January 2020
Save Water, Energy, Money, & the Environment
Help Conserve Water with a FREE Rain Barrel

Register today for a FREE eco-friendly recycled rain barrel from West Basin at one of the upcoming distribution events for District residents.

Must be a resident in West Basin's service area to participate.

Register for any of the upcoming Saturday events scheduled below:

Events to be scheduled in Inglewood and Gardena in 2020 as well.
Click on graphic below to learn about how you can get compensated for removing grass on your property.
SOCALGAS TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Lanes to Be Reduced Along Imperial Highway at Larch Avenue in the City of Hawthorne Beginning January 6th
SoCalGas will be performing work for a pipeline replacement project along Imperial Highway at the intersection of Imperial Highway and Larch Avenue in the City of Hawthorne starting January 6. Work is expected to last 3-4 months.  To perform this project safely, lane reductions will be in place from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, on the east and westbound lanes of Imperial Highway at the intersection of Larch Avenue and along the north and southbound lanes of Larch Avenue. 
Teacher Lounge
The WRD Education Program features interactive lessons that demonstrate the importance of groundwater, the basics of water sources and treatment, and the need for conservation. WRD Education staff are available for in-classroom demonstrations, exhibiting at environmental/education fairs, and as a resource for any water science related questions. If you would like any information regarding WRD's Education Program please contact Monica Sijder at msijder@wrd.org .
FREE Turf Removal & California Friendly Landscape Classes in Torrance

Remove your turf and successfully convert your landscape into a sustainable drought-tolerant garden. City of Torrance is offering these classes to help you understand and meet rebate program requirements. Register for the class(es) most convenient for you below:

E-Waste Drive in Torrance
Saturday, January 18, 2020
(click graphic below for more info)
Sanitation Districts Recognized as "Utility of the Future Today" for Achievement in Partnering & Engagement

The Utility of the Future concept is being promoted as the nation’s water systems transform operations through innovation and technology. The Utility of the Future is a model for utilities of all sizes to achieve more efficient operations, enhanced productivity, and long-term sustainability. 43 utilities were recognized in 2019 bringing the total to 118.
Home Energy Improvement Program
LADWP is offering residential customers the opportunity to improve the energy and water performance in their homes, which can improve their comfort level and potentially reduce their energy and water cost through the Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP). The program is free to eligible customers. An assessment of your home will be performed by our trained technicians to assist you in identifying the most appropriate and effective improvements for your home. During your assessment, our trained technicians will identify the areas in your home where cost-effective energy efficient upgrades and repairs should be made to improve your home. The home report is then forwarded to our skilled repair technicians to complete the work and after a quality assurance review is made of your home to ensure that the work has been performed properly, you’re done!
Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste Collection Events

The Household Hazardous Waste and Electronic Waste Collection Program (HHW) gives Los Angeles County residents a legal and cost-free way to dispose of unwanted household chemicals that cannot be disposed of in the regular trash. Click on date(s) below for more information about the next event taking place in the South Bay:

A Look Back at the 2010s from a Metro & Mobility Point of View
Although Metro is not one who thinks history fits neatly in 10-year boxes, this is a good chance to mull what has happened transpo-wise in the region in the past decade. One spoiler to start. For the most part, people are getting around in late 2019 the same way we did in 2010. That is, by driving. Nonetheless, Metro thinks this decade resulted in some important groundwork for what comes next. So let’s get to it. The 2010s in a few neat bullet points...

Also, learn about other Metro programs such as Vanpool and ExpressLanes .
SBCCOG's General Assembly
RSVP for Our Upcoming General Assembly: Thursday, March 19, 2020
The theme for our 2020 General Assembly will be Intersections: Mobility, Land Use, Technology, and Finance, which will be hosted at the Juanita Millender-McDonald Community Center in Carson. The program’s focus is on how to eliminate silos and address issues holistically. Our speakers will have a broad range of expertise on the intersection of such topics as South Bay demographics, growth opportunities and impacts, and climate change as well as the effect on government finances and how data and technology can help.
2020 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count
Sign Up to Volunteer for the South Bay Homeless Count: January 22, 2020
The Homeless Count takes thousands, and the year-round fight to end homelessness takes everyone. Everyone counts, no matter where they live.
An Interesting Read
Swapping Out the Last 1.5 Billion Incandescent Bulbs in US Homes
Despite American’s rapid acceptance of energy-saving LED light bulbs, there are still about 1.5 billion sockets in the United States that contain some type of incandescent bulb, one of the least efficient products you can still buy on the planet today. Believe it or not, we are still relying on a 140-year-old technology that essentially overheats a delicate thin wire to produce light, which wastes 90 percent of the incoming energy as heat.
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