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November 2023 Newsletter

News from the Global Biochar Industry

Letter from Leadership

As we all begin to contemplate the end of year — which always comes so quickly — I am pleased to share highlights of IBI’s 2023 virtual Annual Symposium (all recordings + presentations are available here for a small fee and free for event attendees) and also point to IBI’s activities in the upcoming COP28. Before we dig in, make sure to take the IBI / USBI Global Market Research Survey.

2023 IBI Symposium Highlights

With nearly 400 participants from 40 countries, 40+ speakers, 30+ exhibitors, plus our amazing sponsors US Biochar Initiative, Carbonfuture, KMW Energy Systems,, and Pyreg, plus IBI’s first media partner, the Carbon Herald, we had a vibrant three days of presentations, networking, and collaboration.

I'm thrilled to share notable moments, plus upcoming opportunities to engage with IBI at the UN climate conference COP28 in Dubai this December.

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You're Invited: Participate in the Global Biochar Industry Study

Your input will play a pivotal role in guiding influential organizations in the industry on how to support and scale biochar. 🌿🌏 This study is a collaborative endeavor between the International Biochar Initiative and the U.S. Biochar Initiative.


Deadline extended! Participate now through 1 December with 10–15 minutes of your time.  

The study’s data collected will be aggregated to create a comprehensive global market snapshot, forthcoming in February 2024. Respondents will receive free access to the final report with anonymized and regionalized data.

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That's a Wrap: IBI Virtual Annual Symposium

Last week, we wrapped up our 2023 virtual Annual Symposium, welcoming hundreds of attendees from more than 30 countries, 45+ speakers from industry and academia, and 40 exhibitors from around the world. Over three days, live attendees were part of the discussion on how to effectively scale the biochar industry to address the climate crisis in a circular, sustainable fashion.  

Our incoming Board Chair Lucia Brusegan kicked off the event with inspired remarks that invoke the catalyzing power of biochar.

“Biochar is respectful, dialogic, inclusive. It leaves no one behind. We have to work together to raise our voice, and put biochar in front of the room, leading the discussions, pointing out the paths to be taken, securing that the expansion of biochar can take place, and rapidly."

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Thanks to our sponsors USBI, Carbonfuture, KMW Energy Group,, Pyreg, and Carbon Herald. 

Couldn’t join us live? Purchase access to the Symposium recordings and presentations on Teachable.

Amplifying Biochar at COP28

The UN international climate conference (COP28) is fast approaching, and we invite you to follow along with the IBI team as we are on the ground in Dubai! IBI is a proud partner of the virtual Carbon Removal at COP Pavilion, the Soil at COP initiative through our partners at CA4SH, and more.  

As we continue to spread the word about biochar’s possible impact on Paris Agreement Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of carbon mitigation –– 6% global emissions reductions! –– the COP28 conference provides an opportunity to promote biochar research, production, and adoption on a global scale.  


Partner and Member Updates

FEATURE: Congratulations to the winner of the IBI Annual Symposium Biochar Pitch Competition: Circonomy! With a mission to maximise social and environmental co-benefits to make meaningful and lasting change, Circonomy turns agricultural waste streams into valuable resources and carbon removal solutions, increasing farmers' revenue and regenerating soil in the tropics.

OPPORTUNITY: Are you looking for a challenging and varied job in a great team characterized by a personal atmosphere? Would you like to work in an innovative environment with a 150-year tradition of sustainability? Apply now to a tremendous Research Assistant Postdoctoral opportunity through Hochschule Geisenheim University.

NEWS: Bio360 Expo’s partner for several years, IBI is proud to be a media partner for the 2024 event in January. Current Board Vice Chair Lucia Brusegan answered a few questions from Bio360 about the biochar industry’s future and what the industry needs to communicate to scale.

OPPORTUNITY: Apply for the OpenAir Carbon Removal Challenge, a student innovation challenge for carbon removal solutions. Student teams will design and build creative solutions to the carbon pollution problem. The very best approaches will be selected as finalists for an in-person showcase at the Carbon Unbound conference in May 2024.

NEWS: IBI Members Glanris was featured in CNN in a list of five innovators coming up with new ways to protect water — from how we consume it, to how we conserve it.

NEWS: IBI Biochar Academy graduates BIOSORRA were featured in Carbon Herald, having launched the biggest biochar-producing plant in east Africa.

RESOURCE: The Biochar for Nitrous Oxide Emissions Reduction webinar recording and slides from ANZBIG are now available! Discover the power of biochar in reducing nitrous oxide emissions by up to 49% in dryland systems and methane emissions by up to 18% in flooded paddy systems.

NEWS: HUSK made it to the Cleantech Group's prestigious Global #50toWatch Cleantech 2023 list! They are the only company in the list representing Cambodia and among only five other Asian companies. 

NEWS: IBI Board member and co-founder of Earth Biochar, Nadav Ziv, demonstrates turning cotton farming by-products into biochar.

