News & Notes A ugust 28, 2017
What's Happening at The Academies? 

Sept 4 -- Holiday *NO SCHOOL*

Sept 5 -- Blue Oak Back to School Night

Sept 7 -- Sycamore Valley Back to School Night

Sept 8 -- SVA PTO Parents and Pastries

Sept 11 --
SVA PTO Meeting 
and BOA PTO Meeting

A Message from Principal Stinson

The first days of school at Blue Oak have been remarkable! Though there were some bumps in our road, like a hot cafeteria, last minute construction, and a few plumbing issues, the successes have drastically outweighed the hiccups. Let us celebrate that we have over a hundred students are coming to school every day learning how to love learning! We are so excited that you have joined us on this remarkable journey!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 5 from 6:00-7:00PM. Each teacher will present the same material twice at 6:00 and again at 6:30 for those who have students in two different classes. This is a wonderful opportunity to come and learn about your child's classroom and teacher!

Just a reminder that we are serving breakfast and lunch. If your child brings their own lunch, yet would like a milk to drink, the cost is .35. If your child does not  have money on their account, they may drink water.

Mixed Bag Fundraiser

From August 28th through September 16th, we're selling tote bags, accessories, kitchenware & more through a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!
Order forms went home today with your students! 
  • Online Ordering is available!
  • Friends & family can order online at
  • Remind them to enter the STUDENT NAME (as the seller) during checkout so that your student gets credit for the sale.
  • Online orders ship directly to the supporter (anywhere in the USA) & shipping is free on any order of $75 or more.
Questions? Contact: JENNIFER DENHAM (559-730-6207) or by email at

SVA Bus Safety Announcement

Reports are rolling in about cars parked in the bus zone at our Crestwood stop, especially in the morning. 

Parking in the bus zone means the bus has to  stop in the street, blocking traffic, and creating a less than ideal safety situation. 

On County Center, the bus is supposed to park on the street by the yield sign that is south of the Crestwood bus driveway.

Parents can park further south, beyond the yield sign and crosswalk. You may also park across the street and walk your children over. Thank you for helping us be good partners with VUSD! 

School Breakfast and Lunch 

Did you know that breakfast is available each school morning beginning at  7:35? It is!

You can pay for meals with cash or check (get an envelope in the school office) or online with our payment service You will need to register, create an account and provide an ID number for every student you're including. An app is available so you can easily use this service on your smartphone. If you need to access your student's ID number, please call your school's front office. 

School breakfast will be available at both schools before the school day begins. The cost for breakfast is $1.25.  The cost for lunch is $2.00. Applications for free or reduced price lunch will be sent home with your child on the first day of school. 

Menus are always available on our website.  Click here for the September menu

School Supplies

No school supplies are required! All necessary classroom supplies are provided for our students at The Academies. 

If you'd like to contribute helpful items to your child's classroom, the following materials are always welcome gifts! 

Hand Sanitizer
Baby wipes for cleaning hands
Lysol Sanitizing Wipes
Paper Towel Rolls
Low Odor Whiteboard Markers (EXPO)
Whiteboard wipes/cleaner
Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
Target/Wal-mart gift cards for later purchases

Keep an eye out for "Helping Hands" from your teacher! 

Uniform Dress Code Policy

At The Academies, we support a school uniform policy in order to level the playing field for all of our  students. Our school uniform policy helps to provide an academic environment where children feel equal,  and are not distracted or offended by what others wear. It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to be  sure that the student is wearing the official school uniform. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. 

SHIRTS must be free of designs, logos, or embellishments. Shirts must have a collar. The following necklines are permitted: button-down, polo, Peter Pan, turtleneck. No t-shirts allowed, and no other colors of shirt are allowed. No strapless, spaghetti strap, low-cut, or cut off tops are allowed. The following solid colors are permitted:

● Green (SVA)
● Blue (BOA)
● White
● Brown
● Khaki
● Black
● Gray

SWEATERS, SWEATSHIRTS, COATS, JACKETS must be free of designs, logos, or embellishments. The following solid  colors are permitted:

● Green (SVA)
● Blue (BOA)
● White
● Brown
● Khaki
● Black
● Gray
● Denim

No other colors are permitted.

PANTS, SHORTS, SKORTS, or SKIRTS must fit the student appropriately (not be excessively large or excessively  tight), and be free of designs, logos, or embellishments. Shorts, and skorts must have an inseam of 6 inches or longer. Skirts must be no more than 4 inches from the top of the knee. The following solid colors are permitted:

● Green (SVA)
● Blue (BOA)
● White
● Brown
● Khaki
● Black
● Gray
● Denim

Tights/leggings, ties, shoes and headwear may be different colors.

SHOES must be simple and generally free of designs or embellishments. Tennis shoes, boots, dress flats (i.e.  Mary Janes), and sandals (with backs) are permitted. No light-up sneakers, flip-flops, jellies, or wheelies. Any  type of shoes without a back/heel strap are not allowed. Shoes and boots may not have heels higher than 1".

