The Stores Strike Back!
Amidst all the retail apocalypse nonsense it turns out that physical retail isn't dead after all.  Last year some 3,000 new stores were opened and physical retail continued to have positive growth in most major global markets. One of  my 14 predictions for retail in 2019   is the notion that, despite the presumed death of physical retail, quite a few major brands are seeing a renaissance of sorts. In fact, stores are striking back against being made obsolete by online shopping in many different and important ways. CONTINUE READING @Forbes
Dennis Named Top Retail Influencer By 3 Leading Organizations
I was honored to move into the top 5 on Vend's 2019 list of Retail Influencers. You can see who else made the list here .

I was also named to the list of leading direct-to-consumer influencers and selected as a Top 5 LinkedIn Retail Voice .
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March 26th I will be discussing why "It's A Really Bad Time To Be Boring" at the Inmar Analytics Forum in
Winston-Salem, NC.
May 29th I return to Toronto to give the Day 2 opening keynote at the Retail Council of Canada's Store 2019 annual conference.
June 25th I will be in Chicago speaking on transforming the customer experience in a keynote as part of Retail TouchPoints @ Retail X.
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My latest keynote challenges the notion that physical retail is dead and lays out how the 8 Essentials of Remarkable Retail can help reinvent your brand in the age of Amazon.

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