September 8, 2017
Issue 24, Volume 10
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News Items:
  • What We Know About Girls On The Spectrum 'May Be Wrong'
  • Postural Control and Mini Trampoline Training
  • CBT, SSRIs Effectively Cut Anxiety Symptoms in Childhood
  • Moving Stories of Families with Autism Rescued from Hurricane Harvey
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Hot Job: School-Based SLP - Milwaukee, WI
  • Hot Job: Pediatric Outpatient and School SLP - Ozark, AL
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • New York Times Review: Picture Books That Inspire Empathy
  • Natural Disaster Resources for Families Affected by Autism
  • Truck Tracks Transfer: Process Art for Toddlers
Articles and Special Features 
  • School Psych Corner: When Do Children Start Making Long-Term Memories?
  • Peds Therapy Corner: Decoding the Mysteries of a Child's Developing Brain
  • SLP Corner: What I Learned as an SLP During Hurricane Harvey
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

What We Know About Girls On The Spectrum 'May Be Wrong'
[Source:Disability Scoop]
Even though they score higher on tests of communication and social skills, girls with autism appear to struggle more than boys with the demands of everyday life.

New research finds that girls on the spectrum have more difficulty with planning, organizing, making small talk and other adaptive skills needed to get up, get dressed and make it through the day.

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Postural Control and Mini Trampoline Training
[Source:  Your Therapy Source]

Pediatric occupational and physical therapists frequently use mini trampolines during a therapy session or as a recommended activity for home use.  This modality for exercise training is used for proprioceptive input, plyometrics, lower extremity strengthening, aerobic fitness, and sensory input.  A recent research study examined the impact of trampoline plyometrics on postural control and jumping height in 24 pre-pubertal children (average age 9.3 years old).

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CBT, SSRIs Effectively Cut Anxiety Symptoms in Childhood
[Source:  Medical X-Press]

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are effective for reducing symptoms of anxiety in childhood, according to a review published online Aug. 31 in JAMA Pediatrics.

Zhen Wang, Ph.D., from the Mayo Clinic Evidence-Based Practice Centre in Rochester, Minn., and colleagues examined the comparative effectiveness and adverse events of CBT and pharmacotherapy for childhood anxiety disorders. Data were included for 7,719 patients from 115 studies.

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Moving Stories of Families w/Autism Rescued from Hurricane Harvey
[Source: Autism Speaks]

Media reports continue to come in of individuals with autism and their families being rescued from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. As professional and volunteer rescue workers from around the country rally to Houston's aid, heartwarming stories such as these have been going viral.

While natural disasters bring fear, anxiety and confusion to all victims, people with autism and other disabilities are particularly vulnerable to such devastating upheaval from their daily lives. Thankfully, while these families continue to face hardship, each of the stories below have happy endings.

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Do you ever get bored staying in one place? Do you crave variety like I do? If you're a Speech-Language Pathologist who enjoys school based therapy and a chance to network, then this position has your name on it.

* Position is 32 hours per week, making you eligible for benefits package
* Age group is K3-8th grade
* Location of schools is in Southeastern WI, with the bulk of your time spent on the southern end of Milwaukee (19 hours per week)

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Join us in Ozark, Alabama, home to beautiful architecture, Spanish moss and only 2 hours to the Emerald Coast of Panama City Beach. Exciting full-time opportunity for a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist to work in schools and an outpatient clinic providing a unique approach to pediatric care.

*  SLP will provide treatment in both outpatient and school settings.
*  Beautifully-crafted 4000 square foot facility with horse arena and swimming pool.
*  Supportive environment with nice people who are passionate about the kids!
*  Family-friendly schedule with no weekends or holidays.
*  Experienced SLP's and CFY's welcome.

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New York Times Review: Picture Books That Inspire Empathy
[Source: New York Times]

The tricky part about teaching empathy to children is that you can't really teach it. You can only inspire it. Like its sister words, kindness and compassion, empathy is wakened in the soul. With very young children, it's best to tickle it awake, but it takes a light touch. That's where a good picture book comes in handy. If a child can relate to a character or become immersed in a story, she begins to have feelings outside of her own direct realm of experience. The spark of empathy, delivered gently, can then grow. These five new picture books not only embolden children to think, but inspire them to feel.

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Natural Disaster Resources for Families Affected by Autism 
Editor's Note:  As we have all seen, it's Hurricane Season.   Check out this excellent set of natural disaster resources for families with autism.

Planning is an important part of any family affected by autism's daily routine, but is even more important when it comes to being prepared before, during and after any type of natural disaster. The following tips to assist families with creating emergency 

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School Psych Corner: When Do Kids Start Making Long-Term Memories?
[Source:  Scientific American]

The early years of parenthood involve so many rewarding firsts-when your infant cracks a toothless grin, when he crawls and later walks, and, of course, when he utters a real, nonbabble word. A mother once told me she found it sad that if she were to pass away suddenly, her toddler wouldn't remember her or these exciting years. It is true that most of us don't remember much, if anything, from our infancy. So at what point do children start making long-term memories?

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Peds Tx Corner: Decoding the Mysteries of a Child's Developing Brain
[Source: Washington Post]

It's back-to-school season. Parents mark their youngsters' height on the wall and marvel at how much they've grown, but what's going on just below the pencil line in that child's brain?
We know brain development continues from infancy to adulthood, but many parents underestimate how much a child's brain changes from year to year and how those changes can influence behavior.

SLP Corner: What I Learned as an SLP During Hurricane Harvey
[Source:  The ASHA Leader Blog]

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating events to ever occur in Texas, and my community, the Houston metropolitan area. Fortunately, my family was safe and dry throughout the storm, which meant I could to go into work. I am one of many speech-language pathologists at our community hospital in The Woodlands-30 miles north of downtown Houston-but the only SLP able to get in during or immediately following the storm. Many of my colleagues and their families were affected by the flooding.

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