News & Notes - February 22, 2019
What's Happening at The Academies? 

Feb 28 -- SVA Basketball @ Oak Grove

Mar 2 -- SVA Middle School Science Symposium

Mar 5 -- SVA Basketball vs. Sequoia Union

Mar 25-29  --  BOA Scholastic Book Fair

Mar 29 -- BOA PTO Grandparents and Goodies

Mar 29 -- SVA Jog-A-Thon

Mar 29 -- SVA Usborne Book Fair


Admissions Update

Thank you so much to all of those in our community who have been helping spread the word about our amazing schools

Our annual admissions lottery was held this week. It's always a joyful and emotional experience for both our staff and prospective families.

If you or someone you know are on the waitlist, please don't lose heart.

There's a lot of time between now and the end of next school year! We call families from the list generated at the lottery until the last day of school in 2019! 

Stay  committed and stay in touch. The best way in is to be  prepared to say "yes" to that phone call. Many of our  students have come in through the waitlist.

Continue to hold high expectations of your learner and your school and continue to be an active parent advocate.

Tulare County Spelling Bee

A big shout out to finalists Hunter Reese and Santiago Casas and alternates Ella Noblitt and Gerardo Ortiz-Yado, who represented their school in the Tulare County Spelling Bee this week. Go SVA! 

Contribute to the SVA Yearbook! 
SVA Yearbook would love your photos to add to the 2018-19 yearbook.  

Sometimes photo resources for the yearbook team are limited and we can use all the help we can get. Please  click here and upload any of your photos about school activities and events from this year such as fall festival and theater shows.  Thank you!!!

�� �� ��

From the SVA Yearbook team:  Olivia, Mia, Ben, Gilbert, Austraya, Bella, Sadie, & Annalysia

Jog-A-Thon Sponsors Needed! 

SVA PTO is soliciting sponsorships for their 6th Annual Jog-A-Thon on March 29. Please invite businesses you know to support this fun event. Sponsors will be represented on t-shirts for all participants as well as signage and other printed materials. Download and share this PDF Sponsorship Form.
Books for You, Books for SVA!

SVA PTO has set up an Usborne  book  fair. Usborne books are high quality, beautifully designed  books that delight all ages.  Click here to browse their online catalog and you will see how amazing they are. 

Every sale at our  book  fair will give our school credit to purchase more  books. If you have been looking for a way to donate  books to the school, this would be a fabulous way to do it! An SVA Wish List is in the works if you need guidance on what to choose - look for that link in an upcoming News & Notes.

Click this link and start shopping. Proceeds from online sales will net SVA 50% credit towards  books for our school library and classrooms. Student families can have their online purchases shipped to the school for free after the  fair is over, or have them delivered to your home right away (you pay the shipping).

Friday, March 29 Usborne and the PTO will host a $5  book  fair on campus - that's right, every  book will be just $5, including tax! Send your student to school with a $5 bill and they can bring home their very own Usborne  book

PTO and our Usborne representative are requesting some assistance with setup and staffing the  fair . Please message the PTO Facebook page if you can help - many of the usual helpers are already engaged for the Jog-A-Thon on the same day, so now is your chance to jump in and help if you haven't before!

3/28 5:30-7:30 at SVA - Setup for the  book  fair. 4-6 volunteers needed.
3/29 8:00-4:00 at SVA - Staffing for the  book  fair. 1-2 volunteers needed per shift.
TACMO Job Openings 

The following job postings are now open on 

Education Specialist @ Blue Oak Academy


Core Academic Teacher, 3rd/4th @ Blue Oak Academy


K-6 Science Teacher @ Sycamore Valley Academy


Enrichment Teacher: Band Director @ Sycamore Valley Academy

SVA Basketball 

Feb 28: Away @ Oak Grove at 3:30
March 5: 
Home vs. Sequoia Union  at 3:30 and 4:15

Come on out to support your SVA Explorers
BOA Spirit Days
Friday, Mar. 29: Character Day
Friday, Apr. 26: Decades Day
Friday, May 31: Hawaiian Day
Friday, June 7: Free Dress Day
SVA Spirit Days
Friday, Mar. 29: Twin Day
Friday, Apr. 26: Decades Day
Friday, May 31: College Day
Friday, June 7: Free Dress Day

Our schools offer a convenient option for student breakfast and lunch. Meals are provided by through contract with Visalia Unified School District's Nutritional Services Division and are delivered daily to our cafeterias.

