November 20, 2015
Issue 46, Volume 8
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News Items:
  • Grow Kids' Brains Through Sports
  • Study: Rare Facial Paralysis Gives New Insights into Social Interaction
  • New TV Series Features Young Adults With Down Syndrome
  • Recognizing Basic Structure of Language Not Unique to Man
  • Insights into Changes to Developing Brain Caused by Gene Associated with Autism
  • Study: Direct and Positive Link Between Eating Breakfast and Educational Outcomes
Hot Jobs 
  • Placement of the Week: School Based Sign Language Interpreter - WV
  • Hot Job! Contract School SLP - Denver, CO
  • Hot Job! School Contract SLP - Fairfield, CT
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • On the Lighter Side: If School Based Therapists Gave Themselves Stickers....
  • Seasonal Idea of the Week: Colored Corn Mosaics
  • Six Children's Books on Diversity and Acceptance of Self and Others
  • Book Review: Children's Songs for Therapy
Articles and Special Features 
  • Autism Corner: The Jeffersons Taught My Son with Autism Social Skills
  • Sensory Corner: The Low Arousal Sensory System
  • Literacy Corner: 20 Questions/Answers about Dyslexia That Teachers Can Use
  • SLP Corner: Introducing Speech Students to the Idea of Speaking on the School's Loudspeaker  
  • OT Corner: OT and Public Health - Collaboration for Improved Health
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Grow Kids' Brains Through Sports
[Source:  Science Daily]

Organized extracurricular sport activities for children help them develop and improve cognitive skills, such as greater concentration capacity, that can in term greatly help them in the classroom, says Université de Montréal professor Linda Pagani. 

Pagani is presenting her research in Chicago at "The Fundamental Importance of Free Movement and Organized Extracurricular Sport Activity for the Cognitive Development of the Child: The View From the Field," a scientific symposium organized by Coni-Italian National Olympic Committee USA and the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago.

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Rare Facial Paralysis Gives New Insights into Social Interactionl
[Source: Medical News Today]
Möbius is an extremely rare congenital facial paralysis that is usually bilateral and complete. The paralysis leaves the face expressionless, which makes it difficult for persons with Möbius to express emotions or indicate that they understand a conversation partner's information. This severely inhibits interaction and rapport - creating a challenge not only for the persons with Möbius but also for their conversation partners who become insecure and nervous.

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New TV Series Features Young Adults With Down Syndrome
[Source:  Disability Scoop]

The production company behind "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and other reality television staples will debut a new documentary series following young adults with Down syndrome."
The six-episode series "Born This Way" will air on A&E Network starting Dec. 8 at 10 p.m. ET.
For the show, cameras followed seven Southern California young adults with Down syndrome and their families as they navigate jobs and relationships and look to gain greater independence.

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Recognizing Basic Structure of Language Not Unique to Man
[Source:  Medical X-Press]

A team led at Newcastle University, UK, has shed light on the evolutionary roots of language in the brain.
Publishing in Nature Communications, the team led by Dr Ben Wilson and Professor Chris Petkov explain how using an imaging technique to explore the  brain activity in humans and monkeys has identified the  evolutionary origins of cognitive functions in the brain that underpin language and allow us to evaluate orderliness in sequences of sounds.

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Insights into Changes to Developing Brain Caused by Gene Associated w/Autism
[Source:  Science Daily]
A study led by the University of Utah School of Medicine provides new insights into how the subtle changes within cells, caused by disruptions in a gene called Kirrel3, could underlie some types of intellectual disability and autism.
A second paper to be published on the same day in the journal eLife, led by Harvard Medical School, shows how three proteins regulate chemical messengers that are key to autism spectrum disorders and syndromes such as Down's and Rett syndrome.

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Direct and Positive Link Between Eating Breakfast and Educational Outcomes
[Source:  Science Daily]
A direct and positive link between pupils' breakfast quality and consumption, and their educational attainment, has for the first time been demonstrated in a ground-breaking new study carried out by public health experts at Cardiff University.
The study of 5000 9-11 year-olds from more than 100 primary schools sought to examine the link between breakfast consumption and quality and subsequent attainment in Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments 6-18 months later.

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Congratulations to Alana O., on her new position through PediaStaff as a school-based sign language interpreter with one of our West Virginia school clients.

