June 27, 2014
Issue 26, Volume 7
It's All About the Choices!     

Well summer really IS in the air.   School is out, vacations are in full swing and its getting hot out there. Here is our weekly newsletter to keep your brain tuned up!   
News Items:
  • Psychosis Risk from Early Childhood Bereavement
  • Research finds inner-ear dysfunction is common to ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism
  • Breastfeeding Helps Children Grow Friendly Gut Bacteria
  • Child Focused and Context Focused Therapy Are Equally Effective 
  • Promising Results from Clinical Trial of Rett Syndrome Drug
  • To 'Immunize' Kids Against Illiteracy, Break Out A Book In Infancy
PediaStaff News
  • Alaska and Adventure are Calling
  • PediaStaff Job of the Week: School based PT - Reisterstown, MD
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • OT Activity of the Week:  3 Pre-Writing Activities Using Craft Sticks
  • Therapy Idea of the Week: Spelling with Tin Can Drums
  • More Therapy Ideas of the Week: Stick & Say Alphabet Game
  • Free App of the Week: Chain of Thought 

Articles and Special Features 

  • SLP Corner: 3 Things Great Speech-Language Pathologists Never Do
  • Physical Therapy Corner: Are Car Seat Travel Systems Bad for Baby?
  • OT Corner:  Mandating Doctoral Education for Entry Level Occupational Therapy Practice
  • Worth Repeating: How Cursive can Help Students with Dyslexia Connect the Dots
  • Also Worth Repeating: Worth Repeating: How Games Lead Kids to the Good Stuff: Understanding Context
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Psychosis Risk from Early Childhood Bereavement

[Source:  Psych Central]


The stress of bereavement in early childhood may increase the risk of a future psychotic disorder, a recent study indicates.


"Suicide of a close family member brings the highest risk," said researchers led by Professor Kathryn Abel of Manchester University, U.K. Her team reports there is evidence that maternal stress can adversely affect infants, adding that this has "important implications for both public health and mental health."


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Inner-ear Dysfunction Common to ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism

[Source:  Special Ed Post] 


Two recent studies in Pediatrics have shown that ADHD is comorbid with language and anxiety disorders. And prior research has indicated that ADHD, dyslexia or LD and Autism overlap with each other as well as additional impairments involving mood, balance and coordination, etc. Since these combined disorders may affect more than 30% of the population and remain incompletely understood, further clarification is vital to millions of suffering individuals as well as those caring for and treating them.


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Breastfeeding Helps Children Grow Friendly Gut Bacteria

[Source:  Medical News Today]


The presence of lactic acid bacteria in intestinal flora is important for the healthy development of the immune system in children's early years. Now, a Danish study that tracked over 300 children in their first 3 years of life, found that longer breastfeeding encouraged lactic acid bacteria to flourish in their guts for longer.


The study, led by the National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU-Food) in S´┐Żborg, is published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Previous studies have shown that breastfed babies tend to be a little slimmer and grow more slowly than formula-fed infants. Breastfeeding has also been linked to lower risk of obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and allergies later in life


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Child Focused and Context Focused Therapy Are Equally Effective

[Source:  Your Therapy Source via the Can Child Centre]


A group of researchers at the CanChild Centre in Canada completed research comparing child focused therapy and context focused therapy for children with cerebral palsy.  The participants included 128 children with cerebral palsy who received one sessions of therapy per week by an OT or PT of either child focused therapy or context focused therapy.  


The child focused therapy consisted of therapy sessions trying to change the child's mobility, body alignment, muscle strength and coordination.   Therapy also focused on improving a child's skills through practicing movements and activities.


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Promising Results from Clinical Trial of Rett Syndrome Drug  

[Source:  Medical News Today]


Rett syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes mental retardation, autism, and physical deformities, has no cure. However, a small clinical trial has found that a growth factor known as IGF1 can help treat some symptoms of the disease.


Children who received the drug for four weeks showed improvements in mood and anxiety, as well as easier breathing, in a trial led by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital. MIT scientists first identified IGF1 as a possible treatment for Rett syndrome in 2009.


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To Immunize Kids Against Illiteracy, Break Out A Book In Infancy   

[Source:  NPR.org]


AUDIE CORNISH, HOST:   It's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Audie Cornish. Read to your children.   This isn't the first time you've heard that advice. But now parents with infants will start hearing it officially from pediatricians starting from birth. The American Academy of Pediatrics announced new guidance today for parents to quote, "immunize their children against illiteracy." 


To find out more, I spoke with Susan Neuman, Professor of Early Childhood and Literacy Education at New York University. She says, this all might sound obvious but researchers have found there's even more to it.


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Alaska and Adventure are Calling  

If you're looking for an adventure like no other in the US, if you enjoy cold weather activities and the great outdoors,  and if you seek the challenge as a professional to work with kids from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, then Alaska is calling.  PediaStaff has clients throughout Alaska seeking qualified SLPs, OTs and School Psychologists to join them for the 2014-15 school year from August to May.  You'll experience a supportive work environment, a team atmosphere and have access to plenty of friendly advice about living in the area if you just ask!  Therapists who have worked in AK have told us that they wouldn't trade their experiences for anything...what they learned about themselves, the environment, and the natives was well worth the journey.  Allow us to pay the way so you can experience this life changing adventure as a working resident in the Last Frontier! 

