July 28, 2017
Issue 20, Volume 10
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News Items:
  • Chances to Treat Childhood Dementia
  • Understanding Genetic Synergy in Cleft Palate 
  • Microdystrophin Restores Muscle Strength in DMD in Dogs
  • Autism Severity Detected with Brain Activity Test
  • Autism Drama Set To Debut On ABC 
  • High-Fat Diet in Pregnancy Can Cause Mental Health Problems in Offspring
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Part-time School-Based SLP - Ashland, OR
  • School-Based SLP - Bourbonnais, IL
  • School-Based - SLP - Greeley, CO
  • Outpatient Pediatric OT - Lake Bluff, IL
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Unicorn Find and Color Freebie!
  • DIY Chalk Spray Paint
  • Free App For a Limited Time: Mosaics
  • Sequencing Mini-Book with Emotion Words
Articles and Special Features 
  • Deaf Ed Corner: Fierce Debate Over Sign-Language Use by Some Deaf Students
  • Educator's Corner:  The Power of Story in the Classroom
  • Autism Corner: Setting Functional Literacy Goals
  • EI Corner: The Lifecycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program
  • Literacy Corner: Why Everyone Benefits from Including Students with Autism in Literacy Classrooms
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Chances to Treat Childhood Dementia
[Source:  Medical X-Press]

Although dementia is most often seen in adults, childhood or adolescent dementia does occur. A team of researchers from the University of W├╝rzburg believes that established therapeutic drugs might be effective against childhood dementia.

Childhood dementia is an inherited disorder that affects the metabolism of the brain. Initial symptoms include degeneration of sight followed by epileptic seizures, blindness, deafness, dementia and early death.

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Understanding Genetic Synergy in Cleft Palate]
[Source: Medical News Today]

Like all of the individual elements of fetal development, palate growth is a marvel of nature. In part of this process, ledges of tissue on the sides of the face grow downwards on each side of the tongue, then upward, fusing at the midline at the top of the mouth. The vast majority of the time, this process goes correctly. However, some part of it goes awry for the 2,650 babies born in the United States each year with cleft palates and the thousands more born worldwide with the defect.

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Microdystrophin Restores Muscle Strength in DMD in Dogs
[Source:  Medical X-Press]

Researchers from Genethon, the AFM-Telethon laboratory, Inserm (UMR) and the Royal Holloway University of London demonstrated the efficacy of an innovative gene therapy in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

Indeed, after injecting microdystrophin (a "shortened" version of the dystrophin gene) via a drug vector, the researchers managed to restore muscle strength and stabilise the clinical symptoms in dogs naturally affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy. A first. This work, published today in Nature 

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Autism Severity Detected with Brain Activity Test
[Source:  Medical X-Press]

UCLA researchers have discovered that children with autism have a tell-tale difference on brain tests compared with other children. Specifically, the researchers found that the lower a child's peak alpha frequency-a number reflecting the frequency of certain brain waves-the lower their non-verbal IQ was. This is the first study to highlight peak alpha frequency as a promising biomarker to not only differentiate children with autism from typically developing children, but also to detect the variability in cognitive function among children with autism.

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Autism Drama Set To Debut On ABC
[Source:  Disability Scoop]

A new prime-time drama with a lead character on the spectrum will premiere this fall.

ABC said this week that it will debut "The Good Doctor" on Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET.
The hourlong show stars Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon who has autism and savant syndrome.

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High-Fat Diet in Pregnancy Can Cause Mental Health Problems in Offspring
[Source: Science Daily]

A high-fat diet not only creates health problems for expectant mothers, but new research in an animal model suggests it alters the development of the brain and endocrine system of their offspring and has a long-term impact on offspring behavior. The new study links an unhealthy diet during pregnancy to mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression in children.

"Given the high level of dietary fat consumption and maternal obesity in developed nations, these findings have important implications for the mental health of future generations," the researchers report.

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We are searching for a speech-language pathologist for a part-time school contract assignment located near Ashland, OR. The therapist will treat students in middle school and high school, 2.5 days/week. Scheduling is flexible and the position begins in late August and ends in June 2018.  This is a wonderful area filled with theaters, brewpubs, wineries and artisan cuisine. For the more adventurous, enjoy the great outdoors with Rogue River and Table Rocks - just a stone's throw away.

