From Plainfield City Hall
  Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
One Plainfield.  One Future.
There has been much activity in the media concerning the post reactions to the Ferguson and Staten Island grand jury decisions.  I wanted to ensure the City of Plainfield that I am working closely with the Director of Public Affairs and Safety/Police Director - Carl Riley to be proactive in working with our community to better relations between our community and the police.

I want to take this opportunity to connect with you and give you some updates on recent developments and important initiatives.

Wishing you and family a great weekend!

One Plainfield - One Future

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield
"Next Steps to Justice and Peace" Community Forum
The Plainfield community came together for the Next Steps to Justice and Peace Community Forum on December 11, 2014.  I was on the panel with U.S. Assistant Attorney, Dara Govan; Public Affairs & Safety Director, Carl Riley; Omega Psi Phi Chapter President, Byron Ward; Rutgers University student, Analis Rivera; Dr. Rev. Gerald Lamont Thomas; Chaplin Gary Holden; Lieutenant Troy Edwards and Lieutenant Craig Venson of the Police Division, and moderator Rev. McClendon.

The purpose of this community meeting was for all of us to come together in the wake of the tragedies in Ferguson and Staten Island to discuss: solutions, ways we can go forward, and how we can be proactive as a community to make sure Plainfield never witnesses these kind of tragedies.   Solutions discussed by the panel of experts included:
  • New equipment such as body cameras
  • A Presidential Commission that explores: the analysis of psychological evaluations, law enforcement training, and grand juries and their conduct
  • Training in the areas of culture and diversity
  • Community engagement and relationship building with police officers
  • Preparing youth on how to conduct themselves whenever they have encounters with the police - written guidelines for parents and youth
  • A police Chaplain program - where local clergy work with police
  • Leveraging the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE) workshops
We are all in this together, and government cannot do this alone.  I am in full support of these proposed solutions, and my administration will work with all levels of government, private and nonprofit organizations, and the residents of Plainfield to ensure our safe city remains safe through collaboration between an engaged citizenry and the Plainfield Police. 

I want to thank our panel for their collaboration and expert advice.  As well, I want to thank our men and women of the police division who serve you the residents of Plainfield everyday.  In our efforts to go forward as a city and a community, we will continue to have these community forums so we can all work together because "All Lives Matter" and we will march forward to the destination known as One Plainfield.
New Jersey Urban Mayors Association
In my administration's efforts to find solutions and resources for our great City of Plainfield, I have joined the New Jersey Urban Mayors Association.  This association's mission is to provide insights and analysis of policies, issues and opportunities facing New Jersey's urban municipalities.   The following  member municipalities spanning seven counties include: Plainfield,  East Orange, Bloomfield, Irvington, Newark, Orange, Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, Perth Amboy, Woodbridge, New Brunswick, Asbury Park, Neptune Township, Lakewood, Passaic, Paterson, Elizabeth, and Roselle. Currently, the core work of the New Jersey Urban Mayors Association is the development of an urban-focused Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  Two members of my cabinet are active members on the CEDS steering committee.  This committee is in Phase 2 of developing the CEDS plan and components of this plan include: infrastructure, small business development, workforce development, and marketing. Upon completion of Phase 2 of the CEDS plan, I will share with you updates regarding the CEDS.
Workforce Development Update
  As the 2014 year is coming to an end, my administration continues to acquire resources and develop partnerships with both private and nonprofit organizations. I am excited to report my Chief of Staff has solidified a partnership between my administration and the Hyatt Regency New Brunswick.  The wonderful opportunity that comes with the hospitality industry is the breadth of positions available, ranging from front line workers to engineers and accountants.  The benefits and training available from the Hyatt brand is also a great plus for any Plainfield job seeker.  Stay tuned for further developments on this great partnership.
Evergreen Elementary School Visit
On December 10, 2014, members of my administration and I had the pleasure of meeting 16 second grade students from Evergreen Elementary School.  Their visit to City Hall was an opportunity for these wonderful students to meet members of my Cabinet and to learn about my administration and what we are doing to  move Plainfield forward.  The students were all smiles, very engaged, and wanting to know what it is like to be Mayor of Plainfield.  There were students who wanted to be Mayor of Plainfield and sat in the Mayor's office, and even addressed their class with their ideas and desires to help the residents of Plainfield.  We had a wonderful experience with the students from Evergreen Elementary School!
Administration & Finance Update
Abandoned Properties Ordinance
The City of Plainfield has a number of foreclosed and/or abandoned properties.   As you know, these properties are not maintained and can be an awful eye sore in our communities.  An important priority to my administration is to get these properties back onto the tax rolls, but simultaneously  to address the many code violations that accompany these properties.  I am pleased to announce on December 8, 2014, ordinances MC 2014-35 and 36 were adopted.  This will give my administration greater ability to enforce property maintenance and levy a registration fee on owners and creditors of vacant properties.  We will also be able to enforce property maintenance on vacant residential properties during the foreclosure process, and penalize creditors for not addressing their property code violations.

