Now is the Time!
New Station Rally
Sabbath 6 p.m.
at Village Church

Please join us to learn about this providential opportunity and hear more great testimonies of how God is changing lives through Strong Tower Radio this Sabbath, May 1, 2021, 6:00 pm, at the Village Seventh-day Adventist Church. The purpose is to share how you can join in raising up Kalamazoo stations, WMJC 93.1 FM and repeater station 97.3 FM.   

The main station antennas point east towards Battle Creek and west towards Kalamazoo. The second smaller station fills out the coverage in the southwest corner of the greater Kalamazoo area. 

Recent Nielson Ratings reveal that 92% of Americans listen to radio weekly, reminding us that radio is a great way to increase individual member and local church outreach! Through your generous support, the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo areas will soon have many testimonies like we will share at the rally.

The field is ready for gathering in! Praise God, thus far, donors have given over $60,000 of the $175,000 to be raised by June 17, 2021! Please pray and ask God how He would have you help reach the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo regions with the everlasting gospel. As the Holy Spirit prompts you, please help fund these station purchases through STR’s secure website,, or call 231-468-2087, or send your check mailed to STR, P.O. Box 567, Cadillac, MI 49601.  Please mark your gift “BC/Kzoo stations.”
Photo Credit: Strong Tower Radio

New Program Debuts

Strong Tower Radio is adding three new programs. We are really proud of our first book reading which is the classic "Ministry of Healing" read by Emily Graham. The "Ministry of Healing" will air Mondays at 12:00 a.m. and 3:15 p.m., as well as Wednesdays at 5:45 a.m.

Voice of Prophecy, the pioneer of Adventist broadcasting, has introduced a new program named "Authentic" hosted by the speaker-director, Sean Boonstra. This program airs Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. and Saturday at 7 a.m.

"Behold the Lamb" is a favorite 3ABN program that has been brought back at 4 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Sundays and Sabbath at 1 a.m. Kenny Shelton addresses our individual and corporate needs in our preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven. This program will feature spiritually uplifting music from 3ABN’s Worship Center and is hosted by Chris Shelton.

Photo Credit- Ministry of Healing

A Faster Way To Access Our Streaming

Have you ever wanted to share Strong Tower Radio's streaming or website and the address seemed too long? Good news, we just claimed a much simpler STR.FM!

This will help in a world of limited attention and marketing space. It will help on church digital and traditional sign marques and for supporters to share this new six character web address.

Look for new Strong Tower Radio promotional supplies at the Michigan Camp Meeting and ask your church to resupply with STR.FM promotional material. We are taking promotional material requests so we can place our first order.
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Fresh Manna for the Week

Here are the upcoming Fresh Manna sermons and speakers that will be streamed on, STR.FM, and on our local stations Monday-Friday at 2 a.m. and 11 a.m.

This Week-    
4/29 Sean Reed- "Salvation Day 3"
4/30 Fred Calkins- "Abraham Believed the Promise""

Next Week-  
5/3 Cody Francis- "Song of Solomon, the Flame of Yahweh"
5/4 Ron Kelly- "I Have Children, therefore, I Am a Parent"
5/5 Pat and Tami Milligan- "Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World"
5/6 Rod Thompson- "Train Up a Child"
5/7 Steven Silva- "Better than a Mother's Comfort"

Sabbath Sermon- 
5/01 Ron Kelly- "The Closet, the Prophet, Coming Out and Coming Home"
5/8 Ron Kelly- "Parental Prerogatives"
Photo Credit: Fred Calkins

STR Events Calendar

You can be a part of Strong Tower Radio by meeting and attending any of the following sermons given by Strong Tower Radio staff:

5/1 6:00 p.m.- Kam and Jilane at the Kalamazoo Rally Vespers,
Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, MI

5/8 9:30/11:00 a.m.- Kam at the
 Manistique/NWD McMillan SDA Church

5/8 11:00 a.m.- David at the
 Marion SDA Church

5/22 9:30/11:00 a.m.- Kam at the
 Otsego SDA Church

5/22- Strong Tower Radio staff at the Lansing "Sabbath Delight" nature walk, picnic, and vespers. Location and time to be determined, "stay tuned!"

5/29 11:00 a.m.- Kam at the
Hastings SDA Church

"David" is David Bolduc- Founder and President
"George" is George Dronen- Associate Development Director
"Jilane" is Jilane Fenner- Public Relations and board member
"Kam" is Kam Ferguson- Development Director
"Samson" is Samson Fidimaye- Media Intern, Heartland College
"Tom" is Tom Mejeur- Production & Marketing Director
"SDA" is the abbreviation for Seventh-day Adventist Church
Photo Credit: Strong Tower Radio Village Church, Berrien Springs, MI

  Parenting, God Style

    Jesus made a visionary statement to the disciples that, “if you have seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.”  (John 14:9) To better understand our heavenly Father, we are hereby invited to study Jesus’ life. 
Father or Motherhood may not readily come to mind when we first think of Jesus’ life, yet the examples are many.
   Jesus sees a multitude and recognizes their need for a true shepherd. He teaches many things and has compassion for them as a loving mother would. (Mark 6:34)
   He reveals our heavenly Father’s character through the prodigal son parable. A loving, seeking, longsuffering father rejoices that his wandering child has returned. (Luke 15:11)
   And like a mother over-looking Jerusalem, Jesus lamented Israel’s refusal to shelter with Him, as a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings. (Luke 13:34)
   Many have a distorted view of our heavenly Father, thinking of Him as stern or vengeful, while they think of Jesus as kind and loving. Yet hear Jesus again telling us like Phillip, ”if you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.” They are alike in mind, character, and purpose.   
   Thank you for helping STR proclaim a clear, Biblical picture of our heavenly Father. Through your faithful prayers, encouragement, and financial gifts, God continues to sustain this ministry and bless every listener with the truth as it is in Jesus.
   In blessing, you are also blessed, both in this life and the life to come. May you more clearly see the blessings of your heavenly Father, Who also resonates with the thoughts, feelings, and expressions of a faithful mother.

How to Make Your Investment Donations:
For credit card or bank account withdrawal go to our secure website,, or call at 231-468-2087.
You may also donate by check or money order mailed to
Strong Tower Radio, PO Box 567, Cadillac, MI 49601
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