January 23, 2015
Issue 3, Volume 8
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News Items: 
  • Potential for Early Detection of Autism Offered by Advanced 3-D Facial Imaging
  • Handwriting Size and Children with Autism
  • Two-Minute Imaging Test for Autism in the Works
  • Parents May Be Able to Lower Kids' Autism Risk
  • Difficult Behavior in Young Children May Point to Later Problems
  • Feds Put New Focus On Down Syndrome
Hot Jobs 
  • Placement of the Week: PT in Fayetteville, AR
  • Hot Job - Pediatric Home Health OT, PT or PTA
  • Hot Jobs: School Psychology Positions Throughout California
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Activity of the Week: Snowman Describing Game
  • Another Seasonal Activity of the Week: Hole Punched Hearts
  • Top 10 Apps of 2014
  • Dotted Mittens Winter Craftivity

Articles and Special Features 

  • Feeding Therapy Corner:  Picky Eaters in the PreSchool Classroom
  • SLP Corner: Shrinking Speech Therapy Homework Sheets
  • OT Corner: Is Handwriting Dead? 
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: What Can You Do With PVC?
  • Literacy Corner:  Top 10 Books For Reluctant and Dyslexic Readers
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Potential for Autism Early Detection Offered by 3-D Facial Imaging

[Source:  The Daily Mail]

3D face scanning of children can help spot features that point to early signs of autism, researchers have found.

Researchers developed special software to analyse the images to look for signs of the disorder.

They say their work could lead to a low cost screening tool for young children - and help pinpoint the genetic causes of the disorder.

Using advanced 3D imaging and statistical analysis techniques, researchers at the University of Missouri say they have now identified facial measurements in children with autism that may lead to a screening tool for young children and provide clues to its genetic causes.


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Handwriting Size and Children with Autism

[Source:  Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders via Your Therapy Source]

Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders published a study of  26 boys with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and 17 typically developing children and their ability to regulate the size and consistency of fundamental handwriting movements when using writing guides.    Each participant wrote a series of four cursive letter l's using 10 mm and 40 mm writing guides, using a graphics tablet and stylus. The results showed the following:

  1. movement size and consistency was comparable between groups when the writing guides were set at 10 mm
  2. handwriting movements of children with ASD were significantly faster and more fluent than typically developing children when writing guides were set at 40 mm.
  3. neuromotor noise was comparable to that of typically developing children across both writing sizes.
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Two-Minute Imaging Test for Autism in the Works

[Source:  Psych Central]

Scientists have developed a brain-imaging technique that may be able to detect autism spectrum disorder in only two minutes, according to new research published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science.

The scanning procedure, which reveals the brain's response to thoughts of 'self-perspective,' offers promising diagnostic potential once more research is done.

In previous research using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scientists found that when it comes to recognizing "your turn" in sports or in a game, people with autism spectrum disorders show a subdued response in the brain. In fact, the more subdued the brain's response to self-perspective, the more severe the autism symptoms.

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Parents May Be Able to Lower Kids' Autism Risk 

[Source:  Time]


With the help of videos and trained therapists, parents of at-risk kids may eventually help their toddlers to avoid an autism diagnosis

Autism experts still disagree over a lot of things about the developmental disorder, but there is one idea that unites most of them - that the earlier the condition can be diagnosed, and the sooner interventions, from medications to behavioral therapies, can be tried, the more likely that child will be to develop normally.


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Difficult Behavior in Young Children May Point to Later Problems

[Source: Science Daily]

It's normal for a young child to have tantrums and be otherwise disruptive, but researchers have found that if such behavior is prolonged or especially intense, the child may have conduct disorder, a childhood psychiatric problem that could be a harbinger of antisocial behavior.


Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that certain symptoms of conduct disorder indicate problems are likely to continue as kids reach school age. They recommend that children who exhibit these symptoms - among them, high-intensity defiant behavior, aggression and destruction of property - be referred to mental health professionals for evaluation and possible intervention.


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Feds Put New Focus On Down Syndrome

[Source:  Disability Scoop] 


As people with Down syndrome live longer than ever before, the National Institutes of Health is looking to reshape its efforts related to the chromosomal disorder.


The federal agency is tweaking its Down syndrome research priorities and adding a new focus on life's later years and associated conditions.


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Placement of the Week: PT in Fayetteville, AR  

Congratulations, to Lori Y., who just took a position with one of our more progressive clients in the Fayetteville, AR area.     She will be working with collaboratively with PTs, OTs and SLPs to serve youngsters from birth to 18.


Great Job, Lori!

