Issue VI
The session agenda is out for our first-ever fully virtual Db2 tech conference. We have an incredible lineup of more than 60 sessions, including workshops, live Q&A, and more. Check out all the sessions led by industry experts and register today! We'll continue to add information about the event, including details about certification and badging, expert panels, spotlights, keynotes, and more —stay tuned.
The Importance of Db2 for z/OS Accounting Traces and Reports
By Daniel Luksetich
After 30+ years there are few things that people can do or say during my day to day DBA activities that upset me. However, there is still one thing that can get me to walk out of a meeting! That one thing is the meeting in which people sit around and debate "I think it will work like this”, “that design will never perform properly”, “you’ll have to denormalize the initial design”. Overthinking and trying to predict Db2 performance is a slippery slope, and so rather than “thinking” about Db2 performance, why not have the database tell you how it will perform.
Featured Presentation
Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Beginners
by Chris Eaton
Abstract : We have spent our lives focused on Db2 database management and becoming experts in SQL. We ask the database a question and it gives us an answer. Now we hear all of this hype about AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) and wonder if we are falling behind. If you are new to the topic, this session is for you. Chris has spent the last two years focused on artificial intelligence and will spend an hour with you to get you up to speed on AI, ML, and DL. After this session you won’t be coding your own convolutional neural networks, but you will walk away knowing what that means and what they are used for. Chris will also spend some time talking about how AI, ML, and DL connect in with the databases you know and love.
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To the IDUG Community
Currently we are monitoring the evolving situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19). As we make decisions about our upcoming events, your health and safety are our top priority.
This means that some of our planned events will need to be postponed or shifted to a virtual model. We are exploring all opportunities to bring the IDUG community together during this time, and we will keep you updated via email and the IDUG website. Thank you for your understanding and support.
President's Letter
This month, IDUG President Billy Sundarrajan reflects on how this year is different than year's past and what that means for the organization.
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