May 13, 2016
Vol. 1, Issue 17
Dear Lakeside Community,

     What a busy week its been...two grades done with testing, LCAP work, lots of special projects in classrooms as I visit. Much to be thankful for! 

     Thanks to those of you who responded to our LCAP survey and/or the LCAP Coffee on Tuesday. Click HERE for the suggestions from parent attendees. We generated many great ideas on how to improve our school district in the areas of:
- a safe environment for student learning
- maintaining a positive school climate
- increased school communication about student progress
- a robust integrated and balanced curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole child and creates excitement for learning
- improved attendance

     Many of you who have 4th and 5th graders might have also heard that they spent time with me on Monday afternoon, providing their feedback (and a few chuckles for off topic sharing) on the LCAP. Click HERE to review the 4th and 5th graders' feedback. 

     A final testing reminder the  Week of May 16th - 5th graders 

      Staffing updates - Liz Bozzo has finished her time here as the Administrator of Student Programs, for which we are all grateful. I'll be supporting Special Education for the remainder of this year and next year will share duties with Karen Greenstein. We have Maegan Bright who will join us as a full-time Resource Teacher, with Karen scaling back to two days a week instead of the three she is currently working.
     We will be contracting with the Santa Clara County Office of Education for psychologist and speech services for next year and moving forward. As a result, Bonnie Noehr and Julie Chen will not be back with us in the area of speech services. We are very grateful for the support and care that Liz, Bonnie and Julie have provided for our students!
     Music teacher Casey Lelake will be out for the rest of the year. We're grateful to have Carol Greene who will be here to substitute for her and provide continued musical instruction for our students. We look forward to Casey returning in August.
     Reminder - it is a safety issue to have students dropped off before 8 am. Our staff is on duty beginning at 8 am. Please do not leave your children unattended before 8 am. We want to ensure students are safe and supervised and we need your help to make sure that students are safe. 

     Finally, have any books to donate? There is a book box in the front office for one more week. Community member Cindy Siwajek, mother of aide Rachel, is collecting books for the African Library Project. Feel free to donate if you have anything to share with children in Africa. 


Interim Superintendent & Lead Learner
SuperCluck? Ketchup?
     What to these three little guys have in common? These peregrine falcon chicks were named by our TK/K students. Thanks to parent Andrea Henke who shared the competition with teacher Heather Wingfield. More than 160 total suggestions were made online by more than 500 people, and when all was said and done, they were named GRACE, TALON and FLASH....all names suggested by our students. The three little guys, currently residing on a PG&E tower in San Francisco, can be viewed at FALCONCAM.
Girls on the Run - Buddy Bench
     Girls on the Run made a Buddy Bench for Lakeside School. A Buddy Bench is where you can sit when you’re lonely and someone can come play or talk with you. The Buddy Bench is painted with the words “ Buddy Bench” on it so everyone knows which bench it is.  
     If you have any questions about the Buddy Bench, please talk to any of the girls in Girls On The Run.
Articles of Interest
Back by popular demand....articles that you might find helpful.  

The one to the left doesn't have an article, but these 5 questions are great when discussing books and homework at home. 

Upcoming Events

May 16th - Foundation Meeting
May 23rd - PTA Meeting
May 25th - Open House Night
June 1st - Music Performance at Rolling Hills - 6 pm - The QUAD
June 3rd - Spirit Day
June 6th - Variety Show at lunchtime
June 8th - Last Day of School! 
June 22nd - School Board Meeting
June 23rd - School Board Meeting
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