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October 2023 Newsletter

News from the Global Biochar Industry

NEW RESEARCH: First-of-its-kind data shows that biochar can play a significant role in global emissions removals at the global and national levels. Learn more →

Letter from Leadership

"Sometimes ideas come to mind in unusual places. This year, the IBI Symposium theme came to me on a walk in springtime NYC.

While I was heading towards the first U.S. Carbon Unbound event, I was thinking about sessions and chats from the day before. First, I was thinking about how underrepresented biochar was at the event, noting I would try to get more IBI members at the event next year. (Carbon Unbound Europe seemed to have a great deal of biochar representation, though!) My next thoughts came together quickly: what do we need to do to scale the biochar industry? 

This is a big question with many answers, of course."

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FY2023: A Year of Impact

We’re excited to share IBI's FY2023 Annual Report; our story of impact for the 2022–2023 year.

A few highlights from the report include:

  • launching the Biochar Academy, a biochar workforce development education training for nearly 40 students from 20 countries
  • reaching more than 2,000 people across seven webinars and our second Annual Symposium
  • creating a very timely update to IBI’s Standards, specifically addressing the use of biochar in asphalt and concrete
  • becoming one of 100 signatories to a letter to the UNFCCC’s Article 6.4 Supervisory Body advocating for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) to be considered alongside emissions reductions.
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Coming Soon:

Global Biochar Industry Survey

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) and the United States Biochar Initiative (USBI) are partnering to launch the 2023 Global Biochar Industry Survey later this year!

Your unique perspective as a valued member of the biochar community is crucial to shaping the future of the industry. Your participation will help create an updated market research report that will support biochar industry growth, provide feedback to IBI and USBI on how to better support the biochar industry, and help bring more sectors into contact with the industry. This report is intended to be the first of an ongoing effort, setting a benchmark for industry market data.

Keep your eye out for more information soon.

Partner and Member Updates

NEWS: Carbon Standards International announced new World Biochar Certificate (WBC) guidelines for biochar certification! Biochar certified under WBC can now generate carbon sink certificates following EBC C-Sink guidelines, recognized for offsetting CO₂ emissions internationally.

OPPORTUNITY: AirMiners Launchpad has opened applications for teams to enter their tenth batch, for the program running from 14 November to 22 December 2023! Applications are due end of day on 13 October. Initiated with partners XPRIZE and Creative Destruction Lab, the 6-week Launchpad helps founders in any method of carbon removal worldwide with: engaging carbon removal credit buyers and markets, understanding fundraising and investor dynamics, techno-economic assessment capabilities, negotiation strategies and tactics, and value proposition development.

NEWS: Carbon Standards International AG has partnered with QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH for the animal feed industry. Starting from 1 January 2024, QS-certified feed material producers or small-scale producers worldwide who produce biochar in EBC-Feed or EBC-FeedPlus quality can use their EBC analysis results for QS feed monitoring.

VIDEO: ANZBIG has launched the Australia-New Zealand Biochar Industry 20230 Roadmap. Watch their video to learn more.

NEWS: American BioCarbon has achieved commercial pre-certification with When the commercial facility becomes fully operational in 2024, it will generate more than 175,000 high-integrity CORCs annually, establishing American BioCarbon as one of the leading producers of carbon removal credits in North America.

FEATURE: Carbon Standards International partnered with IBI in September to host the IBI Study Tour Switzerland. We welcomed more than 70 participants to Zurich to experience three days of biochar sessions, networking, and site visits.

RESOURCE: The U.S. Forest Service has recently published another biochar resource sheet: Biochar as a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy.

NEWS: Kita has partnered with to scale biochar investment. This will boost the carbon insurance provider's ability to manage CO2 credit risk for biochar projects.

RESOURCE: Watch the recording of Wildfire Risk Reduction, Carbon Dioxide Removal, and Biochar: The Challenges of Scaling Up from The National Academies with IBI co-founder Johannes Lehmann.

