March 2018
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Don't belong to a gym? Planning a trip? You can stay fit without any special equipment with these exercises for strength and cardiovascular health .  
Vaginal delivery and breastfeeding may lessen a child's risk of developing various health problems during childhood, and even adulthood.
Pain during sex is common - and largely treatable - among women, especially older women. This FAQ has additional information.
Recent news reports suggesting ibuprofen could harm sperm production misrepresented the research. Ibuprofen has not been shown to impact male fertility.
Is peanut butter good for you?
If you have urinary incontinence, talk to your doctor. It may be an embarrassing topic, but your doctor is used to helping people with this common problem.

You & Your Smartphone
Even if you love your phone, you may feel that it monopolizes your attention - adding to your stress, disrupting conversations with friends and family, or taking you away from more rewarding activities. If you are a parent or grandparent, your use may be negatively affecting the way you interact with your child or teen.

These techniques and apps may help you better manage how and when you use your phone. This quirky video has a final tip.

Finding a New Doctor; Working Well with Your Doctor
If you are shopping for a new physician, this guide, relevant to all ages, can help you plan your search. One step it suggests is, of course, to solicit recommendations from acquaintances and other physicians. If that does not give you any promising leads, online resources located at the conclusion of this article should be helpful.
You will want to consider a variety of issues as you evaluate potential providers. If you are choosing a surgeon, you will especially want to gauge his or her competency. Visit the State of California website for licensing of health care professionals to check that a doctor has not been subject to any serious disciplinary actions or malpractice judgements.
The responsibility for having a positive, productive relationship with your doctor is one you share with him or her. Videos and text from the National Institutes of Health suggest ways you can make the most of your next doctor's office visit.
Sources of Health & Medical News
We are proud that you depend on PlaneTalk for trustworthy health and medical journalism. We strive to consistently provide you with unbiased, accurately reported information based on solid scientific evidence.

Do you ever wonder about the quality of other sources of health news? (HNR), a nonprofit organization that critiques health and medical news in the popular media, recently reviewed the coverage provided by 25 news sources in 2017. HNR found that many media outlets had provided poor-to-mediocre quality information in most of their health and medical reports. A few had high standards. You can view the ratings for each specific outlet, plus the average for all outlets. (If you are curious, here is how HNR evaluates articles.)
If you enjoy watching The Doctors or The Dr. Oz Show, an HNR article about their reportage will be especially eye-opening.
Oils & Fats
What's the skinny on coconut oil? Which oils and fats should you cook with? Should you try to minimize how much oil and fat you consume?
If you have read and heard lots of conflicting information about what to do, this article will clarify what mainstream nutrition and heart disease experts now understand about how oils and fats affect our health.

All events are open to the public. Some require pre-registration.
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Mountain View - 2-session classes start on multiple dates in March & April
Mountain View - multiple dates in March & April
Support systems for caregivers
Mountain View - Tues., 3/6
Saratoga - Wed., 3/7
San Jose - Wed., 3/7
Palo Alto - Thurs., 3/8
Brain health, dementia, & maintaining memory
Saratoga - Fri., 3/16 (in English & Mandarin)
Cupertino - Sat., 3/17 (in English & Mandarin)
Campbell - Mon., 3/12
Los Altos - Mon., 3/12
Finding joy in caregiving
San Jose - Tues., 3/13
Mountain View - Tues., 3/13
San Jose - Thurs., 3/15
San Jose - Thur., 3/15
Sunnyvale - Sat., 3/17

End-of-life care & hospice (presented in English & Mandarin)
Milpitas - Sat., 3/17 
Stanford - Sat., 3/17
Cupertino - Sun., 3/18
Mountain View - Tues., 3/20
Sunnyvale - 4-week class begins Wed., 3/21
San Jose - Thurs., 3/22
Mountain View - Sat., 3/24
Sunnyvale - Sat., 3/24
Mountain View - Mon., 3/26
Mountain View - Mon., 3/26
Mountain View - 3-session class begins Mon., 3/26
San Jose - Tues., 3/27
Los Gatos - Wed., 4/4
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