Issue III
Migrating a Database Using Continuous Rolling Forward
By Eddy Coppens
In most traditional migrations towards a new environment, one will most probably come up with the most current ideas to get the job done, but what about migrating a multi-terabyte sized database with minimal down time?

First, we opted to set up HADR, but that would imply a second down time apart from the actual switch of environment just to get HADR up and running. Another method could be to set up a replication tool to copy the data for this particular database, but the method wouldn’t be reusable for the many other databases we have to migrate as well. This left us with one feasible option: continuous rolling forward. You might come up with different ways of working as well, but read through the rest of the story first before confirming on your thought.
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Featured Presentation
Db2 RESTful Service Support and z/OS Connect - SQL/Stored Procedures Play a Role in Mobile and API Economics
by Maryela Weihrauch
Abstract : The Application Programming Interface (or short API) Economy has changed how developers build application and how organization deploy software as a service. Mobile devices have accelerated the shift of providing services via API. Maryela will show how SQL and stored procedures in Db2 on z/OS can be made available in the era of application assembly and integrate with z/OS Connect EE. She will introduce the new Db2 11 for z/OS functionality to define SQL and Stored Procedures as services that can be called from anywhere through RESTful service calls with the availability, scalability, and performance that Db2 user expect from distributed Db2 applications.
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