May 6, 2016
Vol. 1, Issue 16
Dear Lakeside Community,

     A quick recap on the Governing Board meeting from Wednesday, May 4th included:
- the Board created a process for gathering feedback on the Superintendent search process (communicated separately by the Board President)
- approved the hiring of a new Resource Teacher for the 2016/17 school year- Maegan Bright (more about Maegan next week)
- discussed acknowledgement of district volunteers as Pioneer Spirit Awards to be identified and honored by Board members at the June meeting
- a Special Board Meeting was added for the LCAP and 2016/17 District Budget on Thursday, June 23rd at 7:30 am
- enrollment estimates were shared for the 2016/17 school year (slight increase to 136 students in grades TK-8)
- Lakeside will have 3 seats open for the November 8th election (more to follow on this in the upcoming months)
- two resolutions were passed for "consolidated elections" in both Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties
- the Board approved a policy updates on disruptions on campus, which parallels new Education Code parameters

     I will be hosting a coffee on Tuesday, May 10th from 8:30- 9:30 am to discuss our LCAP ( Local Control Accountability Plan). As we've shared this year, our plan focuses on specific areas identified by the California Department of Education and State Board of Education, in conjunction with our state legislators that have tied the plan to funding. Goals of our LCAP include:

- a safe environment for student learning
- enhanced teacher capacity through professional development
- maintaining a positive school climate
- increased school communication about student progress
- a robust integrated and balanced curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole child and creates excitement for learning
- improved attendance

     The LCAP Survey that we sent to parents two weeks ago is now closed, and that information will be used, along with input from the coffee meeting, to inform our plan. Please join us in the staff lounge on Tuesday. Bring your coffee!

     Another testing reminder for the next to weeks:
Week of May 9th - 4th & 5th graders
                                                     Week of May 16th - 5th graders 

     Finally, we've added a section to our website about Measure J, based on many questions. Click HERE for a direct link. On March 2nd, our Governing Board listened to a presentation by a Parcel Tax Task Force and made the decision to place a parcel tax measure on the June general election ballot. As a result, Measure J is one the Lakeside voters will respond to in the next few weeks. 


Interim Superintendent & Lead Learner
School District Funding
     Click on the picture to the left and you will be connected to an article and interactive map by NPR (National Public Radio). The map shows how districts compare to the national average for per pupil funding. 
     Adjusted for regional differences, the national average is $11,841 and Lakeside comes in at $11.098. The map is a fascinating one! How does the school district where you grew up compare to Lakeside? the national average?
May Day in Lakeside
  What a wonderful Tuesday it was, celebrating May Day with our school community. We hosted so many parents, grandparents, neighbors, and Lakeside alumni.     
   A special thanks to music teacher Casey Lelake and our musicians, Susan Ady, Laurie Gee, and Sarah Glover for a wonderfully memorable day. If anyone has amazing pictures, please share them!
A Focus on Instruction
When asked what they learned in this activity, 3rd grade Annika shared, "I learned that sometimes you have to just keep trying, even if your design doesn't pass the test the first time."  2nd grader Wilber added, "When you fail, you can redo a design. And if it fails again, keep trying!" 

On this specific day, Mrs. Orcutt led the 5th graders in a writing activity while Ms. Brady worked on the cubesat design and testing project with the 2nd and 3rd graders. More design thinking and collaborative 21st century projects for our amazing Lakeside students!

Upcoming Events

May 10th - LCAP Superintendent Coffee
May 10th - Growth Mindset with Stanford's Jo Boaler
May 12th - Volunteer Breakfast
May 14th - Girls on the Run
May 16th - Foundation Meeting
May 23rd - PTA Meeting
May 25th - Open House Night
June 1st - Music Performance at Rolling Hills - 6 pm - The QUAD
June 3rd - Spirit Day
June 8th - Last Day of School! 
June 22nd - Regular School Board Meeting
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