January/February 2022
Why We Love Pre-K
Valentine's Day is just around the corner! We want to take a moment to share the reasons why we love pre-K.
Pre-K Helps Our Children. Research continues to show that the impact of children attending pre-k goes far beyond the early childhood years. In a recent study, The Life-Cycle Benefits of an Influential Early-Childhood Program, it is shown that every $1 invested in early childhood care and education generates more than $7 in returns. Pre-k provides the strong foundation needed for children to be successful in every stage of their education journey and eventually grow into self-sufficient adults who contribute to the strength of their community.
Pre-K Is Available to All Children of Age. There is no longer an income eligibility requirement to enroll in MECK Pre-K. This means that all children residing in Mecklenburg County who turn four on or before August 31 can enroll to attend high-quality, free pre-k to prepare them to enter Kindergarten. This is a significant milestone paving the way for all children to participate in an impactful program that will set the tone for a lifetime of learning.
Pre-K Is Here to Stay. Four years after the launch of MECK Pre-K, we are excited to begin enrollment for the fifth year. When we think back on the first four years, and the thousands of children who have been through the program who are now in elementary school, it feels our hearts with joy!
Registration for the
2022-2023 School Year
Registration is now open for MECK Pre-K. All children residing in Mecklenburg County who will be four years old on or before August 31, 2022 are eligible for the 2022-2023 school year. Find out what you need to apply by visiting the Enrollment page on our website.
If your child won't be four on or before August 31, you can sign up to be notified when registration is open for your child's age group. Join our mailing list.
Teacher Testimonial
Not only do we love pre-kindergarten, so do our teachers! Here's a quote from Sheandrea, one of our MECK Pre-K teachers.
I love working with MECK Pre-K. Seeing the growth in my students warms my heart, and I know they are better prepared for Kindergarten. As MECK Pre-K continues to grow, I’m excited to work with them and have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of young children and their families.
Scenes From MECK Pre-K Classrooms
Our MECK Pre-K students stay busy learning, growing and having fun while developing important skills for lifelong learning.
Spending time in the Writing Center allows creative expression and develops fine motor skills.
Daily reading builds the competencies needed to ensure a literate and productive future for children learning to read.
Geoboards are great for enhancing fine motor skills and introducing mathematical concepts such as Geometry.
2022-2023 MECK Pre-K Sites
Each year we review MECK Pre-K's locations and number of classrooms to determine any changes and need to expand. A complete list of 2022-2023 locations will be available in March. Families applying now may select from the current list of locations and will have the opportunity to change their preferred location once the new list is released in March.

Check out our website for more information about MECK Pre-K sites.
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Important Community Updates
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services HOPE4HEALERS
Early care and learning professionals are essential to the health and well-being of children, families, and North Carolina. Always being there for others can sometimes be stressful, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or just want to talk, there are professionals to help you find a way through.
The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with the North Carolina Psychological Foundation, created Hope4Healers, a confidential mental health support for early care and learning professionals who are on the front lines of the pandemic.
Hope4Healers is free to you and your family members. It’s an easily accessible helpline that is staffed 24/7 with trained, caring counselors. Just call (919) 226-2002.
Black History Month
Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, is an annual celebration acknowledging the many achievements and contributions of Black Americans and a time for recognizing their mark in U.S. history. Several organizations in our community are planning virtual events and experiences to commemorate the month. The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture has virtual experiences available online. You can also find more events at Charlotte on the Cheap.
Dolly Parton Imagination Library
January 2022 marks the 5th anniversary of Mecklenburg County's Dolly Parton Imagination Library brought to our community by Smart Start of Mecklenburg County. Created in 1995, Dolly's program ensures that all preschool children can have their own library of books at home to encourage reading and learning.

In Mecklenburg County our goal is the same; to ensure every child birth through four years old has an opportunity to build their very own library at home. ALL children living in our county from birth through their fifth birthday qualify to receive FREE age appropriate monthly book gifts in the mail.

Enrollment is simple - visit www.meckdpil.org, fill out the online enrollment form, and you’ll begin receiving books in the mail for your little one.
Smart Start supports families to improve early childhood health, education and development - all to help ensure that children turn five ready to thrive.
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