August 28, 2015
Issue 34, Volume 8
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News Items:
  • Bilingualism and the Brain - How Language Shapes our Ability to Process Information
  • New Rule Ends 'Modified' Tests For Students With Disabilities
  • Study Finds Link Between Autism And Creative Thinking
  • Autism: Transforming Behavioral Therapy with Technology
  • ADHD Risk Rises For Each Week a Preemie is Born Early
  • Small Study Shows High School Music Classes Improve Language Skills
Hot Jobs 
  • Attention School Nurses! More Opportunities Await with the CSN Credential
  • Placement of the Week: School Nurse for a Chicago Day School
  • Hot Jobs! California Dreamin' for SLPs
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • OT/PT Activity of the Week: Bubble Wrap Roller Painting
  • Peds Therapy Activity: Origami Cat Finger Puppet / Pencil Toppers
  • SLP Freebie of Week: Free Reading Games for Bossy R Words
  • App Review: Funny Directions
Articles and Special Features 
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: 10 Back to School Tips for School Based Therapists
  • School Nurse's Corner: The Vaccination Gap - Managing Growing Trends in Immunization
  • OT Corner: Backpack Safety for Kids
  • SLP Corner: Stars Wars and Speech Therapy Just Might Be the Perfect Match
  • Autism Corner: Teaching Impulse-Control to Children on the Autism Spectrum
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How Language Shapes our Ability to Process Information
[Source:  Science Daily]
In an increasingly globalized world, there are many practical benefits to speaking two languages rather than one. Even in the US, which is largely monolingual, more than 20 percent of the population is now thought to speak a second language.
Early research on bilingualism, conducted before the 1960s, however, linked bilingualism with lower IQ scores, cognitive deficiencies and even mental retardation. These studies reported that monolingual children were up to three years ahead of bilingual children in both verbal and non-verbal intelligence. From these studies, there grew a perception among the general public that bilingualism led to a 'language handicap'.

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New Rule Ends 'Modified' Tests For Students With Disabilities
[Source:  Disability Scoop]
The U.S. Department of Education is doing away with a policy that allowed states to consider some students with disabilities academically proficient without meeting grade-level standards.
The agency said in a  final rule published late last week in the Federal Register that states will no longer be allowed to administer tests to students with disabilities that are based on modified academic achievement standards.

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Study Finds Link Between Autism And Creative Thinking
[Source:  Huffington Post]

Autism research tends to focus on the negative traits associated with the disorder, such as social and language difficulties and what they portend for children.
But a preliminary new study released Friday highlights a potential upside, concluding that people with high levels of autistic traits may be more likely to produce truly original, creative ideas.
"It's important to recognize the strengths of people with autism spectrum disorders, as well as their difficulties," Dr. Martin Doherty, a senior lecturer in psychology with the University 

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Autism: Transforming Behavioral Therapy with Technology
From iPods to cell phone networks, power generation to GPS systems, electrical and computer engineers are producing the technologies we depend on every day. But one electrical engineer, a second-year doctoral student at the University of Kentucky, is combining the latest technologies to support young children on the autism spectrum.
Using computer vision, signal processing and privacy protection, Nkiruka Uzuegbunam, along with electrical and computer engineering Associate Professor Sen-ching Samson Cheung, have developed "MEBook," a combination of a social narrative and gaming system that psychologists and parents can use as behavioral therapies for autistic children.

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ADHD Risk Rises For Each Week a Preemie is Born Early
[Source:  Medical X-Press]
(HealthDay)-The more premature a child is born, the higher the likelihood of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a recent Finnish study.
Babies born particularly underweight or overweight for their gestational age also had an increased risk of ADHD, researchers found.
"Although ADHD is more common in babies who are either underweight or overweight, the risks are greatest for those babies with the most severe degree of poor growth in the womb," said Dr. Andrew Adesman, chief of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York.

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Small Study Shows HS Music Classes Improve Language Skills
[Source:  US News and World Report]
A tiny study of 40 high school students in Chicago perked up some ears recently. It found that a small amount of musical instrument instruction - only two to three hours of band class a week - improved how the teenage brain processed sound. Neuroscientists from Northwestern University made the case that the kind of brain maturation they documented was not only important for becoming a better musician, but also for developing non-musical verbal skills.

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Are you a School Nurse in Illinois, or would you like to move there?
PediaStaff is working with several school districts in the Greater Chicagoland area  that are looking for School Nurses who have ideally completed the online Certified School Nurse certificate program through the UIC College of Nursing.   While our clients will consider RNs for these positions, they are really looking for this CSN certificate.
PediaStaff would like to encourage all of you, interested in continuing your career in School Nursing in the state of Illinois, to take this course.

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Placement of the Week:  School Nurse for a Chicago Day School
Congratulations to Alicia O., on her new School Nurse position with PediaStaff's private therapeutic day school client in Chicagoland!

