Issue V
To the IDUG Community
Currently we are monitoring the evolving situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19). As we make decisions about our upcoming events, your health and safety are our top priority.
This means that some of our planned events will need to be postponed or shifted to a virtual model. We are exploring all opportunities to bring the IDUG community together during this time, and we will keep you updated via email and the IDUG website. Thank you for your understanding and support.
IDUG North America is going virtual! With a three-day live kickoff event July 20, 21, & 23 followed by three additional weeks of IDUG conference content, this is the perfect way to access the cutting-edge sessions of an IDUG event directly from your home or office.

Registering for the virtual conference not only gives you access to the incredible content during the event, we're excited to share that your registration comes with a complimentary year-long premium membership. This means that $199 gets you full access to our virtual IDUG Db2 Conference as well as all of the exclusive articles, blogs, presentations, and forums the premium membership provides.
How Much is Enough REAL Storage
By Adrian Burke
Over the years as Db2 has traded real storage exploitation for CPU and zIIP MIPS reductions, customers have become more aggressive at utilizing these techniques. Db2 buffer pool expansion, EDM, and authorization cache pools, as well as persisting threads through the use of KEEPDYNAMIC and RELEASE(DEALLOCATE) all add to the Db2’s storage footprint. Db2 12 further exploits this expanse of storage use through Fast Traverse Blocks, contiguous buffer pools, and EDM pool storage allocation techniques.
Featured Presentation
Theory to Practice: HADR in the Real World
by Ember Crooks
Abstract : Have you ever seen the "poison pill" message in your Db2 diagnostic log just before Db2 crashes to prevent split brain? Have you ever needed to know before implementing HADR or changing the SYNCMODE what the performance impact might be on your primary database? Join Ember to learn the planning and decisions behind an HADR implementation and the tools to make your work with HADR successful. Hear stories from HADR challenges and problems in the real world.
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President's Letter
This month, IDUG President Billy Sundarrajan talks about how the coming months will be shaped by IDUG's perseverance and ingenuity.
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