Mandates and Religious Liberty
Are mandates only a health issue or are there lasting impacts after the pandemic is over? What do current trends in mandates have in common with the pre-reformation period? Listen to Pastor Ron Kelly and a labor attorney discuss this Sunday at 5 p.m., repeated on Monday at 10 a.m., and Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. on our local Strong Tower Radio station,, and STR phone apps.
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The Reformation Continues
A whole month of the Protestant Reformation education will be aired weekdays during October. Invite your family, friends, and co-workers to learn about the reformation issues this month on Strong Tower Radio.

During October's Reformation Month, we will be airing documentaries, discussions, stories, and sermons from our extensive reformation audio library weekdays at 6 a.m., 9 a.m., 6 p.m., and 7 p.m.  New this year is the five-part "Sanctuary and the Reformation" series produced in concert with Dr. Michael Horton, the Lake Region Conference Ministerial Director which airs each October Friday at 1 p.m. and Sabbath at 5 p.m.
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October Variety Hour
The next “Strong Tower Radio Variety Hour” will be in southwest Michigan’s “Suncoast” at the Berrien Springs Village Seventh-day Adventist Church on October 16th at 6 p.m. We encourage you to experience a Variety Hour program as part of the “studio audience.” These programs often make it to the radio, but in-person live is always better. We think that after experiencing our “Variety Hour,” you may want it to come to your church next year.
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By Pastor Dan Rachor

Hugh Latimer, born in 1491, was a dedicated priest. At Cambridge University he discovered a daily Bible study group. This group was sneered at, but sneering wasn’t enough. Latimer went to beg them to stop reading the Scriptures, but he discovered Master Stafford, a highly respected professor, leading the group.
    It was conceivable that young people were studying these new doctrines, but it was disgraceful for a Doctor of Divinity!
Latimer attacked Stafford and insulted him; he again begged the youth to abandon the professor’s heretical teachings. During the doctor’s lectures, he made signs of impatience plus ridiculed him afterwards. He even preached in public against the learned doctor.
     Bilney, a Bible reformer, heard Latimer’s attacks on the reformation and on the Bible. Bilney felt love for Latimer and prayed for a way to reach the priest with the truth. Then he went to see Latimer. “For the love of God,” he said, “be pleased to hear my confession.” Latimer was thrilled that a Bible study leader had come to him for confession. He felt vindicated and accepted Bilney’s request. 
    Bilney knelt and related to Latimer, with touching simplicity, the anguish he felt in his soul, the efforts he had made to remove it while following the precepts of the church, and the peace he found by believing in Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. He described the spirit of adoption, and the joy he experienced through calling God his Father.  
   Latimer, expecting to receive a confession, listened. The “confession” entered his heart like a two-edged sword. The Holy Spirit spoke to his soul and he received a new heart.
    When Bilney finished and stood up Latimer remained seated, absorbed in thought. Like Saul on the way to Damascus, he was conquered. Bilney drew near with love, and God scattered the darkness. He saw Jesus as our only Savior for mankind.
    Latimer repented of his obstinate war against God. He wept bitterly. Bilney consoled him, saying, “Brother, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” These two young men later died as martyrs for the true gospel!
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New Programs This Week
Here are the upcoming Fresh Manna sermons and speakers that will be streamed on,, and on Strong Tower Radio's local stations Monday-Friday at 2 a.m. and 11 a.m.

This Week-    
10/7 Jacob Gibbs- "Sanctuary"
10/8 Rod Thompson- "Turning Points in Church History: Diet of Worms"

Next Week-
10/11 Raymond Holmes- 1 "The Mission"
10/12 Raymond Holmes- 2 "The Times"
10/13 Raymond Holmes- 3 "The Man"
10/14 Sean Brizendine- 1 "Through the Sanctuary"
10/15 Sean Brizendine- 2 "At Calvary's Altar"

Future Weeks- (Classic Reformation sermons)
10/18 Sean Brizendine- 3 "At the Laver"
10/19 Sean Brizendine- 4 "The Candlestick"
10/20 Sean Brizendine- 5 "The Table of Shewbread"
10/21 Sean Brizendine- 6 "The Altar of Incense"
10/22 Sean Brizendine- 7 "Atonement at the Ark"
10/25 Raymond Holmes- "A Light Was Kindled" Part 1
10/26 Raymond Holmes- "A Light Was Kindled" Part 2
10/27 Raymond Holmes- "A Light Was Kindled" Part 3
10/28 Raymond Holmes- "A Light Was Kindled" Part 4
10/29 Raymond Holmes- "A Light Was Kindled" Part 5

STR Sabbath Sermon- Saturdays at 11 a.m. 
10/9- Ron Kelly- "Conviction, Crisis, Love, and Liberty"
10/16- Ron Kelly- "Uno Jeopardy and Checkmate"
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STR Events Calendar

You can be part of Strong Tower Radio by meeting and attending any of the following sermons given by Strong Tower Radio staff:

10/9 11:00 a.m.- David at the Marion SDA Ch.
10/9 10:50 a.m.- Kam at the Holland SDA Ch.
10/16 6:00 p.m.- Strong Tower Radio Variety Hour at the Berrien Springs Village SDA Ch.
10/30 11:00 a.m.- Kam at the Delton SDA Ch.
11/6 11:30 a.m.- Kam at the Onaway SDA Ch.
11/13 11:00 a.m.- David at the Marion SDA Ch.

"David" is David Bolduc- Founder and President
"Jilane" is Jilane Fenner- Public Relations and Board Member
"Kam" is Kam Ferguson- Development Director
"Tom" is Tom Mejeur- Production &
Marketing Director
"SDA" is the abbreviation for Seventh-day Adventist
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The Mighty 300

   Because ancient Israel departed from following the Living God and His counsel, He allowed the Midianites to plunder and control Israel. Judges 7 records the refining process that God used to form the army through whom He delivered Israel from the Midianites.
   From 32,000 citizen soldiers, God selected 300 focused men who were not afraid. That second selection step lends insight: where is our attention focused? Are we alert to both the perils and opportunities around us, or have we turned aside to attend other matters?
   Jesus reminds us in Luke 6:45; we express (words, actions) from the abundance of our heart. These 300 soldiers were focused upon God’s call to move forward unto victory, to cooperate with delivering His people.
   Just as God raised up Gideon to deliver Israel, God also brought forth the Seventh-day Adventist church to unveil His character in a confused, dark world. The everlasting gospel reveals God’s love, forgiveness, and grace to cleanse from sin’s power before Jesus’ soon return. He raised up Strong Tower Radio (STR) to help proclaim His character daily to all who will hear, and lives are being changed!
   Gideon needed a mighty 300 to move forward to victory.  Strong Tower Radio also needs a mighty 300 to move forward into growth opportunities and to produce more programs. Three hundred families giving $200/month would fund STR’s current operating costs and enable STR to produce more original programs that further proclaim the beauty of Jesus!
   There are some who now support STR with monthly gifts of $200 or more. Is God calling you to become one of the mighty 300? We’ll explore Gideon’s experience further next month. Please place this invitation before God and ask Him whether He would have you become part of the mighty 300 for Strong Tower Radio!
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Development Director

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