News & Notes October 20, 2017
What's Happening at The Academies? 

Oct 27 -- 
Fall Festival!

Nov 2 -- 
SVA Picture Day

Nov 8 -- 5th Grade SCICON Field Trip

Nov 10 -- Holiday *NO SCHOOL*

Nov 16 - 17 -- Conferences *NO SCHOOL*

Nov 20 - 24 -- Fall Break *NO SCHOOL*

A Message from Vice Principal Benton

Hi! It's Allan Benton here at the SVA Vice Principal's desk. Today I'll give you a brief overview of one important area of our discipline structure, the CORE 4, and a little introduction to an important foundational tenet of restorative discipline, the idea of invitation.

The CORE 4 has been with us since year two of SVA. The premise behind this was to move away from having a laundry list of rules and regulations for things that we would tell students  not to do, and to instead use language to encourage students to be thoughtful and respectful about areas of our lives that are important in order to have a functional and safe space in which we can learn together. 

The CORE 4 areas are People, Property, Process and Presentation. We feel that virtually all behaviors that might occur can be referenced back to either respecting, or not respecting, one or more of the areas of the CORE 4. This helps us talk to students about behaviors using positive language to direct them toward improvement in these areas which, when respected by all, allow our school to function effectively. We say things like "Do you think that your behavior was respectful of the CORE 4? What could you have done that would have been more respectful of People and helped the school (your class, you) function more effectively?"

We have high expectations for behavior and we hold students accountable. We do so with a focus on showing respect for the school and each other in these CORE 4 areas that encompass all behaviors.  When a student is struggling with respecting the CORE 4, we use restorative justice practices to help them learn and grow from mistakes. 

One of the foundational ideas of restorative justice is that of the  invitation. I like to say that we are in a constant state of invitation. We are inviting students to engage, to join us in learning, to make good choices, to repair relationships and damages when choices are made that do not respect the CORE 4 or help our school to function.We don't want to drag our scholars through their education, but rather invite them to join us as we all continue to grow and learn together.

My office door is wide open to all. If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email and let's make some time to get together. 

Thank you for working with us to grow "empowered, able citizens, in a democratic society!"

Much Love,
Mr. Benton

Charter Collaboration

Our own SeƱora Gates-Wai led the effort to start  a collaborative group of Visalia  Spanish  Teachers. Exemplifying the 21st century learning happening at our schools, the group meets once  a month to share ideas and resources

Superintendent Dutton said  "I want to thank Senora Gates-Wai for initiating a collaborative network of elementary  Spanish  teachers.  She has enabled collaboration across organizations so that  Spanish  language instruction for local children can be improved and enhanced.  The benefits of this work will extend to the students of SVA and BOA and even beyond.  Senora Gates-Wai embodies the Vision statement of The Academies and is expanding our impact."

Pictured here are Sra. Viviana and Sra. Gates-Wai with  Spanish teachers from Valley Life Charter and Global Learning Charter schools. 

Attention SVA Parents! 

Please ask your child to check the lost and found for their items. 

Remember to label sweaters, jackets, and lunch pails with your child's name and room number.

All items remaining in lost and found after Parent Teacher Conferences will be donated to the Visalia Rescue Mission!
Conference Care

There will be no school on conference days, November 16-17. Our After School Program is offering care from 8:00AM - 5:45PM. 

The day will include special activities, crafts, and fun! More info coming soon!

Meals and snacks will not be served, so please be sure to send food for the day with your child. 

Sign up with After School Program staff or in your school's office. 

Half Day: $10 for up to 4.5 hours*
Full Day: $20 for 4.5 or more hours*

*  You may indicate whether your child will attend full or half days but we will charge based on time in and time out.

Families who purchased the Unlimited Flat Rate Plan for after school care incur  no additional charge for these days, but please do sign up if you plan for your child to attend so that we can plan accordingly. 

Congratulations to The Academies' Students of Character! 

Our Students of Character will be featured Saturday, October 21 in the Visalia Times-Delta in the 2 page color insert for CHARACTER COUNTS! Week.

Sycamore Valley - Rita Rasner 

Blue Oak -Joseph Zurek

SVA's Shania Rojas is a Pillar Winner and will receive a $125 award based on her  Kids of Character nomination for CHARACTER COUNTS! Week. Look for her interview in the Visalia Times-Delta! 


This week's episode of KSVA TV News includes an interview with SVA's own student author, Gabriella Licea. 

Check it out on YouTube, and be sure to subscribe to their channel. 

KSVA TV Season 1, Episode 4
KSVA TV Season 1, Episode 4

Expanding Your Horizons

Mrs. Lewis and Ms. de Lemos will take a group of girls to TCOE's  Expanding Your Horizons This optional 11/4 event is for girls in 4th-10th grade in order to inspire them to consider education and careers in STEM fields.  All classes heard about the event in class, and interested girls should be bringing required forms home today. Forms are due back to Mrs. Lewis or Ms. Delemos by Friday, September 29.

SVA is Going to Cyberquest!

This year Ms. Chan will be taking students from grades 4-8 to CyberQuest. This TCOE contest, integrates 21st Century research and critical thinking skills with oral and electronic presentations. This year's CyberQuest will happen on Saturday, December 2 from 8:00AM- 3:30PM. We are looking for high-energy parent volunteers to help with this endeavor. Please contact Ms. Chan if you are interested in volunteering: Thanks!


Plan to show off your costumes at the Fall Festival! NO costumes are allowed at school on Halloween! 

NO candy in lunches, please! 

School Breakfast and Lunch 

Did you know that breakfast is available each school morning beginning at  7:45? It is!

You can pay for meals with cash or check (get an envelope in the school office) or online with our payment service You will need to register, create an account and provide an ID number for every student you're including. An app is available so you can easily use this service on your smartphone. If you need to access your student's ID number, please call your school's front office. 

School breakfast will be available at both schools before the school day begins. The cost for breakfast is $1.25.  The cost for lunch is $2.00. Applications for free or reduced price lunch will be sent home with your child on the first day of school. 

Menus are always available on our website.  Click here for the October menu

At checkout, manually enter the promotion code: LOGO & PIN: 5782
The code/pin are valid only October 16-23

Substitute Custodian Needed  
The Academies Charters is seeking a backup daytime custodian. F ingerprint clearance is required. 

Substitute Teachers Needed
The Academies Charters have an experienced and dedicated teaching staff, but we are always looking to expand our sub list. 

If you or someone you know has the desire to be a substitute teacher at our amazing school, has a bachelor's degree, has passed the CBEST, and is willing to get a substitute credential and fingerprint clearance we would love to grow our team. 

Substitute Instructional Aides Needed 
The Academies Aide Subs minimum requirements are a high school diploma and fingerprint clearance. 

If you are interested please email Shauna Dolin at

Next SVA PTO Meeting
Next BOA PTO Meeting
November 13 November 13
Round Table Pizza
Round Table Pizza
Packwood Creek Center
Mary's Vineyard
4035 S. Mooney Blvd.
1691 E. Noble Ave.

Community Events
AAUW Book Sale

The Visalia-Sequoia branch of 
AAUW (American Association of University Women) is holding its bi-annual used book sale at the Sequoia Mall from October 18-23Get some great deals on used books and support local scholarships and educational programs.

Know of a community event you'd like to share? Email information and images to Claudia Van Groningen
The Academies CMO| 559.622-3236 |