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Meat Labels: Natural No More
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January 2015

Exciting news! Change Food is in the process of rebranding and honing our focus more.

If you have any ideas of what Change Food should focus on, get in touch and let us know.


Watch TEDxManhattan LIVE

Don't forget - this year's TEDxManhattan, "Changing the Way We Eat"
 is only 45 days away!


On March 7th, we will webcast the TEDxManhattan event live. Make sure you join us by hosting or attending a viewing party - or by signing up for an email reminder to watch the live webcast.


And if you have any ideas on a great place to host a Viewing Party, please get in touch.


Help us spread the word! Here are some Tweets you can use - please share widely:

  • Join me on 3/7 - watch the LIVE webcast of @TEDxManhattan "Changing the Way We Eat": #TEDxMan #foodheroes
  • I believe we can change the way we eat!  Join me and @TEDxManhattan on 3/7 to hear how: #TEDxMan #foodheroes

VOTE!  2015 TEDxManhattan Award Finalists

We're pleased to announce our Top 8 TEDxManhattan Award finalists!
  These eight groups were voted the top choices of our esteemed set of judges. 

And now it's your turn - read through the nominees and vote for your favorite. Voting ends Sunday, January 25th, at 6pm eastern. 

Educational Kits are here!

Check out the first Educational Kit, Edible Insects, now available for free on the Change Food website.
 It includes a fun lesson plan called 
Let's Eat Bugs! to accompany

Megan Miller's 2014 TEDxManhattan talk "Are Insects the Future of Food?" 

Based on TEDxManhattan

talks, Educational Kits are a great resource for teachers and parents alike. 


Upcoming topics include food waste and antibiotic resistance, so keep an eye out.

Change Food Video Library

Change Fo
od's extensive video library is now in beta. We're very excited & it looks amazing. 
We're hoping to share it with you next month!
Meat Labels: Natural No More

If you haven't had a chance to watch the 
"Meat Labels: Natural No More" videos yet
, take a look:


Chuck Eggert, Pacific Foods, explores the consumer response to the term "natural" on food labels.

George Faison at


George Faison, DeBragga, walks us through the reality behind a "natural" chicken label. 


Andrew Gunther, Animal Welfare Approved, discusses

traceability and transparency in meat labeling.


Urvashi Rangan, Consumers Union (part of Consumers Reports), shows us the statistics of consumers' perception of "natural" on food labels.

Sponsor TEDxManhattan

We still have a couple opportunities available for 
sponsors at TEDxManhattan 2015 at The TimesCenter in New York City.  Please check out our Sponsor Deck or email

Eat well!


Diane, Liz and Erica


Diane Hatz                                  Liz Sapienza                Erica Khosrowshahi

Founder/Executive Director           Program Associate       Outreach Associate