May 23, 2014
Issue 21, Volume 7
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News Items:
  • New Major Study Finds No Link Between Autism and Childhood Vaccines
  • Kids' Sleep Deficits Can Increase Body Fat, Obesity
  • Vocabulary Held Together in Memory by Keywords
  • Study Probes How Emotions Affect Immune System
  • Young Adults With Autism Find New Source for Job Interview Advice
  • Reading Experience May Change the Brains of Students with Dyslexia
PediaStaff News
  • PediaStaff Hot Jobs of the Week:  Phoenix, Arizona!
  • PediaStaff Placement of the Week: Bilingual SLP in Austin
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Autism Resource of the Week: Summer Break Social Story
  • Product Recommendation: Easy Hole Punch
  • Instagram Post of the Week: SLP Real Life Chuckle 
  • Therapy Activities of the Week: Crazy About Frozen!

Articles and Special Features 

  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: Summer Planning for Children with Selective Mutism
  • SLP Corner: Making the Most of Your CF: A Three-Part Series
  • PT Corner: A Few Examples of the Importance of Postural Control
  • Worth Repeating: 9 Fun Facts About the Schwa
  • Also Worth Repeating: Let's Take Time Out For Play
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Autism and Vaccines in the News:  New Major Study Finds No Link Between Autism and Childhood Vaccines

[Source:  The Daily Mail]

There is no connection between the development of autism with childhood vaccinations, University of Sydney researchers recently found.


The first systematic international review was conducted for the research involved more than 1.25 million children for five cohort studies and a further 9920 for five case-controlled studies.

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Sleep Habits in the News: Kids' Sleep Deficits Can Increase Body Fat, Obesity

[Source: Psych Central] 


Emerging research suggests sleep deficits during infancy and early childhood can increase body fat and obesity for children by as early as age seven.


As noted in the journal Pediatrics, MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) investigators found that insufficient sleep during any period of childhood can influence obesity.


"Our study found convincing evidence that getting less than recommended amounts of sleep across early childhood is an independent and strong risk factor for obesity and adiposity," said Elsie Taveras, M.D., M.P.H., chief of General Pediatrics at MGHfC and lead author of the Pediatrics paper.


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Memory for Language in the News:  Vocabulary Held Together in Memory by Keywords  

[Source:  Medical News Today]


Much like key players in social networks, University of Kansas scientists have found evidence that there are keywords in word networks that hold together groups of words in our memory.


In a study published in the Journal of Memory and Language, Michael Vitevitch, KU professor of psychology, showed that research participants recognized these keywords more quickly and accurately than other words that were like the keywords in many respects except for their position in a network of 20,000 similar-sounding English words that he and colleagues created in 2008.


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The Mind Body Connection in the News:  Study Probes How Emotions Affect Immune System 

Editor's Note:  This is so fascinating.   While it is now widely believed that emotions do affect a person's ability to fight off illness and inflammation, the mechanisms of it were not at all understood.  This study provides a glimpse of how genome-wide activity can be specifically altered by the emotional state of loneliness.   


[Source: Psych Central]


Researchers have long known that emotions can affect health. But it hasn't been clear exactly how feeling stressed or lonely could lead to aches and pains.

The problem has been explaining how the process works at the level of the nervous and immune systems.


For many years, experts in psychoneuroimmunology have searched for the explanation. Now, Steve Cole, Ph.D., from the Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at the University of California, Los Angeles, has uncovered at least part of the mystery.

In his studies, Cole uses genome-wide transcriptional analysis to observe broad patterns of gene expression in cells. This has led to a series of published studies on the link between negative mental states (such as stress or loneliness) and the behavior of the immune system,


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Feel Good Story of the Week:  Young Adults With Autism Find New Source for Job Interview Advice 

[Source:  The Wall Street Journal]


A Computer Program Coaches Applicants on Giving Better Answers


Researchers are developing a new program, named "Molly," to help young autistic adults train for jobs critical for helping them get some independence. Shirley Wang reports on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.   Photo: Simmersion.


Knowing what an employer wants to hear can make all the difference during a job interview.

For adults with an autism-spectrum disorder, those answers can be harder to come by. And without work, they face the prospect of a much less independent life.


But early evidence suggests some job-training programs geared for these individuals appear to improve interview skills and self-confidence.

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Dyslexia Resarch in the News:  Reading Experience May Change the Brains of Students with Dyslexia  

[Source:  The New York Times, Motherlode Blog]


Among the many challenges faced by children with dyslexia (and by their parents and teachers) is the nagging fear that their difficulties with reading are entirely hard-wired: predetermined by their genes and impossible to change. Recent research offers a balm for that fear. It suggests that experience plays a big role in dyslexia, both in exacerbating reading problems and, potentially, in easing them.

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability in the United States, affecting more than 10 percent of the population. Its cause has remained a mystery, however, and over the years scientists have advanced many theories about the biological mechanism leading to dyslexic people's struggles with reading. Recent research has moved us closer to an understanding of where dyslexia starts and how it develops, illuminating the nature of reading itself along the way.


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PediaStaff Hot Jobs of the Week: Phoenix, Arizona!  

SLPs AND OTs NEEDED - Come join the PediaStaff team! Our client is interviewing now for a wonderful school district position in the Phoenix area. They are looking for a two full-time Speech Language Pathologists and an Occupational Therapist to work 40 hours per week for the 2014-2015 school year. 


The therapist would service students from Kindergarten through 8th grade with a wide variety of disabilities. There will be very minimal travel involved.  School experience is strongly preferred. The school district is ready to interview now so apply today! 

PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week:  Bilingual SLP in Austin  

Congratulations to Alejandra Delgado, CCC-SLP.  She is moving to Austin to work for one of PediaStaff's pediatric home health clients there.


She will be working part-time to start 20-25 hours per week and will build her caseload quickly to full time.  She will be working closely with both children and native Spanish speaking parents in this bilingual speech-language position.  She will be primarily serving Travis County, but will occasionally travel beyond.


�Enhorabuena, Alejandra!

Autism Resource of the Week: Summer Break Social Story  

[Source: Daily Autism Freebie] 
Nice Summer Break Social Story on the Daily Autism Freebie Blog!


Download the Summer Break Social Story from the Daily Autism Freebie

Product Recommendation of the Week:  Easy Hole Punch  

[Source:  Your Therapy Source]

I found this one hole puncher at Staples for $2 that is much easier to use than a traditional hole puncher.  In addition, it offers a different type of resistance versus a traditional hole puncher.  Instead of gripping it with the hand, you use it with the finger tips or you could use the palm of the hand.  If held properly in the hand, the resistance is similar to pinching a clothes pin.  A three year old was able to use this type of hole punch without assistance.


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Instagram Post of the Week:   SLP Real Life Chuckle  

Maybe this is why most SLPs when asked, say they are "speech therapists!"   LOL

Thank you @asobimizu90 on Instagram for today's belly laugh!


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Therapy Activities of the Week:   Crazy About Frozen  

Are your students and clients crazy over the latest Disney movie, Frozen?  
Thank You to Smart Apps for Kids for pointing us to both the Over the Big Moon Blog which has shared an three adorable packs of printable activities inspired by (no copyright infringement here!) AND to the Love And Marriage Blog which has a bunch of great Frozen crafts.

Activities in the Printables pack from Over the Big Moon include:

Prewriting Practice Sheets, Cutting Practice - Which one is different? - Finish the Pattern Sheet - Size Sequencing Sheet - Frozen Movie Strip Puzzle - 4-piece Puzzles - Sorting Practice -Counting Practice Cards - Color Olaf -  2-Part Vocabulary Cards - Shadow Matching - Letter Ff Identification - Letter Ee Identification - Letter Aa Identification - Frozen Matching - Letter Aa Sorting Page - Letter Maze - Character Word Tracing - Character Letter Tracing - 1-10 Number Tracing - Do A Dot/Magnet Sheets


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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Summer Planning for Children with Selective Mutism

by Vera Joffe, PhD

I will start this article by talking about a "mom" (I will call her Maria) that I had the pleasure of working with this last summer.  This is not just "one mom" but a fictitious combination of a few moms (and dads) with whom I have had the pleasure to work over the last 10 years.


It was almost the end of the school year when Maria and John (dad) contacted me with questions about Selective Mutism when they talked about their little girl, Emily (a fictitious name), who was finishing preschool. When I first observed Emily at school, she showed a sad face (flat affect), she did not speak with anyone at school, she did not use the bathroom, and she was also inhibited nonverbally (she did not run and play during recess). I am sure you can visualize the child's face 

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SLP Corner: Making the Most of Your CF: A Three-Part Series

by Katie Millican,  M.Ed., SLP-CF


Obtaining a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from ASHA requires completing, at minimum, 9-months of extra supervision under a Speech-Language Pathologist who already has his or her CCC's.   There are several components to the clinical fellowship which you can find here - Certification Standards - but the most important part comes down to planning out each segment of the Clinical Fellowship (CF). As schedules and life naturally throw plans into disruption, a well-laid guide for the year helps keep all parties on tract when regrouping and re-scheduling.


Read this Excellent Three-Part Article on our Blog

Physical Therapy Corner: A Few Examples of the Importance of Postural Control

by Stacy Menz, DPT, DPT, Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist

JR is 5-year-old boy and can't sit in a chair or on the floor for more than 1 or 2 minutes at a time. He's in constant motion and if he focuses on sitting still he can't listen or pay attention to anything else. When in a chair he's sitting on his feet, standing up and down, or moving in his chair so much it's actually moving the chair itself. When on the floor he is either bumping into his friends or rolling around.


KC is a 5-year-old little girl that can sit in a chair or on the floor, although always seems extremely tired. When at the table she is slouched forward in her chair, or leaning 

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Worth Repeating: 9 Fun Facts About the Schwa

Thank You to Ann Kulichik of the SLPeeps Facebook Group for posting this article!


[Source: Mental] 


We all know that English spelling is rarely a good guide to pronunciation. One big reason for this is the prevalence of schwa in the spoken language. That's why dictionaries and other written guides to pronunciation make use of a special symbol to represent the schwa sound. It looks like this: ǝ-an upside down e. But what is schwa anyway? Here are nine things to help you get to know this very important vowel. 

Also Worth Repeating: Let's Take Time Out For Play

[Source: Child Development Club]


by Katherine Collmer, M.ED, OTR/L


Screen-Free Week is an International "Take-Time-Out-For-Play" celebration that reminds us that hands on learning, the good old fashioned "show and tell," remains the optimum teaching strategy for young children. May 5-11, 2014, has been cordoned off as the seven days when parents, teachers, therapists, and caregivers will step back in time and provide little ones with the many joys of learning with their hands. 


They will shout out into the playroom: "Grab a toy and let's play!" The electronic whirligigs will be put to rest and replaced with body movement, eye-opening experiences, and handy projects that will take each child on a personal learning journey. Screen-Free Week will be fun!


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