Featured Job of the Week:  School Based PT - Reistertown, MD

We are working with a school district located northwest of Baltimore, and they have a need for a Physical Therapist to work full-time during the school year. They also have part-time hours available during the summer as part of their ESY program. Therapist must have at least one year of school experience. Client is ready to interview now! More details to follow. 

Qualifications: Must hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy; a current state license (or eligible) if applicable.


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OT Activity of Week:  3 Pre-Writing Activities Using Craft Sticks  

Here are three simple activities using craft sticks to help learn horizontal, vertical and diagonal pre-writing strokes.  Using the craft sticks makes the child associate linear objects with lines and provides a more kinesthetic approach versus just drawing lines.  Find out more information about the activities 


Download these Activities Through a Link on our Blog

Therapy Idea of the Week:  Spelling with Tin Can Drums  

Editor's Note:  We just found this fantastic blog. Check out "And Next Comes L" 
My boys like to make noise and banging on drums is just one way that they do it.  We have explored tempo using drumsplayed rainbow drums on the light table, and made bucket drums in the past.  However, I wanted to somehow incorporate some literacy learning into a drum activity, especially since J is reading, spelling, and writing, and K is already reading quite a few words by sight too.  

Learn More About this Idea Through a Link on Our Blog

More Therapy Ideas of the Week:  Stick & Say Alphabet Game  

[Source:  Discover, Explore, Learn] 

We've been spring cleaning this week, and purging for an upcoming move next month.  My favorite part about moving is going through all of our belonging and getting rid of the items we don't use anymore.

I'm such a minimalist, that I find this task to be almost therapeutic.


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Free App of the Week:  Chain of Thought  

Editor's Note: Here is a great game for your High School speech and language clients!


[Source: Bridging Apps]


Chain of Thought is a game of word association for teens and adults. The app has three levels of play Easy, Medium and Difficult. The option is available for solo play, pass'n play and online play.


The game begins with a single word inside the silhouette of a brain such as jet. The user is presented with ten words to try to make a compound word. For example, jet - pack, rat, etc. After the user links five words together, they are given another set of words. This continues until they cannot make any more words.


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SLP Corner: 3 Things Great SLPs Never Do

by Erik X. Raj - MS, CCC-SLP


I'm one of the luckiest speech-language pathologists out there because I have some of the best colleagues. These clinicians, who I very affectionately call my friends, posses marvelous qualities that make them stand out amongst the crowd. They truly shine, but not necessarily because of what they DO do, it's because of what they DON'T do. That sentence might sound a bit confusing, but bare with me, it'll make sense once you keep reading. Here's a collection of 3 things that great SLPs never do. It's my hope that by highlighting the things they NEVER do, you will have the opportunity to evaluate yourself in a helpful manner that will allow you to stay on track towards becoming the best possible SLP that YOU can be.


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PT Corner: Are Car Seat Travel Systems Bad for Baby?

[Source: Mama OT]

I am so excited to have pediatric physical therapist Chanda Jothen here today! Chanda has a passion for empowering parents to promote their babies' physical development. She has some great information to share about how car seat travel systems can influence babies' health and development. I hope you find it helpful!


As parents we put a great deal of research into finding the best infant car seat and travel system for our babies, and rightfully so. We want the best and safest seat for our 


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OT Corner: Mandating Doctoral Education for Entry Level OTs

[Source:  The ABC Therapeutics Blog]


The American Occupational Therapy Association Board of Directors has issued a position statement that future occupational therapists will need to be doctorally prepared for entry-level practice by 2025.  They have arrived at this recommendation after undergoing an insular process that neglected to engage broad stakeholder participation.

I understand that this is a weighty charge, so I will outline the evidence as clearly as possible.

The AOTA Board informed their decision on two workgroups: one an Ad Hoc Board Committee on the Future of OT Education chaired by Dr. Thomas Fisher and the other an internal subcommittee of the Board itself that reviewed the Ad Hoc Committee's findings.


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Worth Repeating: How Cursive can Help Students with Dyslexia

[Source: PBS News Hour]


Alec Falconer knew for years that he had a problem with words and letters. The young man who is now in 9th grade struggled in school for nearly a decade before his learning difficulty was diagnosed as dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language processing disorder that can hinder reading, writing, spelling and sometimes even speaking.


"When I first found out I was dyslexic I was a little stunned," said Falconer.


"During elementary school and middle school, I've never had to write in cursive. My teachers let me just write in print," Falconer said.

Also Worth Repeating: How Games Lead Kids to the Good Stuff

[Source:  Mind Shift]
Those who still think of content as the driving force of education may not be ready for game-based learning.  What do we mean by "content"? In this age of digital media, "content" is what web designers, TV producers, and media moguls talk about. Articles, TV shows, YouTube videos, photos - that's all content. In the classroom, what we usually call content is what students have retained if teachers have met their learning objectives.

The underlying assumption of an education system that relies so heavily on test-based assessment is that content is what matters. We even call it "subject matter." In some ways, it's true that content matters - as long as we interpret the language so that 'matters' is used as a verb. Understand that "what matters" is that which is in the process of matter-ing, the process 


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