June 26, 2015
Issue 25, Volume 8
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News Items:
  • Omega-3: Intervention for Childhood Behavioral Problems?
  • Brain Cells Capable of 'Early-Career' Switch
  • Genetic Defect Linked to Visual Impairment in Dyslexics
  • Autism and CAS Often Coincide
  • Backward Walking and Postural Control
Hot Jobs 
  • Hot Jobs: Occupational Therapists in Chicago
  • Hot Jobs: Pediatric Home Health SLPs, OTs, and PTs in San Antonio
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • National Report Offers Insight on Literacy Instruction
  • SLP Resource of the Week: Great Cleft Palate Information in Spanish
  • Book Review: Honey, I Smell Flowers
  • OT Activity of the Week: Find and Draw Summer Puzzle Freebie

Articles and Special Features 

  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: Out Of The Classroom And Into The Woods
  • SLP Video Corner: When No One Diagnosis Fits
  • School Therapy Corner: 3 Things Students Desire to Hear From Teachers
  • OT Corner:  Social Justice in Occupational Therapy: Where to From Here?
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Omega-3: Intervention for Childhood Behavioral Problems

[Source:  Science Daily]


At the forefront of a field known as "neurocriminology," Adrian Raine of the University of Pennsylvania has long studied the interplay between biology and environment when it comes to antisocial and criminal behavior. With strong physiological evidence that disruption to the emotion-regulating parts of the brain can manifest in violent outbursts, impulsive decision-making and other behavioral traits associated with crime, much of Raine's research involves looking at biological interventions that can potentially ward off these behavioral outcomes.


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Brain Cells Capable of 'Early-Career' Switch

[Source:  Medical News Today] 

Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered that the role of neurons - which are responsible for specific tasks in the brain - is much more flexible than previously believed.


By studying sensory neurons in mice, the Salk team found that the malfunction of a single molecule can prompt the neuron to make an "early-career" switch, changing a neuron originally destined to process sound or touch, for example, to instead process vision.

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Genetic Defect Linked to Visual Impairment in Dyslexics

[Source:  Medical News Today]

A risk gene for dyslexia is associated with impairments in visual motion detection, according to a study published May 27 in The Journal of Neuroscience. Mutations in the gene DCDC2 have previously been associated with dyslexia, and this study found that dyslexics with an altered copy of the gene are unable to detect certain types of visual motion.

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Autism and CAS Often Coincide

[Source: Science Daily]


Over the course of a three-year study, 64 percent of children initially diagnosed with autism were found to also have apraxia. The study also showed that the commonly used Checklist for Autism Spectrum Disorder (CASD) accurately diagnoses autism in children with apraxia.

"Children with apraxia have difficulty coordinating the use of their tongue, lips, mouth and jaw to accurately produce speech sounds, so that each time they say the same word, it comes out differently, and even their parents have difficulty understanding them," said Dr. Cheryl Tierney, associate professor of pediatrics.

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Backward Walking and Postural Control

[Source:  Clinical Rehabilitation via Your Therapy Source]

Clinical Rehabilitation published research on 30 children with spastic hemiplegia cerebral palsy to determine the the effect of additional backward walking training on postural control.  The intervention consisted of random assignment into two equal groups where both groups received a traditional physical therapy program for 12 weeks and the experimental group also received backward walking training which was provided 25 min/day, 3 days/week for 3 successive months.


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Placement of the Week:  School Psychologist - Portland Metro

Congratulations to Deana K., on her new job in the Portland Metro Area!

Deana is from moving from Alaska and will be working in a local public school, implementing RTI and positive behavior intervention support. 

Hot Job of the Week: Occupational Therapist - Chicago, IL

Looking for a new opportunity? We have several Occupational Therapy positions available in the Chicago area!

We are seeking therapists for both school and clinic settings. Full-time, part-time, and even flexible positions are available! 


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Featured Job of the Week:  Home Health Therapists - San Antonio, TX 

Come join our team of motivated and excited therapists and assistants who are working to make a difference in the lives of children in the San Antonio area! 