Congratulations, Alana!! Great Job!
We have a great public school job opportunity in the Denver, CO area for a full-time Speech-Language Pathologist. They boast a team of professionals who need to add an SLP team member for the 2015-2016 school year. The Speech-Language Pathologist selected will be working with high school aged children at one school site. The candidate 

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We have a wonderful school contract opportunity for a Speech-Language Pathologist starting in early December and running through the end of the school year. This is a full-time position for 37.5 hours per week working with elementary-aged students at two school sites. The student population is fairly complex, with some behavioral issues and feeding/swallowing. Both schools have a strong staff and support system with great principals. SLP-CCC is required.

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[Source:  Your Therapy Source]

A picture is worth a thousand words on this one.  

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Seasonal Idea of the Week: Colored Corn Mosaics  
[Source:  Pre-K]
Creating corn mosaic art requires only basic materials. But it also requires a tremendous amount of patience and dexterity, two challenges for little hands. The small corn pieces are great for reinforcing pincher grip, while squeezing out the glue strengthens hands and fingers. Building these small muscles helps with writing, tying shoes, and other important life skills.

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[Source:  Friendship]
Have a child, grandchild or student who is not coping well because he feels different from his friends and classmates? So often children feel they are "different" than their peers. Whether it is a perception or a reality that one doesn't fit in, it can be a painful experience. These children must be listened to and supported and discussing the following books would be very helpful.

Learn More About These Books Through a Link on our Blog
By:  Rachel See, MA, MT-BC

Review By: Jena H. Casbon

Music therapy has long been proven to be extremely beneficial for children with a variety of special needs. If you're looking for an all-inclusive songbook, complete with music, lyrics and activities to motivate your kiddos and give you some new ideas, look no further. I've got the perfect new resource for you.

Who is Rachel See ?  Music therapist, private practice owner and author behind

Learn More About This e-Book Through a Link on our Blog
Autism Corner: The Jeffersons Taught My Son w/Autism Social Skills
[Source:  Peace, Love, and Autism]
He responded to George's outlandish behavior and was able to understand his exaggerated body language and facial cues. It all clicked when he watched his favorite show, The Jeffersons.
When my son was in fourth grade, I purchased social skills DVDs and had been trying to teach him to read peoples' body language, gestures, and social cues. He found the animated videos to be boring and they didn't keep his attention at all, so we donated them to a local library.

Sensory Corner: The Low Arousal Sensory System
Thomas was five years old when he first came to occupational therapy. His parents described him as being a 'good child'. He had never gotten into any trouble. Thomas had never gotten out of his bed by himself. If he was put in his room, he stayed there.
Thomas tended to be quiet and although he had an extensive vocabulary, was slow to respond to questions or efforts to engage him in conversation. He was inconsistent in responding to his name and had a flat affect.

Literacy Corner: 20 Qs&As about Dyslexia That Teachers Can Use
[Source:  Reading Rockets]
Dyslexia often is confusing for parents and teachers as the manner in which it presents can differ widely among children and youths. Dyslexia can go undetected for a long time, but it is neurologically based, known to be inherited, and will not be outgrown. Once students fall behind, their problems connected with reading, writing, and spelling can become complicated by negative feelings that affect their self-esteem. Based on the article, "20 Things Only Parents with

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SLP Corner:  Introducing Speech Students to the Idea of Speaking on School Loudspeaker
by Erik X. Raj
One of my most favorite things about being a school-based speech-language pathologist is that at the start of each school day, you usually get to hear some morning announcements on the loudspeaker. And those morning announcements, they're usually done by students. For example, if you work in an elementary or middle school, you might hear a boy saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Or you might hear a girl announcing the daily lunch menu. Or maybe you might hear students announcing a rundown of what after-school activities are scheduled for that particular day. The list goes on and on with how school-settings choose to utilize their loudspeaker as an awesome provider of school-related info and happenings.
OT Corner: OT & Public Health - Collaboration for Improved Health
[Source:  OT Potential]
Amanda Scates-Preisinger, MPH- Guest Writer
Occupational therapists strive to see their clients through a holistic lens, looking at how personal factors interplay with the disease process. However, taking a holistic view also means taking an even wider lens and accounting for how public health issues are impacting our patients and how the provision of health care is itself, part of the public health framework.

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