They are a national leader in educating students who are unable to succeed in mainstream schools and provide an alternative setting for students with behavioral, emotional and other problems.
This is a very cool opportunity.  Congrats, Alicia!!
PediaStaff is pulling out all the stops in California   We now have a recruiter based in there, ready to find fantastic SLP opportunities for throughout the golden state.
Whether you are looking for a School-Based position in the Bay Area, an outpatient pediatrics job in LA, a position in the high desert, or in wine country, PediaStaff has you covered.

With close to 20 positions for Speech-Language Pathologists from San Mateo to San Diego, there is something for everyone.   Opportunities are part-time and full-time, short and long term contracts, W2 and 1099 independent contractor jobs.   Some of the positions will consider CF candidates and others are looking for CF supervisors!

Learn About / Apply for These Jobs on our Blog
OT/PT Activity of the Week: Bubble Wrap Roller Painting  
[Source:  My Bored via the Inspired Treehouse]
Are you looking for new painting ideas for your toddler? Why not try bubble wrap roller painting! We did this last week and it was such a lot of fun. I found that it was better to do this activity outdoors and be prepared for a little bit of a mess - lots of fun though!

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[Source:  Red Ted Art]
Check out these adorable origami cat finger puppet on Red Ted Art.   Perfect for Back to School pencil toppers they would be great for conversation skills, are ideal for fine motor and following directions and would even be excellent for talk therapy with the little ones.

Learn How to Make These Through a Link on our Blog
SLP Freebie of Week: Free Reading Games for Bossy R Words  
[Source:  The Measured Mom]
A few weeks ago, I shared my printable no-prep games to help teach beginning blends. I created a set of similar games to teach bossy r words.  And when I told my Five that we were going to play some four-in-a-row reading games, he showed unusual enthusiasm.
"YAY! I love those games!"  (This was a  nice contrast from what he usually says when I tell him we are going to play some learning games...)

Download this Free Game Through a Link on our Blog
App Review: Funny Directions
Review by Jenn Alcorn

Wooowwweeeee it's been a long time since I did an app review!  But I am super excited to share this one with you guys today.  As SLPs, we work on following directions all the time, whether it's to target listening comprehension, reading comprehension, concepts, or some other language skill.  It's a life skill and it's important!

Read the Rest of this App Review on our Blog
Peds Tx Corner: 10 Back to School Tips for School Based Therapists
[Source:  Your Therapy Source]
It is that time of year again - back to school.  Here are 10 tips to help you get started on the right "foot" (for the PTs) or "write path" (for the OTs).  Get it hahahaha!  Ok, I know lame joke but I couldn't resist.  Here we go:

#1:  Get organized.  Here are a few specific tips to help
1. Try using one color folder per school. For example, for every student at school XYZ use a red folder. For each student at school ABC use a blue folder.

School Nurse's Corner:  Managing Growing Trends in Immunization
[Source:  NASN Radio]

Despite the legendary work historically done by school nurses to get students vaccinated, immunization gaps still exist.  In this segment, NASN Radio discusses how school nurses can help close the chasm among all populations

OT Corner: Backpack Safety for Kids
Editor's Note:  School is open in much of the country!  Here is an excellent article about backpack awareness that you can share with the parents/guardians of your students and clients.

by Julie Entwistle, MBA, BHSc (OT), BSc (Health / Gerontology)
Backpacks are a staple for every student. They travel back and forth between home and school, lugging books and school supplies. They are put through the unavoidable daily abuse of being thrown on the ground, trampled on, stuffed into a cubby or locker, saving a spot in line, and become over-stretched and over-used with the necessities of school. They are a necessary part of your child's education, yet how much thought do you really put into the backpack your child 

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SLP Corner: Stars Wars & Speech Therapy Might Be A Perfect Match
by Erik X. Raj

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . came a wonderful app that is out of this world (pun intended, lol!). The app that I'm writing about is none other than Disney's official Star Wars app.   it's currently summer vacation for many of you wonderful clinicians located in the United States, this break from providing speech therapy services gives all of us school-based speech-language pathologists the perfect opportunity to "test drive" some new apps in anticipation for the upcoming academic school year. And right now, I'm testin' this one.

Autism Corner: Teaching Impulse-Control to Kids on the Spectrum
[Source:  My Aspergers Child]

Have you ever witnessed a youngster who doesn't seem to know how to wait his or her turn, refuses to share, grabs objects out in public even after being told not to touch, has a meltdown in the middle of a crowded store, or constantly dominates a conversation.
Impulse-control is one of the most important skills that moms and dads can teach their children, because it is exceedingly important for success later in life. By learning impulse-control, children with Asperger's (AS) and High-Functioning Autism (HFA) can make appropriate decisions and respond to stressful situations in ways that can yield positive outcomes.
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