1st Quarter 2018 News
2017 Statistics
Men Housed - 443
Men Employed - 200
Meals Served - 120,450
Taxes Paid - $220,199.51
Child Support Paid - $69,822.97
Men Housed - 118
Men Employed - 98
A letter from the Director
Successful Momentum
Safe Harbor of Nashville has had extremely blessed first quarter. We have been at max capacity, with a waiting list. The student body has great morale and the staff and I are taking that successful momentum into the second quarter with high expectations.

Safe Harbor of Nashville is grateful for all of the partners that employ all of our participants in the program. They are helping change our men’s life with financial stability when they graduate and move on from our program to be the productive members of society we strive to produce at Safe Harbor of Nashville.
Director, Travis Carter
Nashville is going from Good 2 Great
February : We want to give all praise a glory to our great Lord & Savior! To watch and be a partaker in just how the Holy Spirit is moving at Safe Harbor Nashville is amazing!
Congratulations to 10 participants that chose to be baptized and take their walk deeper with Christ in a public proclamation of the shedding of there old man, and a rebirth anew this month!
Student Timothy Smith completed his intensive outpatient classes, no small feat. 60 classes 3 hours a piece!

Congrats and prayers on continued recovery! #good2great   #shn
Partner of the Quarter - Bates Rubber
Bates Rubber, Inc management and employees continually strive to improve our products & processes to ensure our customers ability to supply world class products

Bates Rubber, Inc has been providing
quality extruded, formed & molded
products to the automotive and commercial markets since the early 1970's.

Recognized as a world leader in our field, Bates Rubber, Inc is consistently recognized for our quality and delivery. Offering our customers a secure sourcing alternative which lives up to our reputation as a low cost on-time supplier.
Safe Harbor partner of the quarter is Bates Rubber. Bates Rubber is employing 30 residents with full time employment and our looking to hire more of Safe Harbor of Nashville residents. 
Student Testimony - Walker House
My name is Walker & marijuana was my problem. I had a good job paying $13 an hour, but it drug tested, and I had my own place at the time. I used to spend my $600 checks on weed, 3 or 4 ounces at a time. I was drug tested at my job and was fired. I was so upset I just bought more and more weed til I had no money and lost my place. I moved in with a friend and I wanted to get high so bad I started selling my clothes and electronics just so I could smoke weed. I was on probation at the time and I failed drug test after drug test for 7 months straight. I ended up going to jail. When I went to court they offered me rehab or 6 months in jail and I chose rehab, thinking I can just slide by in there. Well I get here and through the first month I had the mind set of "smoke again when I get out". I started going to these classes they had set up and I heard some words that rang true to me and it started to hit me. If I do the same thing when I get out will it be any different? Then I met some good people here that had their plan set and they gave me advice, good advice at that. So after about my third month I started to pray to God to get me out of this mindset. Not even two weeks later they gave me the news "we're sending you to our best job". Everything seemed to be coming together and I haven’t thought about weed in a month, and I was so happy that for once I was focused on doing good for me. By my 6 month I’ve got a great job, I’ve got a plan for when I get out and a new mind set. I’ve gained so many old relationships I had lost, including family, friends and most importantly God! Now for anyone looking to turn their selves around and to be a new person and drop the past, Safe Harbor is the place to go . They give you these insightful classes that give you a look at other lives and mistakes, but more importantly the things you can do to fix them and how to mend them . They teach you to manage money and help you set up a bank account. This place is amazing and has so much to offer for someone looking for the right answers. They have staff who constantly seek to help you in every aspect of your life. I’ve worked this program from head to toe and I can assure you that if you work this program not only will you be a productive member of society again, but you’ll leave a whole new person with so many things you can take to others to help them. Safe Harbor of Nashville has given me a new sense of direction. I no longer feel the need to get high . All I do I want to succeed from here on out . They gave me a great job and advice I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. I cannot thank Safe Harbor enough for what they did, and a big shout out to Travis for helping me every step.
~Walker House