January 13, 2017
Issue 2, Volume 10
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News Items:
  • Vision Symptoms Following Concussion Limiting for Students
  • Acute Exercise and Executive Function in Children
  • Brain Impairments in Premature Infants May Begin in the Womb
  • Visual Motor Integration Skills and Speech Sounds
  • Study: Exercise May Cut Behavior Issues In Half
  • Autism Documentary To Premiere On A&E
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Hot Job! Pediatric Clinic OT - Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • One District, Four Openings!  SLPs, BCBA and SLPA - Fort Washington, MD
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • DIY Colored Sticks for Creative Play
  • Snowflake Crafts for Therapy
  • Multiple Meaning Word KaBoom!
Articles and Special Features 
  • School Nurse Corner: Be Ready When Cancer Touches Your School
  • PTC: Ways to Distinguish Between Picky Eating and a Pediatric Feeding Disorder
  • PT Corner: Righting Reactions
  • SLP Corner: Helpful Tips for Teaching a Language Group for Students with Severe Communication Challenges
  • School Psych Corner: 4 Proven Strategies for Teaching Empathy
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Vision Symptoms Following Concussion Limiting for Students
[Source: Science Daily]

A comprehensive vision assessment should be part of return-to-learn protocols to help determine when children are ready to return to the classroom following concussions -- particularly in children reporting academic difficulty.

Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham reported these findings in the January 2017 feature issue of Optometry and Vision Science Journal -- Eye and Vision Changes from Head Trauma.

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Acute Exercise and Executive Function in Children
[Source: Psychophysiology via Your Therapy Source]
Psychophysiology published research on the effects of acute exercise on executive function in 20 healthy, 8-10, year old children.  This study compared the effect of an acute bout of continuous or intermittent, moderate-intensity treadmill exercise on executive function in young children. 

Participants in the continuous exercise group ran at 90% of gas exchange threshold whereas the participants in the intermittent exercise group performed six consecutive 2.5 min blocks of exercise. The intermittent exercise block was designed to reflect children's typical activity patterns, comprising 45 s at a heavy intensity, 33 s at a moderate intensity, 10 s at a severe intensity, and 62 s at a low intensity.

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Brain Impairments in Premature Infants May Begin in the Womb
Source:  Science Daily]
Even before they are born, premature babies may display alterations in the circuitry of their developing brains, according to a first-of-its kind research study by Yale School of Medicine researchers and their colleagues at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Wayne State University.|
The findings are published in the journal Scientific Reports, a Nature Publishing Group Journal.

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Visual Motor Integration Skills and Speech Sounds
[Source Perceptual and Motor Skills via Your Therapy Source]
Perceptual and Motor Skills  published research on visual motor integration skills in children with speech sound disorders (SSD).  A SSD is defined as a "persistent difficulty with speech sound production that interferes with speech intelligibility or prevents verbal communication of messages". 

Visual motor integration (VMI) is defined as the coordination of visual and motor functioning, which is closely related to academic skills.  Since visual input plays an important role in learning the phonological structure of language, children use multimodal information to determine how to produce a sound by perceiving speech spoken both by themselves and others.

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Study: Exercise May Cut Behavior Issues In Half
[Source: Disability Scoop]

Researchers say there may be a simple way to reduce challenging behaviors among those with autism and similar disorders during the school day - add in some exercise.

A new study looking at the impact of structured, aerobic exercise in kids on the spectrum and those with other behavioral disorders found that youngsters who participated in "cybercycling" at school as opposed to traditional physical education classes were far less likely to act out.

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Autism Documentary To Premiere On A&E
[Source: Disability Scoop]

Roger Ross Williams' feature-length documentary "Life, Animated," will have its television premiere at 8 p.m. ET Saturday on the A&E Network.
"We are thrilled," Williams announced on the film's Facebook page. "What a wonderful way to start 2017!"

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Pediatric Occupational Therapist needed to join an established multi-disciplinary clinic team in Tulsa, OK!  Tulsa boasts one of the most vibrant places to live in mid-America...with universities, sports, shopping, dining, and outdoor events year-round.  Very moderate cost of living allows you to enjoy more of your earnings.

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Four Openings  - BCBA, two SLPs and SLPA
Fantastic opportunities for a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, 2 SLPs (lead and staff level), and an SLPA to work in a High School in the Fort Washington area for the 2016-2017 school year.   This historical community is named after Fort Washington, the only defensive fort protecting Washington, D.C in 1809. Now, it is a beautiful hidden treasure with riverfront homes, two marinas, two community pools, and National Golf Club.

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DIY Colored Sticks for Creative Play
[Source:  The Imagination Tree]

Make some gorgeous DIY colored sticks for counting, creative picture making, dominoes games and more! They're such a fun, open-ended loose part for free play and learning and would make a great gift or addition to the classroom or home learning shelves.
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Snowflake Crafts for Therapy
Source:  No Time for Flash Cards]

January is a long month; I was going to write for preschool teachers, but it's long for everyone. Luckily the children are eager to get back into a routine and if you are at home with a preschooler these snowflake crafts are perfect for that time between when kids wake up from their naps and when you have to start throwing dinner together. 

That time can be magical or a mess, it's all about planning. Scroll through this list of snowflake crafts, check out the books after the crafts and choose a few to do 

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Multiple Meaning Word KaBoom!
[Source:  Thrifty SLP via Speechie Freebies]
Hi everyone, it's Miss Thrifty SLP here with one of my new favorite games. While I haven't made very many materials lately, I thought that this one is just too good not to share for those of you with older students. I made this for my fifth grade groups as it's a pretty quick game that I can take into their classrooms.
If you haven't run across any teachers in your school using this, you are likely to start a new trend at your school. KaBoom is a great game that I saw teachers using in their

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School Nurse Corner: Be Ready When Cancer Touches Your School
[Source:  We Are Teachers.com]

When childhood cancer touches your classroom or school, you want to make sure you're ready. This informative and thorough guide from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has everything you need to develop a solid plan for working with children and families dealing with cancer, or any other childhood illness.

Peds Tx Corner:   Picky Eating or Pediatric Feeding Disorder?
[Source: Newswise]
Catering to a child who is a picky eater is like being a short-order cook: chaotic. Dinnertime becomes a war zone, leading to hopeless battles fought over vegetables and macaroni and cheese.
Picky eating is as normal as potty-training, a right of passage in childhood development. Taste buds evolve and food preferences expand in these early years. Even the best of parents can have a difficult time getting their child to eat. In fact, picky eating is one of the 

PT Corner: Righting Reactions
[Source: Starfish Therapies]

What are righting reactions you may ask.  Righting reactions are the reactions that help bring our head, trunk, and body back to midline so we can keep our balance.  They help us to be able to stand on a boat, or a moving train.  They help us to regain our balance after we catch our toe on something, or to be able to walk across an unstable surface.  Basically they are pretty important.

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SLP Corner:    Language Group for Students with Severe Communication Challenges
[Source: Chapel Hill Snippets]
Here in North Carolina, no school has been happening for several days.  We had snow, and when that happens, we become shut in-no school, no shopping, no driving.  The power has stayed on, so I'm happy to blog, check Facebook, work on school work and babysit our granddaughter.  Lovely!
School Psych Corner: 4 Proven Strategies for Teaching Empathy
[Source: Edutopia]
Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy has the capacity to transform individual lives for the better while helping to bring about positive social change in schools and communities worldwide. In psychology, there are currently two common approaches to empathy: shared emotional response and perspective taking.

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