Giving Staff Tools They Need to Succeed: Resolution Passes

I believe in providing our staff with the tools to succeed in their roles.  On December 8, 2014, the resolution authorizing a contract to Mitchell Humphrey's Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) was adopted. With this new tool, my administration will be able to fine tune a process and will be able to accomplish the following:
  • Track violations, invoices, payments, and certificates
  • Organize and store complex property and land use information 
  • Integrate Tax Assessor database
  • Manage the construction process from permit application through plan review, inspections, and certificate of approval or occupancy
  • Provide remote access for inspectors via hand-held devices

The plan is to deploy the new software tool by July 2015. 

Economic Development Update
Sign and Facade Program
A top priority of my administration is to provide resources for our local businesses to help them grow their business. One of the programs that can help local businesses is the Sign and Facade Program. With much enthusiasm, I am pleased to announce, on December 8, 2014 the resolution for the U.E.Z. (Urban Enterprise Zone) Sign and Facade Program was adopted.   This Program is available to any business in the U.E.Z . and offers up to a $25,000 maximum with a 25% equity investment from the local business.  This is a reimbursable grant based on an approved application granted by the City of Plainfield.  Upon project completion, 75% of the total project costs to a maximum of $25,000 will be awarded to the local business.  For answers to any questions or to get an application for the U.E.Z. Sign and Facade Program - Call the Office of Economic Development:

Property Tax Rewards Program

My administration continues to search for innovative ways to support economic development in the City of Plainfield.  One of the innovations is a tool that provides incentives for our local shoppers.  This tool is a Property Tax Rewards Program that would stimulate our local economy and benefit both local businesses and local Plainfield consumers. This program would award rebates to property-owners, tenants, and non-residents who shop at local Plainfield businesses. The resolution for this Property Tax Rewards Program was adopted at the last Council business meeting.
Public Affairs & Safety Update
Santa Sightings!
The Department of Public Affairs and Safety -Bureau of Fire Prevention Public Education has scheduled Santa and Toys to arrive on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at the Hannah Atkins Park at 5:30 pm. 

There is another Santa sighting at the Plainfield Fire Division headquarters on Tuesday, December 23, 2014 where he will distribute toys to the children and smoke detectors to the families between 5pm and 7:30pm.  Plainfield Fire headquarters is located at:
315 Central Avenue, Plainfield, NJ 07060.

On Monday, December 22, 2014 at 3:00 pm, the Plainfield PBA Local 19 will have their Annual Gift Giveaway with Santa at Plainfield Rescue Squad, 700 West Seventh Street, Plainfield.

Department of Public Works Update
Leland Court Roadway
I am pleased to announce that the Leland Court roadway received a temporary overlay on Thursday, December 11, 2014, which will improve the roadway conditions throughout the winter season.  Please be advised that full restoration of the roadway will be completed in the early spring of 2015.
Until Next Time
As we are preparing for the holidays, please drive safely and keep warm.


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