We are interviewing now to add an Occupational Therapist (OT), a Physical Therapist (PT), and a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) to our team of 60+. These positions will begin in the June/July time-frame! It is your choice to work Full or Part-time!


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Resource of Week: Nat'l Report Offers Literacy Instruction Insight 

[Source:  Education Week]

Early-grades reading instruction has long been a central point of emphasis-and concern-for educators and policymakers. That's in large part owing to a provocative body of research showing that students who don't read with proficiency by the end of 3rd grade are far more likely to experience poor academic outcomes, including leaving school without a diploma. This Education Week special report takes a wide-ranging look at new efforts to address the challenges of early-grades reading instruction.


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SLP Resource of the Week: Great Cleft Palate Info in Spanish  

[Source: Bilinguistics] 

Dr. Cate Crowley from Columbia University in New York has come out with some great cleft palate information in Spanish for parents as well as professionals in other countries. I contacted her when I went to Guatemala with Austin Smiles. I distributed her 2012 videos to parents and employees of the hospital there. They were wonderful for training many parents at once. She has come out with some new resources that we'd like to share.


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Book Review:  Honey, I Smell Flowers  

[Source:  Lash & Associates]

"A mother's worst nightmare."
Those are the words so often used to express a mother's greatest fear that her child will die or be seriously injured. For Ruth Ann Bartels whose child survived a severe brain injury, she lived with this nightmare as she sat by her daughter's bedside fearing her death. Then came the questions of what her life would be like if she survived.

Her book is aptly titled, Honey I Smell the Flowers. She explains that these were the last words she spoke to her husband as they were traveling to warmer climates for their winter vacation. That was just before she got the phone call that her daughter Michelle had been badly injured in a car crash and was in an ambulance. The following days, weeks and months brought emergency trauma care, hospitalization, grueling rehabilitation, and endless appointments with specialists and therapists.

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OT Activity of Week: Find and Draw Summer Puzzle Freebie

[Source: Your Therapy Source] 


Here is a free sample page to challenge visual discrimination and visual motor skills 


Download it Through a Link on our Blog

Peds Therapy Corner: Out Of The Classroom And Into The Woods

[Source: NPR.org]

Kids in the U.S. are spending less time outside. Even in kindergarten, recess is being cut back. But in the small town of Quechee, Vt., a teacher is bucking that trend: One day a week, she takes her students outside - for the entire school day.

It's called Forest Monday.

Eliza Minnucci got the idea after watching a documentary about a forest school in Switzerland where where kids spend all day, every day, out in the woods.

"I would do that in a heartbeat," she thought to herself. Then reality hit. "We're in a public school in America. That's not going to happen."

But her principal at the Ottauquechee School in central Vermont surprised her by saying: Try it.

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SLP Video Corner: When No One Diagnosis Fits

[Source:  Teach Me To Talk]

Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP as she answers a mother's questions about her little boy who is a "mystery" to his evaluators. Will NOT having a firm diagnosis negatively affect treatment outcomes? Can we select a treatment approach without a diagnosis? Listen in as we discuss her questions. Here's the link where the original question was posted so you can read my written response to her. The question was from May 20 from "Mom."

Listen To This AudioCast Through a Link on our Blog

School Tx Corner: 3 Things Students Desire to Hear From Teachers

[Source: Edutopia]

by Dr. Lori Desautels


A year and a half ago, I decided that I needed to return to the K-12 classrooms and really experience ground-level teaching, testing, core standards, differentiating, and emotionally connecting with children and adolescents in ways I had not for many years. I have been and still am an assistant professor in the school of education at Marian University, but the environments, experiences, and my own learning have grown and changed immensely from returning to the classroom 18 months ago. 


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OT Corner: Social Justice in OT: Where to From Here?

[Source:  ABC Therapeutics]

After a multi-year debate there was some small capitulation regarding the social justice language in the AOTA Code of Ethics.  The previous section labeled 'Principle 4: Social Justice' was removed and replaced with a more generic section on 'Justice' that focuses on procedural aspects of the Justice construct.  A passing reference to a social justice construct was included in the Preamble.

It is difficult to know if it is even fair to say 'capitulation' because we have not had precise commentary from the Ethics Commission on those changes.  What we have are the comments

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