January 30, 2015
Issue 4, Volume 8
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News Items:
  • Exercise Improves Brain Function in Young Adults
  • Imaging Study Finds Unique Brain Patterns Among Those with Autism
  • This Young Man with Autism Can't Speak but Watch Him Sing His Heart Out
  • Study Gives New Genetic Insight to Fragile X Syndrome
  • Co-Teaching Handwriting
  • Gender Differences and Handwriting
Hot Jobs 
  • Hot Job: Pediatric Outpatient Occupational Therapist - Fayetteville, AR
  • Hot Job: Pediatric EI Occupational Therapist - Fayetteville, NC
  • Hot Jobs: EI SLPs Amador, Calaveras and Tuolomne Counties, CA
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Paper Plate Penguin Craft for Kids
  • Sensory Activity of the Week: Homemade Kinetic Sand
  • Valentine's Paper Bag Owl Puppet
  • Book Review: A New Friend for Marmalade

Articles and Special Features 

  • SLP Corner: Grade Retention and Dyslexia - Why Kids Don't Outgrow Dyslexia
  • Autism Corner:  Asperger's Children and Lack of Reciprocity in Social Interactions
  • Career Development Corner - The Emperor Wears Clothes
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: Social Skills And ADHD
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Exercise Improves Brain Function in Young Adults

[Source Medical News Today]

Regular exercise improves brain activity in young adults, says a new study. The conclusion runs counter to the popular belief that because they are in their prime and the peak of their cognitive ability, young adult brains do not benefit from exercise in the same way as older brains.


The new study found that young women who exercised regularly had higher oxygen availability in the frontal lobe of the brain and performed best on difficult cognitive tasks compared to counterparts who exercised less. 

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Imaging Study Finds Unique Brain Patterns In Those with Autism

[Source:  Psych Central]


Unfortunately, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) remains a condition that presents more questions than answers.


Some studies have found a lack of connection or synchronization between different parts of the brain while other studies have found the exact opposite - an over-synchronization in the brains of those with ASD.


Now, new research by scientists at the Weizmann Institute and Carnegie Mellon University suggests that the various reports of both over- and under-connectivity may, in fact, reflect a deeper principle of brain function.

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This Young Man with Autism Can't Speak but Watch Him Sing His Heart Out

[Source:  The Autism News]


Ronan Keating's smash hit "When You Say Nothing At All" has sold millions of copies worldwide and been performed by artists across the globe.

But when one handsome young man from Manchester in England walks on to a stage and sings the poignant lyrics, the words resonate with his audience in the most heart-rending of ways.

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Study Gives New Genetic Insight to Fragile X Syndrome

[Source: Medical News Today] 


Researchers have furthered their knowledge of fragile X syndrome - the most common known cause of inherited intellectual disability - thanks to a patient with a mutation in a specific gene exhibiting some of the disorder's symptoms.


The new insight given by the study could have an impact on the development of treatments for fragile X syndrome.

Usually, fragile X syndrome is caused by the disabling of the fragile X mental retardation (FMR1) gene responsible for creating a protein - fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP). FMRP is used to regulate electrical signals in the brain.


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Co-Teaching Handwriting

[Source:  AJOT via Your Therapy Source]

The American Journal of Occupational Therapy published research on a handwriting and writing program co-taught by teachers and occupational therapists for first-grade students. The study consisted of 4 classrooms (n = 80) receiving the Write Start co-teaching program, and four (n = 58) receiving regular handwriting and writing instruction. The co-teaching consisted of 2 teachers and 1 occupational therapist for 24-sessions.  The sessions included station teaching and individualized supports with a focus on practice in small groups.  The coteaching team provided students with frequent feedback, encouraged self-evaluation, and facilitated peer modeling and peer evaluation.


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Gender Differences and Handwriting 

[Source:  British Journal of Occupational Therapy via Your Therapy Source] 


Previous research has indicated differences in handwriting based on gender such as girls have often been shown to write faster and more legibly both in elementary school and in higher grades.  Although some research on the underlying components of handwriting has been done to determine why these differences may exist, very little has been explored regarding cognitive skills or self awareness. 


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Hot Job of the Week:  Pediatric Outpatient OT - Fayetteville, AR

Experienced Pediatric Occupational Therapist and COTA needed to join our professional team in the Fayetteville area, providing quality year round services to a wonderful population of children in a daycare and outpatient clinic setting.  Join this "not-for-profit" organization with multiple facilities across the western part of Arkansas!  You would be scheduled for up to 22 units per day. 

Your work schedule would have some flexibility with completing up to 40 hours per week. NO travel involved...you would work at your facility only. This is a "SALARIED" position....NOT "hourly"....so you don't have to worry about No-Shows, Cancellations, etc.

