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July News & Updates
What's Happening
Save the Date ~ November 3 & 4
The School of Connected Riding presents–
“Improving Performance Through Connection”
A workshop for riders and equine professionals

We are hosting our annual Workshop in Campobello, South Carolina this year, November 3 & 4, 2019.
Please come and join us.

Thank you Judy Good
A very special thank you to Judy Good for volunteering to be our newsletter editor for the past couple of years. Judy is retiring from our newsletter, but is still continuing to support CR in many other areas. Judy is one of our practitioners in Oregon and will be continuing to teach lessons and volunteering for another non-profit. Thank you for taking this on and making it your own, we have all enjoyed the hard work you put into these wonderful, and creative newsletters!

Connected Riding Shop
Check out our store. Peggy Cummings has written several books about Connected Riding, has designed halters for your horse and has items that she recommends to have in your tool box.

Stay Tuned for our Quarterly Newsletter