Hot Jobs:  Pediatric Home Health OT and PT or PTA

A growing Home Health agency is is in need of a full time OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST and a PHYSICAL THERAPIST (or PTA) in the Dallas/Irving and Fort Worth areas.  Hours and days are flexible (busiest times are between 8-1PM and 3-6PM)  but typically the therapists work Monday through Thursday and leave Friday open for documentation, makeup visits, evaluations, etc.

The children range in age from 2-10 and have diagnoses such as developmental delays, autism, 

Hot Jobs:  School Psychology Positions Throughout California

Pediastaff is hiring school psychologists for the balance of School Year 14/15 in various locations in California, including the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles areas.  

Typical job description includes Undertaking student assessments,
 coordinating IEP meetings and placement of students in Special Education Programs.


Activity of the Week: Snowman Describing Game  

[Source: Speaking of Speech via Daily Autism Freebie]

Check out this great game for articulation, language and or fluency practice.

Game consists of a variety of different snowman carts.  You can use the game for:

  • /sn/ practice
  • using adjectives
  • asking questions
  • complex phrases
  • details
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Another Seasonal Activity: Hole Punched Hearts  

[Source:  No Time for Flashcards]


This easy Valentine's Day craft was inspired by these hole punch snowflakes we posted years ago. What I love about these hearts aren't just that they are pretty , they are so simple and are a craft that you can put down and start dinner, run to the bust stop to pick up a sibling, or put away until the next day. Using a hold punch is a wonderful tool for building hand strength but make sure you have the right size punch that your child can maneuver to avoid any frustration.


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Recommended Apps: Top Apps of 2014  

To ring off the new year, I wanted to support a great website and vision of Mai Chan and her team at Yapp Guru (which includes the Aubrey Klingensmith of Speechie Apps and Tanya Coyle of the Lexical Linguist, both smart and passionate women). If you haven't checked out Yapp Guru, I encourage you to. It's the "amazon" of apps for therapists. Apps are reviewed by experts, categorized, and voted on by not only by experts in the field, but by treating therapists, educators and parents. It's a


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Another Winter Craftivity: Dotted Mittens 

Editor's Note:  This would be a terrific activity for artic trials!

[Source: Creative Connections for Kids]


It is mitten season! This is a quick and easy craft that even toddlers can make. Choose favorite colors and stickers to decorate these simple mittens. Read a mitten story for a literacy connection too! 


Learn More Through a Link on our Blog

Feeding Therapy Corner: Picky Eaters in the Preschool Classroom

by Melanie Potock, CCC-SLP 


As a pediatric feeding therapist, part of working in the child's natural environmentis making regular preschool visits to offer teachers and staff guidance when a child is not eagerly participating in mealtimes. Whether a child is a selective eater or the more common picky-eater, here are seven tips for teachers that focus on the seven senses involved in food exploration and 


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SLP Corner: Shrinking Speech Therapy Homework Sheets 

by Erik X. Raj

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog post about mini homework sheets. To recap, in the past I've noticed that almost every single time I gave my students some speech therapy homework, a few days later they would almost always confess to me that they were not able to complete the homework because they had lost it. So in an effort to shrink the percentage of homework sheets lost, I came up with the idea to LITERALLY shrink the actual homework sheets.

Yup, I made 'em smaller.

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OT Corner: Is Handwriting Dead?

by the Anonymous OT


I sat across from a set of parents at an IEP meeting. Nice people- no horror stories of anger, frustration, or possible litigation. Just an average conversation about a child I recently began working with in a school setting.

My responsibility was to take over the goals of a previous OT, you know the ones that have like 7-8 different goals nestled into one frustrating, difficult to track run-on sentence? Yeah, we're all guilty of that at some point. Regardless, the conversation was all about handwriting.
The father, quiet and reserved for the most part of the meeting, speaks up to say, "but is handwriting really a necessary skill in this day and age?" 

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: What Can You Do with PVC?

Editor's Note:  Thank you to Carol Zangari for sharing this great e-book!

[Source:  PrAACtical AAC]


This gem of a book from the ATEN Coordinating Unit at Orange County Schools is an oldie, but a goodie! PVC: Practical, Versatile, Cheap AT Supports contains easy-to-follow directions for switch stands, tilting eye gaze frames, mobile floor stands, and much more.


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Literacy Corner: Top 10 Books For Reluctant and Dyslexic Readers

[Source:  The Guardian UK via Reading Rockets]

I was a reluctant reader when I was at school. I think if most of these books this top 10 had been given to me at the right time they would have helped me become a more confident reader. And also to enjoy reading more. Perhaps not Rainbow Fairies. But the rest, certainly.

All these books are all great for encouraging a lifelong love of reading to a child, if introduced at the right time. It is knowing when to read what that is the trick. So I hope you enjoy his list!

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