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Listener Responds

Hear how a Strong Tower Radio listener learned about the Mexico Mission trip and responded this Sun at 5 p.m., Mon. at 10 a.m., and Wed. at 12:01 a.m. on STR stations, STR apps, or

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Changed Lives

Al and Angel Nelson wanted the full gospel of Jesus Christ and sensed missing elements in the several Christian churches they attended for many years. They shared their concerns and questions with an uncle, Buck Lamarche, who had joined the Seventh-day Adventist church 20 years prior, and he recommended that they listen to 90.9 fm, WUPJ, Strong Tower Radio (STR), near Escanaba, MI. So, they both began to listen, Angel on her commute to work and Al while working in his truck.

Many conversations with Uncle Buck followed, and they discussed what they were hearing on STR. The teachings made so much sense compared to what they’d been hearing in other churches they’d attended previously. The effect of such truth on several other people they knew also impacted them, especially a friend named Joe, whose transformation was remarkable.

Al and Angel attended the Wilson Seventh-day Adventist church on Sabbath and their other Protestant church on Sunday for one year. During that year, they also attended a Revelation seminar at the Escanaba Seventh-day Adventist church. Their eldest son, Anthony, told them that he thought “they were crazy for going to the Adventist  church,” not realizing that the station he’d been listening to for a while was Strong Tower Radio! (Anthony’s testimony in another article)

As the year drew to a close, Al and Angel were impressed to continue attending only the Wilson Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Angel was baptized in 2017 at the Wilson church, Al, in 2020 in Lake Superior at the mouth of the Two-Hearted River. 

Praise God for active faith!

Al shares that “Strong Tower Radio was very influential in our spiritual growth and decision to join the Seventh-day Adventist church. Programs like Bible Answers Live, Fresh Manna, Joe Crews, and the morning music programJoy in the Morningall greatly helped encourage and strengthen us in 

our understanding of God’s Word.”

Al still listens to STR “all day long in his truck” as he works in the timber industry, while Angel listens during her work commute, and both listen at home. Al describes their current STR listening this way: “Strong Tower Radio really helps grow our understanding of the Bible with the question-and-answer programs and the powerful sermons; it’s such a blessing.”

Glory to God, Who uses this ministry to reach truth-seeking souls, draw them to Himself, and transform them into His likeness!

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Here are the upcoming Fresh Manna sermons and speakers that will be streamed on,, and on Strong Tower Radio's local stations Monday-Friday at 2 a.m. and 11 a.m.

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1/19 Ariel Roldan- "Reclaiming Lost Territory" Part 1

1/20 Ariel Roldan- "Reclaiming Lost Territory" Part 2

1/23 Moise Ratsara- "A Fool's Best Friend"

1/24 Steven Conway- "Power Play"

1/25 Mike Lambert- "You Have Not Passed This Way Heretofore"

1/26 Jermaine Gayle- "Self-Examination"

1/27 David Austin- "I Make All Things New"

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1/21 Ron Kelly- "In the Beginning and the New Beginning"

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