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Terry Kippley, CPDA

September 21, 2023

PRIA Action

On September 11, CPDA continued its regular series of bi-monthly meetings with EPA's Registration Division to discuss ways to reduce the backlog of non-PRIA actions, now known as Non-Coded PRIA actions or NCPs. CPDA was led by Nathan Ehresman of Albaugh and Sherry Hutcheson of UPL. Joining from EPA was Jenn Saunders, Acting Associate Director of the Registration Division (RD) and Bo Davis, Senior Regulatory Specialist in the Registration Division. CPDA shared the following slides with EPA, while they discussed EPA priorities with us (here)

In their comments to CPDA, EPA highlighted the importance of a detailed submission cover letter so that they can be quickly assigned to the appropriate reviewer. This will expedite the review. RD staff also mentioned that their annual NCP receipts of $5.25 million were thanks to PRIA V's 12.5% registration fee set-aside. This exceeds RD's capacity to process NCP submissions. 

To reduce the number of incoming NCPs, EPA suggested CPDA members take the following actions:

  • Combining minor actions for a given product with a critical NCP or PRIA action, rather than submitting a new non-critical NCP; and
  • Take advantage of RD's new electronic CSF capability, wherever possible. In response, CPDA expressed some frustration with the eCSF.

EPA and CPDA each took homework assignments away from the meeting. CPDA will provide examples of some of the problems we raised in our PowerPoint presentation (watch for information requests). In turn, RD staff said they will outline useful content for a cover letter.

A discussion of PRIA V was also a key part of last week's Annual Meeting where Nathan Ehresman and Laurie-Ann Flanagan (the PRIA Coalition Coordinator) discussed some of the challenges of implementing PRIA V. Topping the list of challenges is a lack of funding for EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs which, in turn, has prevented them from hiring enough staff. To keep pace with all PRIA submissions and backlogged items, OPP needs more than $165 million annually. Earlier this year, CPDA submitted appropriations requests with multiple Congressional offices for full OPP funding. While a FY 2024 federal budget has yet to be approved, it appears that Congress won't be fully funding OPP. However, CPDA members can expect an increase in OPP funding from current levels. This highlights the importance of CPDA's regular meetings with OPP to seek efficiencies and ways to streamline the regulatory process. 

A special thanks goes to Nathan and Sherry for their leadership and to Laurie for being an invaluable resource. 

CPDA Annual Meeting

Last week CPDA had an exceptional annual meeting thanks to record attendance, a 20% increase from last year's event! Highlighting on-going vital topics, each presenter and panelist gave their perspective on the issues at hand.

CPDA's Inerts and Post-Patent EPA Working Group provided a look at PRIA 5 and efforts to keep EPA focused on non-PRIA actions. Presenting were Nathan Ehresman, Regulatory Director N.A., Albaugh, LLC, and Laurie-Ann-Flanagan, EVP, D.C. Legislative & Regulatory Services Action Committee & Regulatory Services, PRIA V Coordinator. Laurie-Ann Flanagan discussed the challenges and how CPDA is pushing for more EPA funding addressing process inefficiencies and her hope for a better playing field moving forward.

We kicked off the meeting with the changing of the guard from outgoing Chairman David Bower, Brandt Consolidated (left), to incoming Chairman Brad SwillenEthox Chemicals (right). We appreciate their service to CPDA!

CPDA Service Honors

The Service to Council Awards are earned by those who have demonstrated exceptional service to CPDA. Honored during the annual meeting were Arthur Bass, Director of Sales, Chemorse; Ethan Mathews, Director of Government Affairs, Wilbur-EllisEileen Bernard, Adjuvant Manager, Nutrien and Dr. Connor Ferguson, Senior Agronomy Sales Enablement Advisor Texoma, Simplot Grower Solutions. CPDA thanks all of these exceptional professionals for their service.

CPDA Chairman Brad Swillen and CPDA President Terry Kippley presented Arthur Bass of Chemorse, Ltd. the 2023 Lifetime of Service to Council award during the CPDA Awards ceremony at the annual meeting.

A few of Arthur's colleagues "happened to drop in" to congratulate him. Left-to-Right: Jared Levine, Mason NealArthur Bass, Gary Ruebel, Craig Altes.

CPDA Chairman Brad Swillen and CPDA President Terry Kippley presented Ethan Mathews, Director of Government Affairs, Wilbur-Ellis the 2023 Service to Council award.

CPDA Chairman Brad Swillen and CPDA President Terry Kippley presented Eileen Bernard, Adjuvant Manager, Nutrien the 2023 Service to Council award.

CPDA Chairman Brad Swillen and CPDA President Terry Kippley presented Dr. Connor Ferguson, Senior Agronomy Sales Enablement Advisor Texoma, Simplot Grower Solutions the 2023 Service to Council award.

For a full recap of meeting events, download the Annual Meeting Agenda Booklet.

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