4th Quarter 2017 News
2016 Statistics
Men Housed - 174
Men Employed - 985
Meals Served - 41,063
Taxes Paid - $570,190.05
Child Support Paid - $160,849.96
Men Housed - 92
Men Employed - 66
A letter from the Director
2018 will be our best year yet
Happy New Year to all from Safe Harbor Clarksville! Although there were some challenges as we closed out 2017, we have so much to celebrate. We were able to provide more people in the Clarksville community transportation to and from Macy’s and Gap than any prior year. At the end of the hiring seasonal push, we nearly topped 1700 people that were blessed with employment during the holiday season. We were able to add 2 more coach buses to our fleet and give the Lord praise for all the blessings he bestowed on us in 2017. 

Our Thanksgiving feast was so much fun and our kitchen staff made sure the men in the program had all the homemade fixings and went to sleep with full bellies. As soon as we were able to settle down from Thanksgiving it was time to prepare for Christmas. Robert and Juanita Hall, members from the Faith Out Reach Church donated the traditional “Red Box” that was filled with lotion, socks, shower gel, combs, hat, gloves, and many toiletries. That was not all that was under the tree for the men this Christmas; they were also able to receive pants, t-shirts, under garments and thanks to Soles for Souls every man received a brand new pair of shoes. After the gifts were opened the men enjoyed yet another feast, fellowship and the traditional football games. We give so much thanks and gratitude to the Lord for all the blessings and trials that 2017 has brought to Safe Harbor as we understand that through ALL things we can always rely on our Savior to meet all our needs!

We are excited about what has already begun in 2018! We have successfully kicked off our new programs, which include both transitional and recovery phases. This has given us the opportunity to meet the needs of even more men within the Clarksville community.  Much planning and thought has been put into these programs and we are proud to offer our men so much more than we have in the years past. Without a doubt 2018 will be our best year yet. 
God Bless 
Director, Tatjana Gaston
Clarksville receives the Warrior Award
Congratulations to Safe Harbor of Clarksville on Outstanding Service in 2017! They received our Warrior Award!

“One that continues to fight even when all strength is gone, because their hearts beat not only for themselves but for those they serve”
Partner of the Quarter - Whitson Lumber Company
Whitson Lumber Company was founded in 1913 in Nashville. The Whitson family built this business, & it continues to be family owned by Al Whitson Jr., where they specialize in selling high quality Appalachian hardwoods.

We currently have 4 who are blessed to be employed at Whitson Lumber . We look forward to a continued relationship with a company who has been such a blessing to Safe Harbor Clarksville.

"Our goal is to have a stable customer base founded on repeat business and long-term relationships. We take pride in the fact that many of our customers, suppliers, and employees are members of the “30 year club”.
We attempt to provide good value by selling quality lumber at a fair price. Accurate machining, drying, grading and tallying are part of the equation. Listening, attention to detail, providing information and appreciating what customers and suppliers do for us are equally important."
~ Al Whitson, JR

Student Testimony - Kenneth Harvey

I went back to prison in 2010, after being incarcerated  7-8 years previously. I went up on parole but I had to take a C.M.S class and therapeutic community class before I would get out of prison, so I did. I applied myself to it and then wrote some halfway house letters. I got back a bunch of No’s and 2 that said yes. The one I choose was Lighthouse Mission Ministries which is now Safe Harbor in Clarksville.
Upon arriving at Safe Harbor, I was fortunate enough to meet a number of great people. I quickly made friends due to my upbeat personality. I also found it helpful that I have such a strong belief in God and a desire to share my love about God. Due to my experience with cooking in prison I was fortunate enough to be able to help in the kitchen.

My time is spent in classes where I am able to learn life skills, how to be a father, and my knowledge in the bible is increasing. The time I am able to spend with my friends in and out of the Kitchen and being able to talk to the staff has been critical in my recovery. My time spent here has made me realize that with my strong belief in God and the love of my friends here, that I now consider my family, all things are possible.
~ Kenneth Harvey

Battle in the Saddle Tunica, MS
Paul Battle Arena
Jan 19 - 21, 2018

Each year Safe Harbor produces a 3 day barrel race, Battle in the Saddle. The money raised from the event helps to provide for Safe Harbor and its participants, as well as maintenance on our facilities. We wouldn't be able to see this event through without the help from our sponsors & contestants.

We had a 1,055 entries from contestants all over the southeast, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Missouri & Illinois. We paid out over $72,000 in checks & awards. Our 1D Average winner for the weekend went to the Maryville, TN cowgirl, McKenzie Morgan and her great horse, In Firewaters Honor.

Another exciting part of our race for the 2nd year in a row was the KK Run for Vegas.

Girls that are ages 16 & under can compete to qualify for their shot to run in Las Vegas at the Jr NFR. The top 3 in each age division qualify to go on to Vegas, and others have the chance to continue to accumulate points throughout the year to be able to go as well.

The division winner for the Juniors was Brentley Dowdy of Union City, TN and the Senior division winner was Avery Sprouse of Lilbourn, MO.

Pictured on the left: Brentley Dowdy Pictured on the right: Avery Sprouse
The Top 3 of the Junior Division & Top 3 of the Senior Division advancing to Vegas!