March 4, 2020
The season of Lent is officially underway. Our Lent Event and Ash Wednesday worship and dinner last week were both well attended and meaningful for all of who participated. It was also our second year in a row offering “Drive Thru Ashes” to those traveling down Kings Way. Throughout the morning and into the early afternoon, people stopped to receive ashes, learn more about Lent, and pray. Despite the damp and chill, these car side visits reminded yet again of what a valuable ministry this simple offering is to our community as it allowed many people to mark the beginning of the Lenten season in a way that their schedules, health, and/or work may not have otherwise allowed. 

Last night, Erin and I were delighted to host new members in our home for coffee and dessert. Organized by our outstanding Membership Ministry Team, these periodic gatherings are both a fun and important way for new members to meet others in the church and connect further with the ministries happening at SSPC. Since the beginning of the year, we have received thirteen adult members and four baptized children into the membership of the church. We will receive new members again this Sunday, March 8, so if you or anyone you know is interested in joining, please let me know. We are grateful for each person that finds welcome and spiritual growth in our church – what a blessing! 

Finally, we have all been closely following the news with regards to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus both domestically and globally. The pastors, staff and church officers have been in communication about what practical measures the church can take to prepare. Although we have  no reason  at this point to believe there is any immediate danger to our church or community, we are planning on communicating some practical considerations to the congregation as well as implementing basic safeguarding measures around the church including installing hand sanitizer stations at all the major entry/egress points around the building. Be on the lookout for an email in the next day or two with more information. 

Our Lenten sermon series continues this Sunday with a visit to Jesus’ hometown. See you at church. Casual is fine.


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Musical Notes

Music instruction in elementary schools introduces children to singing in choruses, playing recorders and percussion instruments, dancing, and music history to learn the rudiments of music. In middle school, exploratory opportunities in the arts are available for chorus and band and in some situations, string instruction. Many symphony and band players started playing in middle school because you can’t exactly hold a tuba in second grade. Our Chancel Ensemble members started playing their instruments anywhere from 4 th up to 8 th grade. After playing through high school or college, almost all of them took a break to raise families or work demanding jobs. Some breaks lasted from 27 to 50 years. So, playing again after all that time has been such a joy for all of these chancel ensemble members. And – there is proof that if you played years ago, you can get your skill back! We meet on Monday mornings at 10:00 am until about 11:30. Join us! We can help you find an instrument if you don’t own one anymore. We’ve also got lots of percussion instruments if you are interested in playing drums, etc. The Ensemble is playing a group of arrangements by Ed Hogan this Sunday at the 11:00 am worship service. Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy; Grace That is Greater Than Our Sin; and Wonderful Grace of Jesus.  

The Chancel Choir offers Douglas Wagner’s Don’t Listen to the Hammer Ring, a spiritual that speaks to Jesus’ mother Mary about Jesus’ eventual journey to the cross and resurrection. Hymns for Sunday are 49 The God of Abraham Praise; and 518 Your Only Son (Lamb of God).  
A chorus is being formed for the Community Seder Meal in Brunswick. If anyone is interested, contact me. The Seder will be held at St. Frances Xavier on April 2 at 6:00 pm.  

Love & Gratitude,
Hymns for Sunday:
8:30 am Service Hymns:
  • Your Only Son - 518
11:00 am Service Hymns:
  • The God of Abraham Praise - 49
  • Your Only Son - 518
The Weeks Ahead
Sunday, March 8th
All Day  BRIDGE Missions Group - Youth Suite
8:30 am  Chapel Service - Social Hall
9:00 am  Coffee Hour & Breakfast - Britt Room
9:30 am  Combined Sunday School - Upper Room
11:00 am  Traditional Service - Social Hall
4:30 pm  Marsh's Edge Worship - Marsh's Edge
5:00 pm Youth Ensemble - Music Attic
6:00 pm Youth Group - Youth Suite

Monday, March 9th
All Day  BRIDGE Missions Group - Youth Suite
9:00 am Manna House - 1408 G Street
10:00 am Chancel Ensemble - Music Attic
6:30 pm Ladies of the Night - Upper Room
8:00pm  AA Meeting - Britt Room

Tuesday, March 10th
All Day  BRIDGE Missions Group - Youth Suite
7:00 am  Thomasville Food/History Tour - Meet at Church
7:00 am  Chick-fil-A Youth Breakfast - Chick-fil-a
9:30 am  Staff Meeting - Upper Room
9:30 am  Yoga - Britt Room
10:00 am  One-derful Morning Glories Circle - Upper Room
12:00 pm  Lunch Bunch - Upper Room
2:00 pm Circle of Esther - Ida Walker's Home

Wednesday, March 11th
All Day  BRIDGE Missions Group - Youth Suite
10:00 am  Men’s Bible Study - John Law
1:30 pm  Bridge Club - Chapel
4:00 pm   KidZ Crew - Veranda
6:00 pm Wednesday Night Supper - Social Hall
6:30 pm   Chancel Ringers - Youth Suite
7:00 pm   Chancel Choir - Music Attic

Thursday, March 12th
All Day  BRIDGE Missions Group - Youth Suite
7:15 am Men’s Bible Study - Britt Room
10:00 am Ladies Bible Study (James 4: 11-17) - Upper Room
1:00 pm  Grief Counseling - John Law
3:00 pm Ladies Video Bible Study - Chapel
4:00 pm  Yoga Class - Britt Room
5:30 pm  ODD Book Study - John Law
8:00 pm  AA Meeting - Britt Room
8:00 pm Al-Anon Meeting - John Law Room

Friday, March 13th
All Day  BRIDGE Missions Group - Youth Suite
6:00 pm  TGIF - Porch, SSI

Saturday, March 14th
4:00 pm  John Starr Memorial Service - Social Hall
Wed Supper Helpers
Savannah Presbytery
Savannah Presbytery invites all to experience our School of the Laity. Come with us to beautiful Epworth by the Sea on Saint Simons and stimulate your mind, fortify your soul and build relationships with other Presbyterians.

There are no pre-requisites to taking a class—so you can come and “dip your toe” into the experience of the School of the Laity this March! Everyone is encouraged to participate.

March 14-15th 2020 Session: “What’s Wrong with Paul?”
Whether you love him or struggle with some of his writings, the Apostle Paul has had a huge impact on our understanding of the Gospel. Join Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Professor Emerita from Columbia Seminary, as we listen to what Paul is saying to the church today.
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Giving online is easy! Just follow the link above to tithe and donate online. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at (912) 638-2220.
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