Hot Job: Pediatric EI Occupational Therapist - Fayetteville, NC  

We are searching for a pediatric experienced Occupational Therapist to provide therapy services in natural setting (Birth to 3)  in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and surrounding.  You will be paid for Early Intervention work on a per treatment basis as an independent contractor.  This is a full caseload.  You are paid for treatments rendered at 50.00 per visit. 


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Hot Jobs: EI SLPs Amador, Calaveras and Tuolomne Counties  

Now hiring therapists for early intervention services in a home-based environment in Amador, Tuolumne, and Calaveras Counties.  We are seeking an experienced Speech Language Therapist to provide services on a part time basis for our home based program.   This position could potentially grow to full time.  Feeding/swallowing experience is favored but not required. Must have CCC's.


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Fine Motor Activity of Week:  Paper Plate Penguin Craft for Kids  

[Source: I Heart Crafty Things]

Valentine's Day seems to be in full force in the blogosphere, but we picked up a penguin book on our last trip at the library so I wanted to make one last winter animal craft for the year. We have had our heart doilies out so they were a perfect complement to our Paper Plate Penguin.


Check out this Adorable Craft Through a Link on our Blog

Sensory Activity of the Week:  Homemade Kinetic Sand  

[Source:  Growing a Jeweled Rose]


Rosie & Jewel have been wanting kinetic sand since they first saw it in the store.  We often see it on display and set out to try, and while it is lots of fun it is also very expensive.  When faced with situations like these I love to try to make play materials before buying them.  Here is a super inexpensive way to make your own kinetic sand at home. -

Learn How to Make Kinetic Sand Through a Link on our Blog

Seasonal Craft of the Week:  Valentine's Paper Bag Owl Puppet 

GREAT craft for conversation in speech-language therapy  or social skills class for Valentine's Day!

[Source:  I Heart Crafty Things]


Washi tape is one of my weaknesses. I think it must be the bright, cute patterns, but sometimes I just can't hold back when I see it. My sister-in-law saw some on sale recently online and I couldn't pass up the chance to get some new patterns and colors in my collection. When it arrived in the mail last week


Check out this Adorable Craft Through a Link on our Blog

Book Review:  A New Friend for Marmalade  

[Source: Play on Words] 

This newest PAL Award winner for 2015, provides so many opportunities for language learning. A tale about friendship and acceptance,  the story teaches us that we can be friends with those who don't necessarily do thinbgs the way we do. Annoyance turns to acceptance.


Ella, Maddy and their little cat, Marmalade, are best friends busily carrying out several creative  


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SLP Corner: Why Kids Don't Outgrow Dyslexia

[Source:  Lexercise]

The first few years of schooling can be a time of uncertainty for parents of struggling readers. Parents wonder: is my child truly on-track?  Will he catch up? What is causing the trouble?  Is the teacher right that my child just needs the "gift of time" and will outgrow dyslexia?  Might repeating this grade be all my child needs to catch up?

I began my career as a teacher in 2003 and attended more than one meeting discussing promotion or retention of first graders where I heard, "Retention is our first intervention" and "We can't tell yet whether it's developmental or a learning disability."  Many children whose test scores indicated that they were not meeting grade level standards were retained because the school team was convinced they could catch up if we just gave them a little more time.



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Autism Corner: Lack of Reciprocity in Social Interactions

Source:  My Aspergers Child]

"Can you help me to understand what they mean when they say that children with Aspergers or high functioning autism appear to experience a 'lack of reciprocity' in social interactions?"

This refers to a child who does not understand nonverbal communication (e.g., gestures, facial expressions, etc.) and, for example, may continue a conversation even though the person he is talking to is looking at his watch trying to get away. The child with Asperger's or HFA has difficulty recognizing and understanding others' use of facial expression and  and gestures during conversation. His lack of response to this type of communication creates great difficulty for him in social relationships. Likewise, the child may not use nonverbal communication and may appear expressionless in most conversations or interactions with others. This is why "lack of reciprocity" is such an important issue to address in treatment and/or social skills training.

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Career Development Corner: The Emperor Wears Clothes

by Annie Doyle, CCC-SLP

My first foray into the blogging world was in July 2014. Yes, I am a blogger newbie. What is most important about this is not how long I've blogging, but why I began blogging! My desire to share my thoughts and ideas about my life and profession came on the heels of my completion of the ASHA Leadership Development Program.

Truth be told, I didn't even read the email two years ago announcing the application period. My friend, Jen, sent me an email with a link and said, "Let's do this!" I thought, "Why not?" As deadlines loomed I grew anxious. I leaned in and got myself together completing the application and naturally believing I had a snowball's chance in hell. I texted Jen and asked her if she

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Social Skills And ADHD

[Source: North Shore Pediatrics]  

Many children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) exhibit significant concerns with regard to their social and emotional functioning.  Research has indicated that there is a high correlation between children who have ADHD and their social skills.  What is important to understand is that many of these children do not have specific social deficits (such as those often associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder); however, the issues with impulsivity and attention to detail impact the social success of the child.


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