January 5, 2018
Issue 1, Volume 11
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News Items:
  • Eating Fish Weekly Improves Kids' Sleep, Intelligence
  • Eggs Improve Biomarkers Related to Infant Brain Development
  • Images of the Brain Refute 1960s Theory on the Domain of Language
  • Pocket Devices a Big Help to ADHD Kids
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Hot, New Job! Pediatric OT - Houston, TX
  • Hot, New Job! School Based SLP - Haverhill, MA
  • Hot, New Job! Pediatric School-Based SLP - Bakersfield, CA
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Snow Names - Winter Craft
  • Sensory Tub With A Twist: DIY Matching Game
  • Best Books and Toys to Teach Animal Sounds
Articles and Special Features 
  • Peds Tx Corner:  10 Awesome Ideas to Start the New Year
  • SLP Corner: ASHAs Top Articles of 2017
  • AAC Corner: Ushering in a New Year of AAC
  • School Psych Corner: School Counseling Youtube Video Resource Guide
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Eating Fish Weekly Improves Kids' Sleep, Intelligence
[Source:  Medical News Today]

Researchers found that children aged 9-11 years who ate fish at least once weekly had higher IQ test scores and better sleep quality, compared with children who consumed fish less frequently.

Study co-author Jianghong Liu, of the School of Nursing at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) in State College, and colleagues recently reported their findings in the journal Scientific Reports .

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Eggs Improve Biomarkers Related to Infant Brain Development
[Source: Science Daily]

A study from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis finds infants who were in introduced to eggs beginning at 6 months showed significantly higher blood concentrations of choline, other biomarkers in choline pathways, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

"Eggs have been consumed throughout human history, but the full potential of this nutritionally complete food has yet to be recognized in many resource-poor settings around the world," said Lora Iannotti, associate dean for public health and associate professor at the Brown School.

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Images of the Brain Refute 1960s Theory on the Domain of Language
[Source: Science Daily]

In 1968, when there were no techniques to observe how the brain worked in vivo, the neurologist Norman Geschwind discovered in deceased persons that a region of the temporal lobe, the planum temporale, was larger in the left than in the right hemisphere. As in most of the population, language processing is located in that hemisphere, the neurologist proposed that asymmetry was an indicator of the lateralization of that function.
Almost fifty years later, a team of researchers from the European MULTI-LATERAL project has used magnetic resonance imaging to study brain areas in vivo and has refuted that theory. The anatomical asymmetry of the planum temporale that hosts auditory functions is not a marker of the lateralization in the left hemisphere of language functions.

Pocket Devices a Big Help to ADHD Kids
[Source: Medical X-Press]

For children who need help from so-called welfare technology in order to manage their day-to-day lives, it is important that the assistance they get is invisible to others. Many obtain effective help from an app installed on their phones.

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Immediate opening available for an Occupational Therapist with one of our best clients in Houston. This facility serves children on the southwest side of Houston in all disciplines. We're able to provide training and mentorship along with a wide variety of children to serve as part of your caseload.

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We need a wonderful Speech-Language Pathologist for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year about an hour north of Boston, in the Haverhill area. We have a full-time opportunity for 32.5 hours a week, 6.5 hours a day, working with children at two elementary schools.

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PediaStaff is hiring a Speech-Language Pathologist in Kern County.  There are more notable things about Kern County than just being the county seat.  Kern County is home to relocated Texans (due in part to the major oil production there).  They are home to an up-close and personal zoo, host Scottish games, a nut festival, late-night baseball and produce much of the nation's veggies.

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Snow Names - Winter Craft
[Source: No Time for Flash Cards]

This is a fast little winter craft that helps to develop name recognition, writing, and even hand strength! Yes, using glue bottles for writing is a fun way to work on writing without a pencil and squeezing that bottle is great for little hands. Older children can work on cursive too!

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Sensory Tub With A Twist: DIY Matching Game
[Source: Hands on As We Grow]

Use your child's current interests or keep their needs in mind and add some fun to their learning.
My kindergartner is really into numbers and number recognition lately. I focused on numbers one through seven for this specific activity.

If numbers are not appropriate for your child, you could create matching colors, shapes, letters, or even pictures.

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Best Books and Toys to Teach Animal Sounds
[Source:  Play on Words]

I get a lot of requests for ideas for toys for specific needs, some for speech therapy and some just for gifts to kids and grandchildren. Thought I'd share some ideas for books and toys that can teach animal sounds if you have a little one who is starting to talk or you want to encourage talking:

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Peds Tx Corner:  10 Awesome Ideas to Start the New Year
[Source: Your Therapy Source]

Do you like to start fresh in the new year?  Do you set goals for yourself to accomplish during this time of year? Being a school-based therapist is a wonderful job but one of the most difficult aspects of the job is managing crazy schedules in a very tight time frame.  It can be a struggle to fit in paperwork time on top of therapy sessions so setting goals to work smarter not harder can be amazingly helpful for pediatric therapists.  Here are 10 awesome ideas to start the new year for pediatric therapists:

SLP Corner: ASHAs Top Articles of 2017
[Source: ASHA Leader Blog]

Today, we take a look at those focused on speech-language pathology, as well as a few popular posts for everyone-showing the spirit of interprofessional practice is stronger than ever!
So here you go:  It's not unusual to see feeding specialist Melanie Potock top our charts. Her posts interest other SLPs, related professionals and parents of picky eaters. Her viewpoints and 

AAC Corner:  Ushering in a New Year of AAC
[Source:  PrAACtical AAC]

The new year brings hope and promise, something that the AAC community can always use a little more of. Here are some thoughts on strengthening our sustainability as AAC service providers as we embark on the upcoming year.

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School Psych Corner: Counseling Youtube Video Resource Guide
[Source:  Bright Futures-Counseling.com via School Psyched, Your School Psychologist]

As you know kiddos love videos and incorporating some short, fun clips into your guidance lessons can be a great visual aid when teaching a key character word or lesson. When I am planning for a lesson I have an idea in my head of a video I want to show but I end up wasting precious time on Youtube and Pinterest looking for one to fit my needs. I've compiled a list with links to some videos I've used in guidance lessons and with groups. These are short and funny and are intended to be supplemental material for your lesson or to serve as a conversation starter.

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