November 11, 2016
Issue 45, Volume 9
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News Items:
  • Sertraline, Improves Functioning in Young Children With Fragile X
  • Motor Performance and Social-Communicative Impairment in Children with ADHD
  • Mindfulness Skills Show Promise in Treating Kids' Anxiety
  • Dogs Can Ease Stress in Families with Autistic Child
  • IDEA Applies To Online Schools Too
  • Infants Develop Early Understanding of the Early Nature of Food
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Hot Job!  School SLPA - Shelton, Washington
  • Hot Job!  Pediatric OT - Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Hot Job!  School-Based SLP - Westminister, California
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Sight Word Lunchbox Notes
  • Resources of the Week: Thanksgiving Ideas and Freebies from Chapel Hill Snippets
  • Printable Emotions Mix-Up Game
  • Find the Differences Visual Discrimination Freebie
Articles and Special Features 
  • OT Corner: Fine Motor Activities to Encourage Good Pencil Grip
  • Autism Corner: How to cope with the Thanksgiving Feasting and Hubbub
  • PT Corner: 6 Things Parents Should Know About Core Stability and the Development of Movement
  • Sensory Corner: Growing Up With Sensory Processing Disorder
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Sertraline, Improves Functioning in Young Children With Fragile X
[Source: Science Daily]
Treatment with sertraline may provide nominal but important improvements in cognition and social participation in very young children with fragile X syndrome, the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability and the leading single-gene cause of autism, a study by researchers with the UC Davis MIND Institute has found.

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Motor Performance & Social-Communicative Impairment in Kids with ADHD
[Source:  Your Therapy Source]
The Journal of Attention Disorders published research on 11 children with ADHD - Combined Type (ADHD-CT) and 10 typically developing children as the control group.  Each child participated in an upper limb Fitts' aiming task to measure motor performance and the Social Responsiveness Scale t0 measure social-communicative/autistic impairment.
The following results were recorded:
  1. Children with ADHD-CT displayed greater variability in their movements, as seen with increased error variance over repeated aiming trials compared with TD controls.
  2. Motor performance variability was associated with social-communicative deficits in the ADHD-CT but not in the TD group.
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Mindfulness Skills Show Promise in Treating Kids' Anxiety
[Source:  PsychCentral]
Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric conditions for children and teens. While antidepressants are frequently used to treat youth with anxiety disorders, sometimes, antidepressants may be poorly tolerated in children who are at high risk of developing bipolar disorder.

A new study by researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) explores how cognitive therapy that uses mindfulness techniques such as meditation, quiet reflection, and facilitator-led discussion, may serve as an adjunct to pharmacological treatments. 

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Dogs Can Ease Stress in Families with Autistic Child
Editor's Note:  More Peer Reviewed Research on Pet Therapy and Autism!

[Source: Psych Central]

A pet dog can act as a significant stress reducer for families who have a child with  autismspectrum disorder (ASD), according to a new study at the University of Lincoln, UK.
The findings show a reduction in the number of dysfunctional interactions between parent and child among families who own a dog, and these anti-stress benefits appear to get stronger over time.

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IDEA Applies To Online Schools Too
Students with disabilities are entitled to special education services and supports even if they attend school online, the U.S. Department of Education says.

As public virtual schools - those that have no physical campus and rely on computers and other telecommunications - proliferate, federal officials say they're increasingly fielding questions about how the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act applies.

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Infants Develop Early Understanding of Social Nature of Food
[Source: Science Daily]
Infants develop expectations about what people prefer to eat, providing early evidence of the social nature through which humans understand food, according to a new study conducted at the University of Chicago.
The study, published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found infants expect people to share food preferences unless they belong to different social groups. Their understanding changes when it comes to disgust toward a food, with infants expecting such reactions to transcend the boundaries of social groups.

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PediaStaff has a fantastic school opportunity for a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant SLPA in the Shelton area working 5 days per week, 7 hour days. Three days per week would be at an elementary school site, and two days per week would be with secondary students.

* Location is Shelton, WA, west of Olympia and commutable from there
* Beautiful small waterfront town close to all of the outdoor recreation for which Washington is 
  known - a dream job for any SLPA
* Great hourly pay rates based on your experience, plus benefits

Learn About / Apply for This Job on our Blog
Awesome opportunity for an Occupational Therapist in one of the prize locations in the middle of the U.S....Hot Springs, Arkansas!  Join our team and help us open our new facility and grow our impact on the children of this welcoming community.  Water sports, hiking, biking...outdoor mecca!  Wonderful places to eat and shop...close to Little Rock..the State Capital!