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A leader in providing special education services seeks a Speech Language Pathologist to join their team in Bourbonnais, IL

* Both full time and part time applicants will be considered
* Serving adolescents and young adults, ages 3 through 22 (inclusive).
* Therapeutic services provided to students with SED/BD/LD along with a program for students with Developmental Disabilities including Autism.
* A multi-disciplinary team develops IEP goals based on data collection through informal and formal assessment results.

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We have a wonderful full-time school opportunity in the Greeley area for several Speech-Language Pathologists. The positions are 37.5 hours per week for the 2017-2018 school year. They have an opportunity with various ages: one with preschool, one with high school and one with middle school

*  We have three openings, and they will try to place you according to your preference
*  Therapist will work at multiple school sites in close proximity to one another. Caseloads 

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A large outpatient clinic (multi-disciplinary) in the Lake Bluff area (40 miles north of Chicago) is in search of an Occupational Therapist full time to start as soon as possible!

*  Tuesday - Saturday (during the week expect to work until at least 7:00PM and possibly 8:00PM one night a week/Saturdays from 9:00AM - 1:00PM
*  Open to new grads depending on experience
*  autism, ADHD, sensory processing, fine motor delays, etc....

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Unicorn Find and Color Freebie!
[Source: Your Therapy Source]

This unicorn find and color activity is a freebie from the Unicorn Sensory Motor Packet.  Children can practice visual discrimination skills, visual scanning and visual motor skills with this printable.

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DIY Chalk Spray Paint
[Source:  The Imagination Tree]

Make some DIY chalk spray paint for some outdoor art and creativity with a fun twist this summer! Such a simple recipe using just three ingredients for hours of playful, creative fun!

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Free App For a Limited Time: Mosaics
[Source: Bridging Apps]

Mosaics, by the developer Step by Step, is an engaging app that is part of a suite of game-based learning tools designed for early childhood learning. Mosaics allows the user to manipulate through drag-and-drop technology to arrange colorful shapes into interesting mosaics. Users can test their matching skills by recreating a variety of templates, which the user can choose based on the level of difficulty or complexity. This app is an ideal platform for teaching shapes, colors and pattern recognition, and can be used a platform for beginner math.

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Sequencing Mini-Book with Emotion Words
[Source:  Activity Tailor]

Sequencing is one of those skills that we take for granted-of course you need to put toothpaste on the toothbrush before you brush your teeth-but most of our little ones need explicit instruction to fully comprehend the beginning, middle and end of an event or activity.  Does it really matter?

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Deaf Ed Corner: Fierce Debate Over Sign-Language Use
[Source Education Week]

New research is stirring fierce debate over the use of sign language among young deaf children who use surgical implants that create a sense of sound.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, suggests that the long-term use of sign language holds back the speech and reading skills of children who use devices known as cochlear implants. These implants bypass damaged parts of the ear and send electrical impulses directly to a user's auditory nerve.

Educator's Corner:  The Power of Story in the Classroom
[Source:  Education Week Teacher]

There is something incredibly compelling about a well-told story. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools we possess. For most of human history, oral stories were the primary way that knowledge and tradition were passed down through generations. But the modern classroom is often devoid of stories. Information is most often delivered through bland lectures and textbooks, only to be discarded.

Autism Corner: Setting Functional Literacy Goals
[Source:  The Autism Helper]

There is a misconception that academic and functional mutually exclusive. We for some reason got stuck in this thinking that tells us that instruction and activities are either academic or functional but cannot be both. When our students get older and we begin to transition to more functional tasks - that doesn't mean that we are leaving academics behind. It's our 

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EI Corner: The Lifecycle Benefits of an Influential EC Program
[Source:  Heckman Equation.org]

This paper estimates the large array of long-run benefits of an influential early childhood program targeted to disadvantaged children and their families. It is evaluated by random assignment and follows participants through their mid-30s. The program is a prototype for numerous interventions currently in place around the world. It has substantial beneficial 
Literacy Corner:  Everyone Benefits From Including Students w/Autism in Literacy Classrooms
[Source:  Reading Rockets]

Belle Gardner (not her real name) is the principal of a Maine elementary school enrolling about 240 students. During 2007-2008, 8 of those students had autism spectrum labels-nearly four times as many as would be predicted by figures on the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in the general population (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007). Although some will do so with testing modifications such as extended time or teacher scribing of their written responses, all 8 are or will be required to take the state language arts assessment for third through eighth graders.

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