Breakfast - $ 1.25 per day    Lunch - $2.00 per day   Milk - $0.35 per carton

You can pay for lunches at school with cash or check,  or pay  online with the  service . An app is available so you can easily use this service on your smartphone. If you have not already done so, you will need  to register, create an account and  provide an ID number for each student .  Contact the front office of your school to obtain your child's student ID number.
Next SVA PTO Meeting
Next BOA PTO Meeting

Monday, March 11 Monday, March 11
6:00PM 6:00PM
Round Table Pizza Round Table Pizza
Packwood Creek Center Mary's Vineyard Center
4035 S. Mooney Blvd.
1691 E. Noble Ave.

If you would like to share any ideas or add an agenda item for discussion at the   PTO  meeting please   email  it to at least one week prior to the meeting.  

Spanish translation available at meetings. 
¡Estamos muy contentos de compartir que ofrecemos traducción en español en nuestras reuniones!  ¡Hay que trabajar juntos!

Family Support
Attendance: how much does it really matter?

Greetings TACMO Family,

I have recently come across some valuable facts which prompted some deep pondering and that I am compelled to share, both as a principal and as a mother.
Why does attendance matter? And, beyond that, does a loss of a few minutes here and there due to tardiness or leaving early have an impact? The research is astounding. If a child simply misses 5 minutes a day, this adds up to 3 total days of learning lost in the school year. If a child misses 30 minutes a day, the sum is 19 days! 

A child is considered "chronically absent" if they miss 10% of the school year, which is 18 days of our school calendar. When looking at academics, chronically absent students have lower levels of academic achievement (especially with reading), 
more issue s with school discipline, and a higher risk of dropping out. When looking further into their potential lives as adults, they tend to earn less, have a higher unemployment rate and less stable career patterns.

The best learning time for your child is at the beginning of the day. Morning meetings within the classroom tend to set the tone for the whole day. Coming in late to a classroom group conversation can add extra anxiety, triggering negative feelings and thoughts for your child. This precious time of the day should be used to prepare the brain to grow through a day of learning. Students who experience stress or anxiety at school for reasons such as struggles with peers or academics, tend to stay home more. Unfortunately, this does not fix the problem and it can create a larger negative impact as the child may feel more disconnected from school or more frustrated with attempts to do the work at home independently. They also miss opportunities to have extra supports and resources that are available for them at school.
What can we do about it?  With this new awareness, I would like to encourage you to
 advocate for your child when booking appointments with doctors and dentists by scheduling them after school hours. Look at your morning getting out of the house on time difficult? What might be some small actions that you can do the night before as you anticipate the typical obstacles of getting out the door on time. If you believe your child may be avoiding school, seek us out so we can partner together for your child's success. If you know that your child will miss at least one school day, let the teacher know in advance, you can do an "Independent Study" plan to help minimize the negative impact of learning time lost.
If you're like me, you've probably been thinking about some small changes that you can make in your home to help your child attend school more consistently, minute by minute. We love your children and want as many minutes as possible with them to help bring out their absolute best!

With Gratitude, 
Community Events

Come on out to show your support for several SVA students who are performing in this Tulare Arts Alliance production! 

UPHS PSO Family Game Night
"A night for the whole family"
Friday, March 8, 2019
Gateway Church
1100 S. Sowell Street Visalia, CA 93277
Food, Fun, Games, and Entertainment!

Know of a community event you'd like to share? Email information and images to Claudia Van Groningen
The Academies CMO| 559.622-3236 |