years – right at the Baptism of the Lord Sunday.  The Choir will begin the service with a spiritual. Won’t you sing it with us? 480 in the hymnal – Take Me to the Water.  For the anthem, the choir will sing a version of Borning Cry, which is 488 in our hymnal. You might want to follow along on the words.  Amy Bishop reports that she will start the year off with some Bach! Hymns for Sunday: 482 Baptized in Water; and 475 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.   

Oh, and again, now is a good time to join the choir!  Call ahead to reserve a spot or surprise me and show up!  

Love & Gratitude, 
Hymns for Sunday:
8:30 am Service Hymns:
  • Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing - 475
11:00 am Service Hymns:
  • Baptized in Water - 482
  • Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing - 475

Pastor: Rev. Alan Dyer

The Weeks Ahead
Sunday, January 12th
8:30 am  Chapel Service - Social Hall
9:00 am  Coffee Hour & Breakfast - Britt Room
9:30 am Sunday School - Various Locations
11:00 am  Traditional Service - Social Hall
4:30 pm  Marsh's Edge Worship - Marsh's Edge

Monday, January 13th
10:00 am  PW Planning Committee Meeting - John Law
6:30 pm  Ladies of the Night - Upper Room
8:00pm AA Meeting - Britt Room
8:00pm Al Anon - John Law

Tuesday, January 14th
7:00 am  Chick-fil-A Youth Breakfast - Chick-fil-a
9:30 am Staff Meeting - Upper Room
9:30 am Yoga - Youth Suite
10:00 am One-derful Morning Glories Circle - Upper Room
12:00 pm - GIYO - John Law
12:00 pm - Lunch Bunch - Upper Room
2:00 pm - Circle of Esther - Frances McCrary

Wednesday, January 15th
10:00 am Men's Bible Study - John Law
6:30 pm Chancel Ringers - Youth Suite
7:00 pm Chancel Choir - Music Attic

Thursday, January 16th
7:15 am Men’s Bible Study - Britt Room
10:00 am Ladies Bible Study - Upper Room
4:00 pm  Yoga Class - Youth Suite
8:00 pm  AA Meeting - Britt Room
8:00 pm Al-Anon Meeting - John Law Room

Friday, January 17th
No Events Scheduled for This Day

Congregational Meeting : Session has called a congregational meeting for This Coming Sunday, January 12 at the end of the 11A worship service. The purposes of the meeting will be to elect new church officers, elect the 2020 nominating committee, and approve pastor terms of call. Names of nominees can be found below and on the church website.
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Giving online is easy! Just follow the link above to tithe and donate online. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at (912) 638-2220.
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