March 11, 2020
Around this time two years ago, I found myself knee deep in marsh grass with my sights set on pulling a toilet covered in green muck out of that coastal habitat. As I was using all my strength to pull (and the strength of a few others), I noticed our feet braced and our hands gripped tightly around the toilet. Hands and feet. We used our hands and feet to care for God’s creation here on earth - or at least I thought they were our hands and feet.

Theresa Avila writes “Christ has no body on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which Christ’s compassion for the world is to look out; yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good; and yours are the hands with which He is to bless us now.” Perhaps these hands and feet aren’t ours after all. Perhaps they are God’s. While God uses us as hands and feet more often than we know, we have an opportunity to let the Spirit transform us into God’s hands and feet in the world when we come together to serve our community on the Day of Service on March 28th from 8:30a-1p. This year, there are opportunities for hands to pull trash out of the marsh ecosystem, feet to play basketball with new friends, arms to move food one step closer to those who need it, and many more. Sign up for the Day of Service by clicking the link below!

In addition to the Day of Service coming up, there’s also an opportunity for young adults to gather at Porch this Friday night with childcare provided at the church, and we’ll all worship together on Sunday morning where we will find Jesus in Capernaum. 

See you on Sunday,

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Musical Notes

I got a call from Kelly Abraham, Executive Director of PAM (Presbyterian Association of Musicians) last fall to participate in the Association for Smaller Congregations’ convention at Epworth-by-the-sea as their music leader. The Presbyterian Association of Musicians is an incredible support system and educational resource for all musicians – not just Presbyterians – that are part of the membership of PAM. The Worship and Music conferences that they sponsor train and inspire many of our pastors and musicians to bring back fresh, new ideas to our churches. I’m excited to be a part of a PAM sponsored conference this weekend and representing SSPC. Mark Propst has graciously agreed to direct the chancel choir on Sunday. They will be singing “The Kingdom” by Andre Thomas, a rousing gospel tune with the message of what the Kingdom is. Hymns for Sunday: 310 I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord; and 792 There Is a Balm in Gilead.
Thanks to the Chancel Ensemble members for playing in last week’s service. It’s never too late to join us – John LaBoone is our newest member and just started playing with us a couple of weeks ago. We welcome you and your instrument! 

10:00 am Monday mornings in the Music Attic is when we meet. 
The Community Seder is coming soon on April 2 at 6:00 pm at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Gym. Led by Rabbi Rachael Bregman, it will be a celebration of Passover, which would be a great activity for families. There is a suggested donation of $10/person; $25/family. A chorus is being formed to participate. First Presbyterian in Brunswick’s choir led by Bob Baker will combine with our Chancel Choir members to form the core of the choir. Anyone else is welcome to join us. A packet of music and available rehearsal times will be given to you when finalized (next week). Let me know of your interest. 

It’s been suggested that singing a verse of your favorite hymn either out loud or in your head while washing your hands is a way to worship! Stop the spread of the virus – worship while washing hands! 

Love & Gratitude, 
Hymns for Sunday:
8:30 am Service Hymns:
  • There is a Balm in Gilead - 792
11:00 am Service Hymns:
  • I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord - 310
  • There is a Balm in Gilead - 792
The Weeks Ahead
Saturday, March 14th
11:00 am  Mike Harry Memorial Service - Social Hall

Sunday, March 15th
8:30 am  Chapel Service - Social Hall
9:00 am  Coffee Hour & Breakfast - Britt Room
9:30 am  Combined Sunday School - Upper Room
11:00 am  Traditional Service - Social Hall
12:15 pm Global Missions Team Meeting - Upper Room
5:00 pm Youth Ensemble - Music Attic
6:00 pm Youth Group - Youth Suite

Monday, March 16th
10:00 am Chancel Ensemble - Music Attic
4:30 pm Kids EPIC Book Club - Palm Coast
5:30 pm Diaconate Meeting - Upper Room
8:00pm  AA Meeting - Britt Room

Tuesday, March 17th
7:00 am  Chick-fil-A Youth Breakfast - Chick-fil-a
9:30 am  Staff Meeting - Upper Room
9:30 am  Yoga - Britt Room
2:00 pm  Marsh's Edge Coffee - Marsh's Edge

Wednesday, March 18th
10:00 am  Men’s Bible Study - John Law
1:30 pm  Bridge Club - Chapel
4:00 pm   KidZ Crew - Veranda
6:00 pm Wednesday Night Supper - Social Hall
6:30 pm   Chancel Ringers - Youth Suite
7:00 pm   Chancel Choir - Music Attic

Thursday, March 19th
7:15 am Men’s Bible Study - Britt Room
10:00 am Ladies Bible Study (James 5: 1-12) - Upper Room
3:00 pm Ladies Video Bible Study - Chapel
4:00 pm  Yoga Class - Britt Room
4:30 pm Session Meeting - Upper Room
5:30 pm  ODD Book Study - John Law
8:00 pm  AA Meeting - Britt Room
8:00 pm Al-Anon Meeting - John Law Room

Friday, March 20th
6:00 pm Meal With Friends - Reid's Apothecary

Saturday, March 21st
11:00 am Barbara Cowden 100th Bday Party - Social Hall
Savannah Presbytery
Savannah Presbytery invites all to experience our School of the Laity. Come with us to beautiful Epworth by the Sea on Saint Simons and stimulate your mind, fortify your soul and build relationships with other Presbyterians.

There are no pre-requisites to taking a class—so you can come and “dip your toe” into the experience of the School of the Laity this March! Everyone is encouraged to participate.

March 14-15th 2020 Session: “What’s Wrong with Paul?”
Whether you love him or struggle with some of his writings, the Apostle Paul has had a huge impact on our understanding of the Gospel. Join Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Professor Emerita from Columbia Seminary, as we listen to what Paul is saying to the church today.
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