Here are some details to consider:
*  OTR will join PT, and SLP in a team approach to treating children from Birth - 21 years of age
*  New clinic with open gym area and several private treatment  rooms if needed
*  Co-located with Outpatient Sports Medicine can use some of their area and equipment
    if needed

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Southern Los Angeles, in Southern California is where we are seeking a Speech-Language Pathologist in Westminister, CA

* Employee or Independent Contractor Option (for part time) is available
* Caseloads and locations to be determined based on your background and preferred  geography
* Generous Pay Rates, Medical Benefits or stipend offered, Sign-on Bonus in some areas
* Bilingual Spanish Caseloads in some areas.
* Experienced SLP or CFY positions are available

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SLP Idea of the Week:  Sight Word Lunchbox Notes  
Editor's Note:  Here is a great activity to share with the parents and caregivers of your students/clients!

[Source:  No Time For Flashcards]

Packing school lunches is not my favorite job as a mom but it's more fun when you add a little flair. As you might imagine my idea of flair also comes with a learning agenda. Yep, lunchbox notes packed with sight words! When 3M asked me to share a back to school idea in a sponsored post using their products I had 1000 ideas because I use Post-it® Notes like crazy (seriously, here's the proof). But I settled on this simple idea because my daughter loves lunchbox notes.

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Source:  Chapel Hill Snippets]

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and if I can teach children to say thank you for their many blessings, I feel I've done my job well.  Here is a small collection of what I've shared over the past two years.  I'll be adding on, so check back.

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Printable Emotions Mix-Up Game
[Article and Image Source:  733]

As a mom of an adopted child that has a hard time recognizing and expressing negative emotions, I am all about finding ways to talk about emotions with my children, so I really am looking forward to checking out this new movie with her. We have an emotion wheel that we use when discussing her day, and she has a journal that she has to write in each night to help her determine how her day went and what emotions she experienced, but I am always looking for other ways to discuss emotions with not only her, but with my younger two as well. 

After seeing the fun facial expressions on the Inside Out Plush Dolls and in the movie trailer, I started thinking that it would be neat to create a game that the kids could play on the gloomy, rainy days that we've been having. After a bit of brainstorming I came up with this fun Emotions Mix-Up Game.

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Find the Differences Visual Discrimination Freebie
[Source:  Your Therapy Source]

Can you use your visual discrimination and visual scanning skills to find and circle the five differences in this picture?
The best thing about this puzzle is that it is not too difficult.  Some of the puzzles that are available for children to spot the differences are very hard to complete and children get frustrated.  These puzzles are all in black and white and present a child with a "just right" challenge.

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Autism Corner: How to Cope with Thanksgiving Feasting and Hubbub
[Source: Autism Speaks]

"We have a big extended family full of good cooks. So Thanksgiving is a big deal. Unfortunately it often doesn't end well for our 13-year-old who has autism. The combination of family hubbub and limitless food tends to be too much. Do you have some tips for avoiding the usual meltdown and, er, "upheaval."

Today's "Food for Thought" response is from behavior analyst Kara Reagon, Autism Speaks associate director for dissemination science.
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OT Corner:  Fine Motor Activities to Encourage Good Pencil Grip
[Source:  The Melissa and Doug Blog]
These play-based fine motor activities are provided for the Melissa & Doug blog by  Cindy Utzinger,  pediatric Occupational Therapist.

Holding a pencil correctly- why does something that looks so easy seem so hard to teach our kids?  Using a mature pencil grasp (one that involves just the thumb and index finger or thumb, index, and middle fingers on the pencil) is a hard skill for many kids to grasp (no pun intended!). About 50% of 3 years olds can use a mature pencil grip but you really want to see a mature grip begin to emerge by around 4 years old.

PT Corner:   What to Know Abt Core Stability & the Development of Movement
[Source: HeartSpace PT]

1. Core stability is not created by the strength a muscle.
New research over the past 20 years has taught us that core stability is not equal to the strength of stomach or back or hip muscles. Because we now understand that core stability has as much to do with the brain as it has to do with the muscles, we no longer think of it as a strength issue.

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Sensory Corner: Growing Up With Sensory Processing Disorder
Editor's Note:  Check out this interview with Lindsey Biel, co-author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child.   A friend of PediaStaff, Lindsey recently sent us this interview and video article to share with you, our readers.

[Source:  Fox News Health]
When Joanne Sciortino brought her 8-month-old daughter Victoria home from a Russian orphanage, she knew something wasn't quite right.
"From immediately being on the train and watching her rock herself in such a violent way- you knew she was trying to calm her body," Joanne told

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