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ICC Guide Offers Reopening Safety Resources
The International Code Council has compiled a guide of safety precautions and considerations for businesses looking to resume in-office activities.  
The future of the office and how we work...
June 18, 2020
Investing in Your Building Through ESG

Times of crisis shine a spotlight on how businesses are impacting their employees, customers and communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across the United States are being held publicly accountable for their handling of this crisis. At the same time, investors are taking a hard look at where their money is safest. Already on the rise in recent years, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles may be entering a golden age, especially in commercial real estate. For property managers, the implications that arise from this three-pronged expectation is clear, because the ESG rubber meets the road in day-to-day building activities.
Read more in the digital edition of the May/June BOMA Magazine to discover what responsible investing trends could mean for your property, staff and tenants.
New Guidance Document: Emergency Evacuations Amid COVID-19
In response to COVID-19, building owners and managers are implementing new office procedures and protocols to promote social distancing and exposure prevention. As these protocols are developed, property professionals are called upon to consider what changes may be needed for the handling of mandatory fire drill requirements and emergency evacuations. BOMA International’s most recent guidance resource, COVID-19: Preparing for Emergency Evacuations , aims to direct these discussions and offer considerations for building owners and managers as they review and update their evacuation procedures.
The Jury's Still Out on WFH
It was just three months ago that the COVID-19 pandemic spurred a nationwide trial for working from home, prompting commercial real estate professionals to ponder whether the en masse adoption of remote work would inspire tenants to extend these policies into the future—or if it would rekindle appreciation of the on-site work experience. A bulk of U.S. workers have now spent nearly a quarter of 2020 working from home, and according to Gensler’s U.S. Work From Home Survey 2020 , “people overwhelmingly want to return to the office.” According to the study, 88 percent of the U.S. workforce would not prefer to work from home full-time, as they have found themselves missing meetings with colleagues, socializing and impromptu face-to-face interaction. There you have it, BOMA members: Your tenants miss you, too.
Cushman & Wakefield's Future of Work Report
Also chiming in on how the COVID-19 pandemic may inform new office preferences, a recent report from Cushman & Wakefield predicts employees will demand flexibility and the choice to work from anywhere. These preferences call for what the firm has dubbed “a total workplace ecosystem,” or a variety of locations and experiences to support convenience, functionality and wellbeing. The report notes that within this ecosystem, office buildings would take on a new purpose, serving as “destinations that strengthen cultural connection, learning, bonding with customers and colleagues, and foster creativity and innovation”. Simply put, the office isn’t going anywhere—in fact, it might even get a promotion.
Safe Buildings Need Clean Air and Water
As state and local jurisdictions ease stay-at-home orders, property professionals are working hard to prepare their buildings for a safe occupant reentry. While much of this preparedness work is focused on mitigating the spread of coronavirus in commercial buildings, experts at Jacobs share that air and water quality issues stemming from weeks of lower utilization may pose health risks of their own and also must also be addressed prior to reentry. The article cites that prolonged periods of vacancy or reduced occupancy can cause changes to a property’s water supply, ventilation, humidity levels and sewer P-traps, all of which impact the potable water system and lower the quality of indoor air. Identifying and treating these issues now will help to ensure that occupants have a healthy and safe building to return to.
BOMA Foundation Launches "Make a Difference" Campaign
Who couldn’t use an extra $500 right now? By donating at least $25 to the BOMA Foundation’s J. Michael Coleman Scholarship Fund before July 31, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of three $500 gift cards. At the same time, you’ll be making an important contribution to both the industry and those impacted by COVID-19. Scholarships support emerging professionals attending BOMA International's annual conference, including the virtual event this July 7-9, or pursuing the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) certification. The scholarship’s namesake, J. Michael Coleman, is also making a personal contribution to the World Central Kitchen, matching a generous contribution from BOMA’s Cornerstone Partners, who have covered the cost of the gift card prizes. What a great way to “make a difference” in your industry and community. Learn more at .
Are you interested in applying for a scholarship to attend the 2020 Virtual BOMA International Conference & Expo? Learn more about the scholarships available.
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A Fresh Scoop on All Things Commercial Real Estate
Kick off the summer season with a fresh scoop on all things commercial real estate. The May/June issue of BOMA Magazine is now online, serving up expert insights on a variety of industry topics du jour. In addition to thought leadership about navigating the COVID-19 pandemic , our Green Guide issue also includes perspectives on how to make the tenant build-out process more sustainable and explores the rise of ESG principles in commercial real estate investments. Plus, meet the water and waste benchmarking champions from BOMA International’s two-year W 2 Challenge. Available in a convenient, mobile-friendly format, BOMA Magazine’s industry-leading insights can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Plus, as a BOMA member benefit, you also receive a print edition of the issue in your mailbox.
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