HATS may be worn outside only and may have sports teams, college/school logos or story characters (super hero, Star Wars, Pokemon, etc.). Must be mostly solid color and free of large brand logos and  embellishments (rhinestones, studs, etc.).

Spirit Day Every Friday!
Students may wear any school shirt to show their pride in The Academies (SVA or BOA). Examples include I love  SVA, I love Blue Oak, Jog-a-Thon, Mathletics, SVA Basketball, or shirts that have been decorated at home to show school  spirit. Students are not required to wear a spirit shirt on Fridays; if they choose not to do so, the regular  uniform is required.

Spirit gear is on sale in your school's office. Tees are $10 and hoodies are $20. 

Questions? Please contact your school office. 

Attention Blue Oak families! A generous donor has provided funding to help buy uniforms for students with financial need. Contact Mrs. Stinson if you would like assistance. 

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Wonder where you're supposed to go? See our handy maps below! 

Gates open at 7:35 AM. Students are not allowed on campus prior to that time. Once a student  arrives at school, he/she may not leave campus before dismissal unless a parent or guardian signs the  student out at the front office. 
If it is necessary to park across the street for drop-off or pick-up,  parents must park their vehicle and escort their student across the street where  there is a crosswalk. Jaywalking is prohibited by law and is unsafe for our kiddoes. 
Parents are asked to please observe safe driving habits in the school zone. Please do not double-park, park in  fire lanes or park in handicapped parking spaces (unless you display a handicapped marker/license). 

For Blue Oak Only:

Try out our morning drop off lane in front of the school! It's safe and easy.  Simply pull up as far as you can and Mrs. Whitendale will help your child out of the car and make sure he/she gets through Gate A safely.  If you park and walk your child in, please use the crosswalks. 

Dismissal gates will remain the same for now: 
  • Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson and after school program through Gate B (off parking lot) 
  • Miss Stark and Mrs. Cazarez dismiss from Gate A (next to the office) 

For Sycamore Valley Only: 

Students may enter school through one of 4 gates.  There are two gates at the front of the school facing west, and two more at the side of the school facing south.  If you would like to drive through the parking lot, please remember that it is for DROP OFF ONLY.  Please do not stop or park in that lot.  
With the new south gate, we also have new pick up procedures:
  • Kinder: Pick up at northwest gate
  • 1-4: Pick up at southwest gate
  • 5-8: Pick up at south east gate.
If you have an older child attending SVA, please have him/her collect the younger sibling(s) then go to the older grade's pick up gateStudents should not be picked up via the southwest gate.  No pick up traffic is allowed through the front door.   

We intend to keep everyone safe by following consistent drop-off and procedure methods.  Please always remember that students are not allowed to cross the street to enter or exit our school; an adult must escort him/her if parking across the street is necessary.  Thank you for your cooperation!!

After School Program Information 

To sign up for any of The Academies after school program options, please complete this online form, and one of our program staff will be in touch with you soon. 

Our program fees are on a sliding scale based on income and family size. Fee reduction is available to families who qualify upon request and verification. You must complete the application for Free and Reduced Lunch to qualify (will be sent home on the first day of school).


We offer a 20% discount on fees paid in advance. You can pay in advance in two ways:

1. If you know you will need care on specific days or a specific number of days per week, sign  up for the flat fee plan that suits your needs and set up automatic monthly payments from your  checking account. View all Flat Fee Plans on our websites. To sign up for flat rate plans please fill out this form, attach a voided check, and return to ASP staff. 

2. If you will need only occasional drop-in care, make a deposit to your account and your fees  will be deducted at the discounted rate. See daily program fees on our websites. 

If you have questions about our programs at any time, please email or call the school office to leave a message for the After School Program Coordinator, Elyse Reveles.

Sycamore Valley Academy Office- (559) 622-3236
Blue Oak Academy Office- (559) 730-7422

Substitute Custodian Needed  
The Academies Charters is seeking a backup daytime custodian. F ingerprint clearance is required. 

Substitute Teachers Needed
The Academies Charters have an experienced and dedicated teaching staff, but we are always looking to expand our sub list. 

If you or someone you know has the desire to be a substitute teacher at our amazing school, has a bachelor's degree, has passed the CBEST, and is willing to get a substitute credential and fingerprint clearance we would love to grow our team. 

Substitute Instructional Aides Needed 
The Academies Aide Subs minimum requirements are a high school diploma and fingerprint clearance. 

If you are interested please email Shauna Dolin at

Next SVA PTO Meeting

September 11
Round Table Pizza 
Packwood Creek Center
4035 S. Mooney Blvd.

Next BOA PTO Meeting

September 11
Round Table Pizza
Mary's Vineyard
1691 E. Noble Ave.
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