OPPORTUNITY: Join IBI at the 2023 Annual Symposium as a sponsor or exhibitor! If your company is interested in sponsoring the Annual Symposium, contact Mehdeen Abbasi at to discuss a partnership option or a trade show booth that works for you.

PITCH CONTEST: Enter your start-up in the IBI Annual Symposium Pitch Competition! The contest is an opportunity to showcase your company, receive feedback from impact funders, and practice telling your company's story. All accepted companies in the competition will receive a booth in the virtual trade show during the Annual Symposium and one attendee pass. Learn more and apply. IBI will offer the winning company a $1,000 cash prize, an in-depth profile on the IBI website, as well as a one-year business membership to IBI.

Community Feature: Biochar in

It was fantastic to see our Board Chair, Kathleen Draper, included in Grist's deep dive on the opportunities and market landscape of biochar!

'The hiccup right now,' Draper said, 'is that all of the investors want to know who’s buying the biochar and for how much.'

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19–20 October | ICHAR’s 7th Biochar School

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7–9 November | IBI Annual Symposium: Scaling the Biochar Industry to Cool a Boiling Planet


13–14 November | German Biochar Forum

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27 November – 1 December | 8th International Symposium on Sustainable Biochar, Cement and Concrete Production and Utilization 

Playa Bonita, Panama


30 November – 12 December | COP28

Dubai, UAE


15–17 January 2024 | 2024 Circular Bionutrient Economy Network Event


24–25 January 2024 | Bio360Expo


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Biochar Industry News

What's hotter than your pyrolysis unit? This biochar and carbon removal news!

🌱 Singapore-based WasteX wants to turn farm waste into biochar, offering an end-to-end solution to bring biochar to more farms across Southeast Asia.

🌊 A soil health experiment, administered by the Roaring Fork Conservancy, is using biochar to reveal clues about how local ranchers can better manage their land under dry conditions as the Colorado River basin continues to struggle under the effects of climate change and historic drought.

🅰️ London-based BeZero Carbon, a global rating agency for the voluntary carbon market, has released what is claimed to be the first rating of an engineered carbon removal technique, giving an ‘A’ rating to a biochar project.

🌐 Carbon Streaming announces biochar carbon removal deal with Microsoft.

🚦 High Plains Biochar has ben accepted into the the Air Miners Launchpad, a national accelerator program in the U.S.

🕳️ CleanTechnica goes “down the rabbit hole” of biochar.

💧 An interdisciplinary team of University of South Florida researchers is aiming to use biochar to safeguard the environment by preventing pollutants from entering a local stormwater pond.

🌳 BioCarbon’s biochar-based briquettes are remaking steelmaking with wood waste.

🍵 Tea branch prunings converted to biochar and returned to the fields aligns with Kenya’s move to a circular economy and rebuilding soils.

CHAR Technologies has selected TWD Technologies as their engineering partner for the expansion of their innovative high temperature pyrolysis technology facility in Ontario.

🎍 India’s Steel Ministry is exploring the use of bamboo biochar as a low carbon emitting alternative in steel-making.

🧑‍🌾 The Center for Land-Based Learning in California is employing biochar as it trains young farmers on olive growing and soil health.

💲 Cal Poly's Initiative for Climate Leadership and Resilience is using grant dollars to help local farms produce biochar.

🛥️ Kingpin’s Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier made from biochar earned recognition at the Sydney Boat Show Sustainability Awards.

💰 The Kalispel Tribe’s project, called Forest Fuels Management through Biochar Air Curtain Burners, has received funding from the U.S. Forest Service to turn forest fuels into biochar.

🚧 This Land authors a piece on why biochar matters regarding sustainability in construction.

🍄 Flete Field Lab secured the Devon Environment Foundation award for ‘Best Grant for Reducing Pollution’ for a project that uses biochar and mycelium to enhance water and soil quality.

🗞️ The Week published a beginner's guide to biochar.

🐤 Researchers with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture are exploring the potential of biochar to replace synthetic fertilizers in hay production — especially when combined with poultry litter.

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