Grand Haven Station
with a 3-week Reprieve!

A second chance-

The Grand Haven fundraising deadline came Friday, May 6th and the money was significantly short of the goal.

We prayed what to do and then asked the seller for an extension until May 27th. Praise the Lord, they gave it to us.

Now, we need to seize this opportunity for God's glory. It is urgent that many small and large donations blend together by May 24th to allow checks to clear and wire transfers to be processed that are not coming "overnight."

Please pray with us and communicate the importance of reaching the lakeshore communities. Call Kam at 423.381.9414.

How is God’s Spirit impressing you today?
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Grand Haven Station Rally

With the Grand Haven station purchase-date extension to May 27th this may be the last rally before the date. Please join us this Sabbath afternoon at the Muskegon Seventh-day Adventist Church located at 3040 Evanston Avenue, Muskegon at 2:30 p.m. Let's see what the Lord will do through you.
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You can give to Strong Tower Radio by accessing the giving page with your smartphone. Point, click, and give!
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New Programs
This Week

Here are the upcoming Fresh Manna sermons and speakers that will be streamed on,, and on Strong Tower Radio's local stations Monday-Friday at 2 a.m. and 11 a.m.

This Week-
5/12 Sean Brizendine- "Wisdom for Our Times Part 12"
5/13 Moise Ratsara- "Ruth"

Next Week-
5/16 Jerico Baptista- "Elijah, the Abiding"
5/17 Ariel Roldan- "Isolating the Mind"
5/18 Mike Lambert- "The Withered Hand"
5/19 Grady Yonas- "What Is the Gospel?"
5/20 Moise Ratsara- "1 & 2 Samuel"

STR Sabbath Sermon- Saturdays at 11 a.m. 
5/14 Ron Kelly- "Defining 21st Century Womanhood"
5/21 Ron Kelly- "The Dividing Line"
5/28 Ron Kelly- "Moral Obligation in an Immoral Age"
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STR Events Calendar

Be a part of Strong Tower Radio by joining us personally at one or more of the following scheduled events:

5/14 11 a.m.- David at Marion SDA Church
5/14 11 a.m.- Tom at Lansing SDA Church
5/14 2:30 p.m.- Grand Haven Station Rally at Muskegon SDA Church
5/21 11 a.m.- Kam at Coldwater SDA Church
5/21 2 p.m.- Kam at Coldwater SDA Church

6/4 10:50 a.m.- Kam at Holland SDA Church
6/4 6 p.m.- STR Variety Hour at 13th Street Cadillac SDA
6/10-18- Michigan Camp Meeting at Cedar Lake, Michigan

7/9 11 a.m.- Kam at First Flint SDA Church
7/9 11 a.m.- David at Marion SDA Church
7/16 11 a.m.- Kam at Paw Paw SDA Church
7/23 11 a.m.- David at Delton SDA Church
7/30 9:30 a.m.- Kam at Clio SDA Church

8/13 11 a.m.- David at Marion SDA Church
8/20 11 a.m.- Tom at Grand Blank SDA Church
8/27 11:30- Kam at Onaway SDA Church

9/03- Kam at Wilson SDA Church
9/10 11 a.m.- David at Marion SDA Church
9/09-11- UP Camp Meeting at Camp Sagola
9/24 10:45 a.m.- Kam at Stevensville SDA Church
9/24- STR Variety Hour at Charlotte SDA Church

10/29 11 a.m.- Tom at Edenville SDA Church

12/03- STR Variety Hour at Kalamazoo SDA Church

"David" is David Bolduc- Founder and President
"Jilane" is Jilane Fenner- Public Relations and Board Member
"Kam" is Kam Ferguson- Development Director
"Tom" is Tom Mejeur- Production &
Marketing Director
"SDA" is the abbreviation for Seventh-day Adventist
"STR" is the abbreviation for Strong Tower Radio
Photo Credit: Tip of the Mit Rally, Cheboygan SDA Church, Tom Mejeur

Colporteur Sermon!
Sabbath morning a Colporteur was sharing his experience. I poked my wife and said, “We have got to find out about this.” This was a month after we became Seventh-day Adventists.
Not too many church members encouraged us. Our pastor said we won’t let you starve. We didn't starve and we never received an offering. God has provided over, above, and beyond all our fondest expectations. He is always there.
A song goes like this, “Count your many blessings, name them one by one, and you will see what God has done.” God is so good, and He waits for us to ask Him for the One gift that He wants to give us more than anything else—His Holy Spirit.
How would you like to receive, guaranteed, a hundred-fold on an investment? This is what Jesus promised. That means, literally, for every $100 invested you get $10,000.  Not bad, especially when the investment is for eternity. We need persons who are willing to share their blessings with Strong Tower Radio while there is still opportunity for soon the harvest will be past and the opportunity may not be there.

Thank you for your gifts to STR. This is how we can keep our signals going proclaiming God’s Character to the world.
George Dronen
Asst. Development Director STR

How to Make Your Investment Donations:
For credit card or bank account withdrawal go to our secure website,, or
call at 231-468-2087.
You may also donate by check or money order mailed to
Strong Tower Radio, PO Box 567, Cadillac, MI 49601
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