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News Items:
  • Science Tackles Mystery of the Teenage Brain
  • New Findings on How Bilinguals Switch Between Languages
  • Premature Birth Interrupts Vital Brain Development Processes Leading to Reduced Cognitive Abilities in Infants
  • Study Finds ADHD in Childhood Linked to Adult Obesity
  • Low-Cost Autism Therapy Shows Promise
  • Treadmill Training Effects on Balance
  • Dyslexia in the News
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  • PediaStaff Featured Jobs of the Week:  Therapists are Cool in Alaska!
  • PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week: Meet Candace 
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  • Your Help is Needed: OTs and PTs Needed for School Outcomes Measures Study 
  • Therapy Resource of the Week:
  • Pinterest Pinboard of the Week: Summertime and End of the Year Therapy Fun
  • Book Review:  Helping Children with Down Syndrome Communicate Better 

Articles and Special Features 

  • SLP Corner: The Essence of Childhood, Found
  • OT/PT Corner:  Shift Happens! 
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner:  Learning From a Tragic Event
  • Worth Repeating: Let's Give Kids Who Don't Speak Tools to Succeed
  • Also Worth Repeating: How to Teach Creative Thinking to Concrete Thinkers
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Adolescent Neurology in the News:  Science Tackles Mystery of the Teenage Brain

[Source: New York Times / International Herald Tribune]


LONDON - Science may have split the atom and put a man on the moon but it has yet to solve the mysteries of the teenage brain.

A research team at Cambridge University plans to fix that by scanning 300 young people, aged 14 to 24, to determine how their brains change as they grow older.

In a study that could help identify the emergence of mental disorders in young adults, the subjects will also be tested on their inclination toward impulsive and risk-taking behavior. 


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Bilingualism in the News:  New Findings on How Bilinguals Switch Between Languages   

[Source: Science Daily]


Individuals who learn two languages at an early age seem to switch back and forth between separate "sound systems" for each language, according to new research conducted at the University of Arizona.


The research, to be published in a forthcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, addresses enduring questions in bilingual studies about how bilingual speakers hear and process sound in two different languages.


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Preemies in the News:  Premature Birth Interrupts Vital Brain Development Processes Leading to Reduced Cognitive Abilities in Infants  

[Source:  Science Daily]


Imaging technique shows premature birth interrupts vital brain development processes, leading to reduced cognitive abilities in infants.

Researchers from King's College London have for the first time used a novel form of MRI to identify crucial developmental processes in the brain that are vulnerable to the effects of premature birth. This new study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), shows that disruption of these specific processes can have an impact on cognitive function.


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ADHD in the News:  Study Finds ADHD in Childhood Linked to Adult Obesity  



By Linda Carroll


A typical boy with ADHD can appear to be in perpetual motion, but that activity doesn't guarantee a healthy weight when he grows up. A long-term study released Monday finds that men diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as children are twice as likely to be overweight or obese in adulthood as those who never had the disorder.

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Autism Therapy in the News:  Low-Cost Autism Therapy Shows Promise   

[Source:  Disability Scoop]


A simple, home-based therapy that relies on sensory stimulation could make a world of difference for kids with autism, a new study suggests.


Researchers say that children who participated in the therapy known as environmental enrichment in addition to standard treatments like applied behavior analysis showed significantly more improvement in social and cognitive skills as compared to kids with autism who only had the traditional treatment.


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Research on Balance in the News:  Treadmill Training Effects on Balance    

[Source:  Your Therapy Source]

Recent research was completed that compared treadmill training versus overground walking effects on balance skills using a randomized controlled trial with blinded evaluator. The participants were children with cerebral palsy ages 3-12, GMFCS levels I through III. The experimental group received 30 minute treadmill training session two times per week for 7 weeks. The control group participated in overground walking, 30 minute sessions, 2 times per week, also for 7 weeks.


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Dyslexia in the News: Article on Detecting Dyslexia in the Guardian     

[Source:  The Guardian]

by Sally Bouwman

The one thing my postgraduate teacher training course had simply not prepared me for was that more than a third of my first class of seven and eight year-olds might not be reading and writing with any degree of confidence.


Granted, it was a school in special measures, and many of the pupils did not have the clear structure, support or guidance at school, or, in some cases, at home, that would help progress their literacy skills. But it seemed many of these children would do anything to avoid reading out loud or putting ideas onto paper, often with inventive, distraction tactics: "Miss, I need to go to the loo, I'm going to wet myself," "Miss my pencil keeps breaking."

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PediaStaff Featured Jobs of the Week:  Therapists are Cool in Alaska!   

Ever wanted to do something different?  Well, PediaStaff may just have the "cool" opportunity you are looking for!


