Michigan Camp Meeting

Camp meeting (CM) is a time when like believers from across Michigan and beyond gather to learn and share how to present the gospel to our territory. Wonderful sermons and seminars are given over a nine-day period. It is a time when the evening and Sabbath sermons are aired on STR.fm, STR phone apps, and local Strong Tower Radio stations.
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STR Seminars

During camp meeting Strong Tower Radio (STR) participated by conducting three seminars. They were: hosting Variety Hours, representing STR at local churches, and STR's beginning and potential.
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STR Booth

We also had a booth at which we informed attendees about our ministry. On the first Sabbath, we gave away stickers to children and their fathers. Throughout the week we premiered an LED screen the loops pictures that included STR listeners' baptisms, new station opportunities, and the new station set process.
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Recording for the Air

Strong Tower Radio produces several new programs during camp meeting. We set up a remote studio and invite speakers from across the country and now around of the world.

This year we recorded programs with:

It Is Written speaker John Bradshaw,
Lineage Journey presenter Adam Ramdin,
Adventist Education teachers and leaders,
Missionary Rich Sutton,
General Conference Health leader Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel,
Prayer leader Melody Mason,
Refugee ministry Scott Griswold,
Wiemar's Dr. Neil Nedley and Phil Mills, and
Professor Dr. Philip Samaan.
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Free Father's Day

Get your Father's Day stickers for you and your dad at the Strong Tower Radio Cedar Lake, Michigan Camp Meeting booth June 10-18 or download by "clicking" on one or both of the Father's Day stickers for dads or kids.

Honor you dad this Father's Day!
Photo Credit- Strong Tower Radio- John Duman

How to Celebrate Father's Day at Your Church

Strong Tower Radio will help you honor fathers in your church with several resources, and most are free.

We recommend that you honor dads in Michigan after camp meeting on Sabbath, June 25. Here is what we have to offer you:

  • Insert the Strong Tower Radio (STR) "Father's Day Special" announcement in your bulletin next Sabbath--Airing on STR.fm and radio. It is a special that will be on "How to Honor Fathers" with the Sons of Men author, Brett Earnest, airing Friday, June 17th 1 p.m., repeated on Saturday, June 18th at 5 p.m., and Sunday June 19th at 11 a.m.

Currently, the world is quite hard on dads, making some of the best dads feel like they aren't doing a great job. Let's all do our part to encourage the dads at our churches. 

Another resource is "Blueprint for Men's" podcast interview with Brett Earnest, the author of Sons of Men: A Christian Father's Guide to Raising Sons. He is a former Marine who shares how fathers can defend against Satan's attacks on our boys and how Immediate Action Drills can make the difference between sin and strength. Don't miss it!
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STR Giving Graphic

You can give to Strong Tower Radio by accessing the giving page with your smartphone. Point, click, and give!
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New Programs
This Week

Here are the upcoming Fresh Manna sermons and speakers that will be streamed on StrongTowerRadio.org, STR.fm, and on Strong Tower Radio's local stations Monday-Friday at 2 a.m. and 11 a.m.

This Week-
6/16 Jermaine Gayle- "God Blessed Them"
6/17 Raymond Holmes & Sean Brizendine- "My Father and I"

Next Week(s)-
6/20 Moise Ratsara- "Ezra and Nehemiah"
6/21 Mike Lambert- "Night School"
6/22 Raymond Holmes- "When Evil is Called Good"
6/23 Steven Conway- "The Secret of Power"
6/24 Sean Reed- "Messenger to Nineveh"

6/27 Moise Ratsara- "Esther"
6/28 Jermaine Gayle- "Let Us Approach God"
6/29 Steven Conway- "The God Who Speaks to Kings"
6/30 Sean Brizendine- "The Declaration of Dependence"
7/1 Phil Mills- "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom"

STR Sabbath Sermon- Saturdays at 11 a.m. 
6/18 Neil Nedley- Michigan Camp Meeting Sermon
6/25 Ron Kelly- "The Shadow Maker"
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STR Events Calendar

Be a part of Strong Tower Radio by joining us personally at one or more of the following scheduled events:

6/10-18- Michigan Camp Meeting at Cedar Lake, Michigan
6/16-6/24- NAD Ministerial Conference
6/25 11 a.m.- David at Marion SDA Church

7/9 11 a.m.- Kam at First Flint SDA Church
7/9 11 a.m.- David at Marion SDA Church
7/16 11 a.m.- Kam at Paw Paw SDA Church
7/23 11 a.m.- David at Delton SDA Church
7/30 9:30 a.m.- Kam at Clio SDA Church

8/13 11 a.m.- David at Marion SDA Church
8/20 11 a.m.- Tom at Grand Blanc SDA Church
8/27 11:30 a.m.- Kam at Onaway SDA Church

9/03 11 a.m.- Kam at Wilson SDA Church
9/10 11 a.m.- David at Marion SDA Church
9/09-11- UP Camp Meeting at Camp Sagola
9/24 10:45 a.m.- Kam at Stevensville SDA Church
9/24- STR Variety Hour at Charlotte SDA Church

10/01- STR Variety Hour at Wilson SDA Church
10/02- STR Advisory Comm at STR BC Cadillac

12/03- STR Variety Hour at Kalamazoo SDA Church

"David" is David Bolduc- Founder and President
"Jilane" is Jilane Fenner- Public Relations and Board Member
"Kam" is Kam Ferguson- Development Director
"Tom" is Tom Mejeur- Production &
Marketing Director
"SDA" is the abbreviation for Seventh-day Adventist
"STR" is the abbreviation for Strong Tower Radio
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Father’s Day

Life presents many examples of fathers, some wonderful and some not.  Let’s look to the wonderful, since we soon resemble what we behold.  One Biblical example recounts Jairus, a Capernaum church leader, whose sick daughter was near death.  Anxiety stirring within him, he rushed to town hoping to find Jesus, who had been away for several days.

Entering Capernaum, he saw Jesus, ran, and fell at His feet, urging Him to come and heal his daughter who would die without intervention.  Perhaps you can imagine the angst Jairus felt facing such loss.  Hope flooded his emotions as Jesus readily agreed to his plea. His hope was strengthened as a woman was healed from a long-term illness along the way, just from touching Jesus’ robe!

But his heart sank when friends coming from his home told Jairus that his daughter was dead, and not to “trouble the Master anymore.”  Too late, Jairus thought, I’ve lost my little girl, yet Jesus' words interrupted his grief-stricken thoughts - “be not afraid, only believe.” [1]  What an invitation!

Taking Jairus and three disciples with Him, Jesus continued to Jairus’ house where they found his daughter had indeed died.  Jesus then discreetly resurrected this young girl as her parents watched amazed.  “Be not afraid, only believe.”  Wow, words backed with power!

Fathers, are you seeking Jesus for your families, for yourselves?  As you seek, you find His power working in both you and your family’s lives.  STR programs strengthen families by pointing all to the most wonderful Father of all–our Heavenly Father.   Lives are being changed daily as listeners learn the real character of God.    Pray with us that God’s Spirit will work with greater power to change listeners' lives. Then as God impresses you, add your monthly financial support to your prayers.

Kam Ferguson
Development Director
[1] Mark 5:36

How to Make Your Investment Donations:
For credit card or bank account withdrawal go to our secure website, StrongTowerRadio.org/Donate, or
call at 231-468-2087.
You may also donate by check or money order mailed to
Strong Tower Radio, PO Box 567, Cadillac, MI 49601
Photo Credit: Strong Tower Radio- Father's Day 2019 Tom Mejeur