Grand Rapids Billboard

Billboard enthusiasts Mark and Joey recently took a 'selfie' of the Grand Rapids billboard and sent it to us. This billboard runs through January promoting Strong Tower Radio. If you would like to continue its run in Grand Rapids after January 30th or sponsor one in another city contact Tom@StrongTowerRadio.
Photo Credit: Submitted to STR by Mark Bakker

Looking Back

Looking in the “rearview mirror” of 2020, we can but say, “Glory to God for His unfailing love and faithfulness.” The challenges have been difficult at times, but God’s blessings have been more than abundant and oh so sweet! 

When funds were in short supply, you, our loyal listeners and supporters, stepped up to the plate and our needs were met. Funds were raised and/or given, equipment and materials were donated to meet our pressing needs. 

Whatever the need, God will provide in the best way and at the right time, whether it is for equipment or expertise, materials or messages of truth and hope, lights or licensing, funds or furnaces, personnel or pats on the back. Thank you for your generous and continued faithfulness.

Celebrating our eleventh birthday this past December, we have truly grown and further developed. Our most recent dream and goal of internet streaming to the entire world had become reality as of June 1. Christ’s injunction in Mk. 16:15 to “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel…” is now being fulfilled by Strong Tower Radio. 

God’s character is being proclaimed via six STR platforms: radio, TV, website, Facebook, podcasting, and web streaming. We now operate 12 radio stations and 1 TV station. We have 5 full-time employees, 2 part-time employees, along with many full and part-time volunteers. Our broadcast coverage spans half the state of Michigan with a potential listening audience of 5 million, and an annual budget of half a million dollars plus. 

As we travel onward into the future, doors are, even now, opening in Southern Michigan to grow STR listening audience by one quarter million and enlarge our annual budget to six hundred thousand dollars. God is proving Himself faithful to His promise of doing “exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think, …” (Eph. 3:20).

Countless lives are being changed and/or strengthened in their faith—one listener and one member at a time. New, interesting, and beneficial programs are being produced and aired on a regular basis. STR has something for all ages, from two to a hundred and two. Letters of appreciation and encouragement continue to pour in, inspiring us to do more for Jesus. 

As stated by our president and founder, David Bolduc, “STR exists to amplify the 3 Angels Messages of Revelation 14." In our current Covid-19 world, people are searching for answers to life’s pressing questions, plus searching for truth and hope. We point them to Jesus and His Holy Word. We are, literally, reaching our world for Christ as STR is now available on demand using your computer, phone, or tablet, and is on several major podcast platforms.

As we journey on in this life, STR is committed to proclaiming God’s character of love and faithfulness, and God’s people are showing that they are, also, committed to assisting us in this endeavor, however, wherever, and whenever needed. Praise God! 

Together and by God’s grace and Holy Spirit leading, we are unstoppable! As “He died to make us holy, let us live to make men free! His truth is marching on. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! His truth is marching on.”

On behalf of Strong Tower Radio,

Kam Ferguson Development Director - STR
Rosemary Logsdon Smith - Contributing Writer
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Fresh Manna for the Weeks

Hear these Fresh Manna sermons and speakers through next Thursday that will be streamed on and on our local stations Monday-Friday 2 a.m. and 11 a.m.

This Week-
01/07 Jermaine Gayle- "For All People"
01/08 Sean Brizendine- "Through the Sanctuary"

Next Week-    
01/11 Ron Kelly- "From 2020 to Heavenly Vision"
01/12 Cody Francis- "Numbers Wilderness Wanderings"
01/13 Sean Reed- "Eggs in a Basket- Pt 4"
01/14 Jacob Gibbs- "The Sum of Last Year"
01/15 Sean Brizendine- "At Calvary's Alter"
Photo Credit: Holland Seventh-day Adventist Church graphic provided to STR
STR Events Calendar
You can be a part of Strong Tower Radio by meeting and attending any of the following sermons given by Strong Tower Radio staff:

01/23 09 a.m. Kam at Fremont SDA Church

02/06 09 a.m. Kam at Carp Lake SDA Church
02/06 11 a.m. Kam at Cheboygan SDA Church
02/13 11 a.m. David at Marion SDA Church
02/27 09 a.m. Kam at Fremont SDA Church

David is David Bolduc- Founder and President
George is George Dronen- Associate Development Director
Jilane is Jilane Fenner- Public Relations and board member
Kam is Kam Ferguson- Development Director
Tom is Tom Mejeur- Production & Marketing Director
Photo of David Bolduc and seller after the STR broadcast center debt-free purchase June 30, 2017
Artist Nathan Greene
In Times Like These
As I consider the events of the past few weeks, I’m feeling a wide array of emotions toward this nation of my birth.   The Holy Spirit brought to my mind “because iniquity shall abound, the love of many will wax cold.”  (Matt 24:12) That was followed by these questions: “Is your love for those you disagree with growing cold?”  “Are you permitting the increased iniquity you see to turn you away from people instead of see them thru My eyes, to see what they can become in Me?”
Let’s keep looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. The more we prayerfully look to Him in His word, the more we will be changed into His character.

Let’s see people, this nation, this world, as Jesus does: “The joy set before Him.” Not all will accept Him, yet all must hear the beautiful everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for praying for Strong Tower Radio (STR) and for all who listen. Thank you for generously supporting STR this past year and for your continuing financial support in 2021. May Jesus continue giving you His vision to change lives through your personal witness and the ministry of Strong Tower Radio. 

Kam Ferguson
Director of Development STR

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