Fall 2021
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Alas, all good things must come to an end...and another Cape Cod Summer has come and gone — well almost. But one thing that never ends is the hunt for a good book! YPL is open and the shelves are lined with books just waiting to be selected. If you are not comfortable coming into the library curbside pickup can be arranged. Leslie, Carrie, and Carol are always happy to assist you. There is no place better than your neighborhood library!
Lee Peters, Editor
All ages are enjoying the increase in activities
YPL is offering.
It's Back...YPL's Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser!
The Annual Spaghetti Supper

Sunday, September 26th
at Jack's Outback II.

Two sittings, 5 PM and 6:30 PM.

• Bring the family.
• Meet up with friends.
• Support YPL!

Spaghetti with choice of sauce, salad, and our home-made desserts tray.

Space is limited so that we can socially distance.

Tickets are $15 and will go on sale at the library on September 3rd.
We will begin by asking you, our patrons, what you like about our
dear library and also what you would like us to add or change.

by Leslie Altman, Librarian

I’ve been looking back at The Yardarm for Fall 2020, and I’ve found, as Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said in 1849, that the more things change, the more they are the same. Last year at this time, we were welcoming you back into the library, with masks and social distancing. Now we are thinking about ways to continue to ensure your safety during this ongoing pandemic. Let’s hope we continue moving forward.

On the other hand, publishers continue to delay publication, and our media vendors are telling us that items are “coming soon,” meaning coming later than we had hoped, as theaters are still operating on a reduced schedule.

Last year we were trying to have online programs; this year we are trying programs in person, being careful that patrons can be safe by limiting seating to ensure that social distancing is possible. I do look forward to a time when our programs are again filled to overflowing, but it’s not possible right now.

We are hoping that in September we can have our traditional Spaghetti Supper at Jack’s Outback II, but with more limited seating. In October we will again have the “write-your-own-mystery” program with Jeannette de Beauvoir, our favorite local mystery writer, but this time we will have an in-person meeting, so that we can write together, laugh together, and spin a mysterious yarn.

In November we will continue our tradition of a Veterans’ Day concert by our favorite local band. And with any luck, the Yarmouth Port Village Stroll will bring us together in December.

Our hardy book group continues to read together, pandemic or no pandemic. As one member said of one of our selections, “I’m glad we read this book; I wouldn’t have picked it up on my own, but I enjoyed it, and hearing what others had to say enriched my reading.” We are planning to meet at the library again, beginning in September, on the third Thursday at 2 PM. Please join us: we are a friendly group. September’s book is “Hamnet,” by Maggie O”Farrell. It takes place in Shakespeare’s England, another period of a pandemic. You may remember from high school English that Hamnet is the name of Shakespeare’s son.

Last year at this time we were beginning to plan for our future. Planning is heating up as the weather cools. We will begin by asking you, our patrons, what you like about our dear library and also what you would like us to add or change. In September patrons should look for a “micro” survey, to be included with the items they check out, asking these and other questions. Please take a moment to respond: we are here to bring you the best library we can create.

We are fortunate to have an expert in Lee Peters, who keeps our website up-to-date and full of the latest information. Please check it out. There you can find the titles of our latest new items, a list of spotlight books you may have missed, and program details, as well as other information about the YPL. We are very fortunate in our generous patrons and our wonderful volunteers. Thank you all.
Fall Reading Picks
Thursday, October 21st at 2 PM

We Begin At The End by Chris Whitaker

Right. Wrong. Life is lived somewhere in between.

Duchess Day Radley is a thirteen-year-old self-proclaimed outlaw. Rules are for other people. She is the fierce protector of her five-year-old brother, Robin, and the parent to her mother, Star, a single mom incapable of taking care of herself, let alone her two kids.

Walk has never left the coastal California town where he and Star grew up. He may have become the chief of police, but he’s still trying to heal the old wound of having given the testimony that sent his best friend, Vincent King, to prison decades before. And he's in overdrive protecting Duchess and her brother.

Now, 30 years later, Vincent is being released. And Duchess and Walk must face the trouble that comes with his return. We Begin at the End is an extraordinary novel about two kinds of families―the ones we are born into and the ones we create.
Double Role, One Goal
by Carrie Bearse, Assistant Librarian/Children’s Services

The Summer Olympics, the real ones and the Cape Cod surreal ones (like the competition to drive from Barnstable Village to Yarmouth Port Library in anywhere near the regular 12 minutes given the crazy summer traffic!) have me thinking about goals and medals, gold or otherwise.

My official title at YPL is Assistant Librarian/Children’s Services. As Assistant Librarian, I am here each day the library is open, aptly guided by Leslie on Tuesday and Wednesday and by Carol on Thursday and Friday. My goal is to get to know you all, greet you when you enter the library, assist in requesting and distributing materials, and in general, act as a knowledgeable Jack (or Jill in this case) of all trades, to strive to be a medal contender.

Of course, I also have a lot of help to make the job easier – besides my competent and steady co-workers, our fabulous library volunteers make this library the best it can be. It is hard to fully express my appreciation and admiration for this amazing group; they most assuredly deserve the Gold!

Children’s Services is a very different sport, though the rewards are just as sweet! From weekly story time outside, LEGO afternoons inside, families stopping by on a rainy day (or a sunny one, if they are tired of the beach!) just to hang out, grandkids making the summer visit to grandparents, ordering and processing children’s books, and creating weekly takeaway crafts — the children’s room has been very, very busy.

I absolutely love to see the children looking thoughtfully for books, respectfully playing with the library’s toys (sometimes for hours!), creating some fabulous LEGO projects, and especially just enjoying a room of their own in the library. I certainly appreciate that in this world full of electronics, masks, and uncertainty that they feel comfortable and welcomed at YPL. Again, I try my best, but the kids are the achievers here — medalists for sure!

So, I will continue to aim for the Gold in each of my roles, knowing that doing our best requires a lot of support, skill, effort, and a bit of luck. As summer turns to fall, our memories of the Summer Olympics will fade, yet all of us at YPL will continue to do our best. And, thanks to our patrons (young and older), our volunteers, my co-workers, and our dedicated Board of Trustees, I think YPL has what it takes to stand on the podium.
For Kids: Fall Activities
Click here for details.
Outdoor Story Time,
Thursdays at 11 AM.
Celebrating all things Fall.
(weather permitting through the fall)
LEGO Afternoons,
Thursdays, 3 to 5 PM.
Create whatever your imagination inspires!
Attention Gardeners!

The Fall Bulb Sale!

The Fall Bulb Sale Fundraiser is now underway and it’s easier than ever to order.

Online only catalog this year. Thank you for your support!

For plant selection and ordering go to:

No need to log in, just begin browsing the selections.
Ordering Deadline: October 15th, 2021.

Orders will be mailed directly to you in time for fall planting.

For questions or further information contact Jean O’Toole, 774-212-1580.

For additional information and a direct link to the Flower Power website, click here.

The Yarmouth Port Library will receive 50% from every bulb purchase. Your order will help support our mission to bring current and meaningful resources to our library patrons and community.
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