We have a client in the Fairbanks area of Alaska that is looking for school-based SLPs, OTs, and COTAs.   You'll visit multiple schools in the city of Fairbanks and its neighboring communities.  Previous school based experience is a plus!  (Unfortunately, they cannot take CFYs at this time).   Therapists will be work  on a rotating basis within a 25 minute drive time radius, five days a week (approximately six  

 Learn About These Great Openings on our Blog

PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week:  Meet Candace   

Meet Candace  - a pediatric physical therapist who has just accepted a direct hire position with one of PediaStaff's clients in a sunny beach town in California! She will work full time, with ample opportunity to work after school hours should she desire.


 Read More About Candace and Her New Position on our Blog

Your Participation Needed!: OTs and PTs Needed for School Outcomes Measures Study

Editor's Note:  We were approached by a student at the University of Oklahoma to let us know that they are looking for school-based OTs and PS - who are currently serving middle and high school students - for a school outcomes measures study.   Of course, we are happy to spread the word.    Here is the information!


The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is conducting a study to validate the School Outcomes Measure (SOM). The SOM is a minimal data set for collecting outcomes of children who receive school-based physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Read the Rest of This Call for Participation Through a Link on our Blog

Therapy Resource of the Week:   

May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month!  The great folks at The Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) have a great new website and LOTS of excellent resources including a support community, links to family blogs, events, resources by state, and more.


Visit Through a Link on our Blog

Pinterest Pinboard of the Week:  Summertime and End of the Year Therapy Fun   

Looking for activities for the End of the Year and Summertime?   How about a great link to share with the parents of your kiddos to keep them engaged in therapy over the next three months?


 Check out our Newly Expanded Summertime and End of Year Themed Pinboard Through a Link our Blog

Book Review:  Helping Children with Down Syndrome Communicate Better   

Review by Disability Resources Online
Book by Libby Kumin, PhD., CCC-SLP
Published by Woodbine House


"As young children with Down Syndrome age, they often come up against speech and language difficulties, especially with peers in school and people outside their family circle. Addressing these challenges in children between the ages of six to fourteen, the author, an expert in communication and Down Syndrome, offers insight into language pragmatics, building conversation skills, using augmented  

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SLP Corner: The Essence of Childhood, Found

by Kim Rowe, MA, CCC-SLP

I have to admit that my daughter has great language skills. I'm so reluctant to say that because I know how hard some children struggle to grasp and use language. I know that many of you are here because your child finds communicating a challenge and I don't ever want to seem like I'm bragging or like my family is in any way perfect. I'm also reluctant to say it because as a speech-language pathologist people tend to credit me with my daughter's language skills. I hate that because it takes away from who my daughter is on her own. Really, language is all her. She seeks it out. She is a communicator always looking for meaning and understanding. That's just

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OT/PT Corner: Shift Happens!

by:  Shelley Mannell, PT, C/NDT


Therapists often talk about weight shift - where it happens and why it happens in the way that it does.  One of the hallmarks of typical development is a child's ability to begin to initiate weight shift from the pelvis in sitting at 10-12 months of age.  Prior to this initiation of weight shift occurred through upper trunk movement.  The significance of this change is not lost on us: if the upper trunk is initiating weight shift, then the arms are not free to participate in other functions during the movement.  I see this most clearly when children with movement challenges shift their weight by flexing their trunk sideways during walking rather than shifting their weight at the pelvis.  But how does this "shift" in the shift come about?

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Learning From a Tragic Event

[Source;  The Autism Helper]

I am not sure if you heard the story last about Mikaela Lynch. She was a 9 year old girl with autism who wandered out of her California vacation home last Sunday and was found dead 3 days later. Mikaela drowned in a nearby marsh. Mikaela was nonverbal, loved the water, and had a history of wandering. Read the news story here. To say I have a heavy heart is an understatement. I can't begin to comprehend the grief and devastation her parents must be feeling. I think of that innocent young girl who was unable to fend for herself. My thoughts and prayers go out to her


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Worth Repeating: Let's Give Kids Who Don't Speak Tools to Succeed

[Source:  Bloom]


How many words would the average, middle-class three-year-old child hear spoken to her in the course of a year?


"About 6 million," said Pat Mirenda, an expert on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) who referenced a related study during a keynote talk at the Bloorview Research Institute's Pursuit Awards yesterday.


Also Worth Repeating: How to Teach Creative Thinking to Concrete Thinkers

[Source:  Friendship Circle]


My son is the type who loves checklists, schedules, scripts, anything that will make his life predictable.


But life isn't predictable.  Sooner or later, there will be a problem that he has to solve on his own. Everyone must learn how to adapt.

Concrete thinking and rigid, inflexible habits are prominent features of many neurological conditions and some types of cognitive impairments.  In these cases, creativity may not come naturally - it must be taught in order to develop more flexible habits and thought patterns.

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