Community Feature: Advocating for Biochar in Thailand

In the realm of sustainable living, the journey of BambooPlus began with a simple yet profound principle: “If your plan is for one year, plant rice; if your plan is for ten years, plant trees; if your plan is for one hundred years, educate children and capture carbon longer than 100 years – make biochar!”

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Upcoming Biochar Events


13–14 November | German Biochar Forum

Berlin, Germany

21 November | Quantifying Biochar Carbon Removal's Global and Country-Level Impact


27 November – 1 December | 8th International Symposium on Sustainable Biochar, Cement and Concrete Production and Utilization 

Playa Bonita, Panama

29 November | NSW ACT Forum - Australian Biochar Industry 2030 Roadmap

Virtual and In-Person


30 November – 12 December | COP28

Dubai, UAE

5 December | World Soil Day

COP28 + Virtual Pavilion


15–17 January 2024 | 2024 Circular Bionutrient Economy Network Event


24–25 January 2024 | Bio360Expo



12–14 February | Biochar 2024 North American Conference


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Biochar Industry News

What's hotter than your pyrolysis unit? This biochar and carbon removal news!

🗞️ Biochar was included Newsweek's list of five tech innovations that could help save the planet.

💲 Bloomberg Philanthropies launches $50 million fund to help cities tackle global issues, including a biochar project in Nebraska.

🌱 Fast Company dives into biochar and why the ancient farming technique can help fight climate change.

📜 The USDA released a report on carbon markets that provides a comprehensive look at current market activity, barriers to participation, and opportunities to improve access to carbon markets for farmers and forest landowners. The document, in part, addresses opportunities related to biochar and biogas production. 

🌳 A collaboration between researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, The Nature Conservancy, Cornell University and Yale School of the Environment has resulted in a new best-in-class set of data that would facilitate the broadscale uptake of biochar.

💴 Carbon Direct, a carbon management solutions provider, published a practical buyer’s guide for sustainable biomass sourcing (including biochar) to help mitigate the risks of biomass-based carbon dioxide removal contracting.

🗺️ New maps, made from a first-of-its-kind high-resolution global dataset of crop residues, reveal areas where the residues may be sustainably used to produce biochar.

🌐 According to an analysis conducted by Fact.MR, the global biochar market is projected to reach an estimated value of $7.9 million in 2023.

🏢 Planning permission has been granted for a state-of-the-art new carbon-capture facility in Warrington; Mersey Biochar will lock away thousands of tonnes of carbon a year into biochar.

🪵 Biochar may be a balm for washed-out earth, reports Farmers Weekly. Sediment and slash from Cyclone Gabrielle have created a giant headache for local authorities and landowners to deal with – but biochar creation may provide some solutions to dealing with both.

🦠 HUSK's recent study in collaboration with Group of Environmental Engineering and Microbiology demonstrated that microbial activity in the soil increased with the use of their granulated biochar based fertilizer, ONIX P9. 

🅰️ Carbon Removal Newsroom podcast covers new science that says biochar is very permanent.

🐤 The Carbon Chicken Project is using methods that offer a sustainable solution to climate change, including biochar, to improve soil health and address phosphorous leaching into waterways.

🤠 To lure more buyers, Reuters reports that carbon removals tries to shed its Wild West reputation.

🔥 How replacing "stubble burning" with regenerative farming, biochar, and generous financing can solve many problems in one go in India.

🔋 Patriot Hydrogen is moving forward with its biomass clean energy project just outside Sydney in New South Wales, taking the wood waste from an operating timber sawmill and converting it to renewable electricity and biochar.

💩 Solid Carbon has come up with a way to trap the carbon emitted during sewage treatment, locking it away in fresh concrete with biochar.

🥑 The Australian Renewable Energy Agency announced a $291,785 grant to investigate renewable energy production from food and garden waste. The feasibility study will look at diverting food and green organics (FOGO) waste from households to produce biomethane, biochar and fertiliser prill.

🟢 Research out of Niagara College in Canada aims to minimize fertilizer loss in the greenhouse using biochar amongst other amendments.

🧑‍🌾 Kano State Agropastoral Development Project in collaboration with Sasakawa Africa Association has trained farmers, extension agents, and community-based farmers in Kano State on biochar production and utilization.

A biochar specialist with the Martha’s Vineyard Commission will collect data on the level of emissions produced by flame cap burns compared to other methods, as well as investigating a number of applications of the material on Island.

From rushes to biochar, in Ireland.

🚜 See how agriculture is fighting the effects of climate change every day while growing food for a planet in need on American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag | Healing Fields.

💲 The Washington State Department of Commerce announced $850,000 in grants that support efforts to develop beneficial uses for industrial waste, featuring a project to manufacture biochar at Washington State University.

🤖 Climate Robotics, a developer of mobile biochar production systems for commercial agriculture, is one of three finalists in the AgSharks Pitch Competition.

💰 Quantum Commodity Intelligence argues that biochar has the potential to scale, but also that it will reduce revenue projections for biochar carbon removal credits compared to current assumptions.

🧯 East Bay Regional Park in California is tackling fire-fuel reduction with biochar.

🌿 Learn about a new project to control an invasive weed by converting it into biochar.

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